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  • 2805 N Hwy 17
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
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    It's out of the way.  It's in the middle of nowhere.  It has a very simple menu.  There's no "healthy" alternatives on the menu.

    Who cares?

    If you want a superb hot dog in Charleston, there's nowhere else to go.  THIS is the place.  With all the fine dining options, Jacks Cosmic Dogs is a beacon of fun, good flavors, and fantastic food.

    I've sampled a good portion of the menu, and the Blue Galactic Dog is by far my favorite option on the menu.  Order it with spicy mustard and you wont be disappointed.

    The only thing I would recommend is to hit this place up during the day - the neighborhood seems pretty sketchy at night.  Considering that it has been robbed a few times after they have closed, my feelings can't really be that unfounded, right?

    Go there for lunch, enjoy the time-warp decor, and enjoy the best hot dogs around.

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    When you stick to what you know, there are often times glorious results.  Baked knocks it out of the park with - you guessed it - their baked goods.  From bacon, jalepeno,& maple glazed scones to their great muffins of every variety.  Still waiting to try the "Brookie" (a cookie / brownie combo) but that will come soon enough.

    Now if they stopped there, they would be 5 stars in my book.  But it's where they try their hand at coffee that I have to take away a star.  Have not had ANY good experiences with their coffee drinks at all unfortunately.  I know that if I want the best baked goods in Downtown Charleston, this is the place to go.  I just have to hit up somewhere else if I want a coffee drink to go with it.

  • 1968 Riviera Dr
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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    Ok, first off, I'll come right out and say that we went here because someone gave us a gift certificate to dine here.  Had we not had the gift certificate, we probably wouldn't have dined here until we happened to be in the Mt Pleasant area looking for a place to eat.

    We started off with the rustic bread appetizer.  Honestly, we should have sent it back.  The bread was great, but it was covered in what can only be described as some sort of Oscar Myer ham concoction with canned whole tomatoes.  Strike One.

    My entree was the plank salmon.  It conjured up all sorts of things in my imagination - none of them all that positive.  Dry, flaky, and pretty much tasteless.  Maybe that's what they were going for here, but I'd pull this off the menu and refine it right away.  I left 3/4 of it on my plate.  The waitress asked me "Wasn't it great?"  Obviously she didn't have the sense to look at my plate before asking that question. Strike Two.

    My much better looking dinner companion, had the herb roasted chicken and roasted corn and cheddar stone ground grits.  After a few bites, it was obvious that the chicken was on the same level of quality as the salmon (read: not good).  We picked at it and couldn't bring ourselves to eat more than a few bites.  But the grits underneath were amazing.  How can you get something so fickle to prepare (grits) correct, and then completely botch something much more simple (roasted chicken)?  Unbelievable.  Strike Three.

    But wait.  We still had a bit of money on the gift certificate, and knew we definitely didn't want to come back for dinner here again.  So what do you do?  Give the rest to the server as a tip?  Not in this case - the service was average at best.  Should we just chuck the remaining gift certificate into the trash? No, that wouldn't be very financially responsible in these hard times.

    So what did we do?  We ordered the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Fondue.  WOW.  I'd come back here just for that.  There's a mix of fruit and brownies that they serve with this dish, and they both go with the fondue amazingly.  This was BY FAR one of the best desserts I have had within the past several years.  Maybe we should have ordered some more fondue and poured it on our entrees?  Then we actually would have eaten them!

    So to wrap it up:
    Service - Just ok
    Entrees - Pretty bad
    Dessert - I'll be back for this alone

  • 18 Pinckney St
    Charleston, SC 29401
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    So we've heard all this great stuff about Cru Cafe's catering and party food at events we've been to.  It's always been positive, and nobody has a harsh word to say about them.  So when we stumbled upon Cru Cafe one night, we figured we'd give it a shot and see how it shook out.

    We walked in with no reservations.  Our bad - you definitely want to make sure they have room for you here.  They accommodated us just fine, but if you're headed here, you don't want to be left out of this party.  Play it smart and call ahead.

    I had the salmon and the much prettier half of my party had the fried chicken.  We had a few glasses of wine and a side of mac 'n cheese.  With tip, it ran us around $90.  Normally, I might say that that could be considered a little pricey, but every bite, drink and smell was worth it.

    Salmon was prepared amazingly.  Fried chicken was different than any other I've ever had - and tasted different as well. Not a bad different, but if you're expecting grandma's finger licking fried chicken, go hit up Bojangles.  This is a new, smart, and maybe healthier version.  The mac 'n cheese was delicious as well.

    We didn't stay for dessert, but that was only because we were absolutely stuffed.  I'm sure I would / will have positive things to say once we go back again in a week or so.

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    Get here early or don't bother coming at all.  Sad to say, but the BEST breakfast in Charleston had been on my radar for a long time, but I had never had the opportunity to eat here because of the sheer popularity of the restaurant.  Now I know - get there early, and you can get right in.  But when the crowds wrap around the block, you either have to resign yourself to a long line or find somewhere else.

    But let me ramble about the food too - I had the Big Nasty, fried chicken patty, biscuit, and gravy.  IT WAS AMAZING.  As good as it gets.  One of those meals that you log onto a website and tell other people about type of good.

    If you're here on vacation, skip the hotel buffet before the tours.  if you live here, get off your butt first thing in the morning and come on down.  It's that good.

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    Damn.  Just one word - DAMN.  As in that is one DAMN fine Thai restaurant.  Want is spicy? You got it.  Want it mild? You got it.  They go out of their way to make sure you like what you're eating at Basil.  It's pretty rare that a waiter / waitress makes a recommendation that is something other than what they are instructed to push on the customers that night, but our did exactly that.  She saw the specials, didn't really like them, and recommended some great dishes for us to enjoy.  Bravo!

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    You know, I really used to like this place.  I use the past tense because tonight we visited Southend Brewery and were treated like second-class citizens.  The new "policy" that was given to us was insulting to say the least.  But first a little background:

    We've been to Southend several times. Probably a dozen times or so.  Typically we take a few out-of-town guests down there because we know that there is always a seat open and the food is usually pretty decent.  They have a menu that covers a wide range of tastes, so everyone can be happy.  Sounds pretty good so far, right?

    Well, here's where we take an abrupt u-turn towards insulting.

    We have a dog.  He's a little guy and attracts a lot of attention.  When the weather is nice, we like to take him for a walk and grab a beer or dinner at the outside seating in from of Southend Brewery.  We live right around the corner, so it's nice to go to a place that's pet-friendly for a meal.  We try and stay out of the way so nobody trips over our dog while they walk by or are trying to eat.  In short, we've been pretty good about keeping our dog from potentially ruining another diner's experience.

    But tonight when we showed up, we were treated horribly because we had our dog with us.  We were given weird looks by our server, and when our food came, it was on paper plates because "we had our dog with us".  We pressed on about the paper plate policy, and the server pleaded ignorance.  He simply told us that that was how they do it, how they've always done it, and that we weren't allowed to eat off of regular plates or use normal silverware.  Because our dog was sitting under our table, we were to only be served on paper plates and were given plastic packets of disposable silverware.  When we voiced displeasure about this, our server threw his hands up and shrugged.

    Look, I understand if you don't want a pet-friendly environment.  If you would prefer that people with pets not sit outside your restaurant and pay for your food and services - then post a sign or let us know when we sit down.  But to passive-aggressively insult your customers in order to make them not want to come back?  That, pardon my French, is chicken poop.  If you have changed a policy within your restaurant, fine.  Come on out and tell us that.  But don't make your service and customer relations so bad I simply don't want to return.  All this has done is insure I won't be recommending Southend Brewery to anyone ever again.

    Bottom line: The food is ok. The service is mediocre at best. But the management, policies, and customer relations are extremely lousy.  If you're stuck running around town and looking for a place that DEFINITELY isn't full - Southend Brewery is your place.

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    Had a few meals here so far - haven't been disappointed yet.  Feels good for our soul that we get to eat at a place that's pretty good to the environment and the food is top notch.

    There is a little inconsistency with the preparation, but the good looking staff more than makes up for it.  Rowr!!!

    If they could turn the tv in the dining area to something other than rotating commercial announcements, I'd be pretty happy about that, but overall the food is top notch - the daily specials are usually a solid pick.  The protein special is my choice du jour.

  • 39 George St
    Charleston, SC 29401
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    Probably one of the best non-Southern dessert options in Charleston.  Price is reasonable and the options are many.  I've never been able to pass up the FreshBerry Tart flavor covered in strawberries, mango, and kiwi, so I couldn't really tell you what the other items on the menu are like.  But it is consistent, and great for those days when you don't want some fried / fatty / bizarre dessert off another restaurant's menu.

  • 451 King St
    Charleston, SC 29403
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Wow.  After all the reviews I've read from College of Charleston students, it's nice to know that they actually made a good call with this one.  Typically, CofC students will tell you to go to this place or that place.  It's only when you get there that you figure out the reason they sent you there was because the restaurant has the best beer specials.

    Well, in this case, the food is great.  Had a homemade meatball and naked pizza appetizer to start.  It was amazing.  Tasted like it was from some fantastic Italian restaurant - except without the side order of pretentiousness.  

    Our group wolfed down several different types of pizza this night, and didn't have a bad taste in the lot.  Exceptional blends of toppings and sauces available.  the peperoni really stood out as a highlight of the evening - really set everything off.

    Only reasons I am giving it 4 stars and not five is because:

    1) the wait time for our food was excruciating.  We got our appetizer within 7-8 minutes, but it was another half hour before the main course arrived.  Yes, we were more than satisfied once it arrived, but the wait time was really long.  

    2) The wine & beer selection is absurdly limited.  There are not too many options when you're sitting there waiting for your food in between courses.  The least they could let us do is get lubricated with some decent beer and wine selections.

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