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  • 8147 Baltimore Ave
    College Park, MD 20740
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    I've been to this location several times and had phó that was decent for the area.

    One night trying to cure my hangover, I decided to come on out and  get some pho. I was pleased with the outcome of my decision because the hangover had ceased and I was officially back to my normal self :)))))

    The issues arrived when it was time to pay the bill.  My bill came and I gave the waitress cash and when I received my change I was 19 cents short (I know that's not a lot but it is the principal of the matter). When I asked the waitress for my change, she stated "it was only 10 or 19 cents".   I looked at her in disbelief & told her that I wanted my change. She then gets my change and states that she didn't think it was a big deal, they had some issues with change in the register and she didn't think I would mind * blankstare*. Are you kidding me? I dont care if it is 1 cent, you bring back the customer's  change and if you are having issues with the change in the register, you take the loss not me. Let ME determine whether or not 19 cents is worth me losing.  After I received my change, I told the waitress that the next time she wants to short change the customer, let them know in advance.

    The next day I called the manager to tell him about the incident and he asked "What do you want me to do?" *blankstare*. How about you talk to your employees to let them know proper procedures and making sure your register has enough change.

    I was soooooo disappointed because I had found a phó place that was convenient and now I have to find a new one.

  • 1815 M St NW
    Washington, DC 20036
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    Delicious...Delicious....Delicious... *licks lips*

    Italian Hoagie *two thumbs up*
    Chicken Cheese Steak *two thumbs up*
    Bulgarian Feta *two thumbs up*
    Clam chowder *two thumbs up*
    Homemade chips *two thumbs up*
    French Onion Dip *two thumbs up*
    Chicken Parmesan *two thumbs up*
    Customer Service *two thumbs up*

    As you can see, the food here is freakin' awesome and with the added customer service it really draws you back in for more :)))) .

    I highly recommend this place over any other sub places in the Washington DC area.

  • 7572 Annapolis Rd
    Hyattsville, MD 20784
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    Went one day for lunch and had the jerk chicken lunch special annnnnd lets just say I was highly disappointed.  The chicken pieces were not meaty and the the sauce on the chicken was not flavorful.  I ate half of my meal and trashed the other half and that is rare for me.

    I have been there for breakfast and got the ackee and saltfish with boiled bananas and dumplings.  This dish was flavorful but the portions were skimp.

  • 1425 Wisconsin Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20007
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    Tammy gives the BEST Brazilian wax in the universe! I have been going to her for a long time.  Back then she charged $25 (amazing...right? lol), but now she charges $40 and I do not mind.  She is definitely quick and will get you in and out in about 7-10 minutes.  As far as double dipping, I never noticed and I have never had an issue down there.

    I will definitely recommend Tammy for beginners and please be sure to book an appointment in advance because her calendar gets full pretty quickly.

  • 2019 11th St NW
    Washington, DC 20001
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    Soooo...I went in on a Monday around 9PM for a quick bite to eat.  I have never been here before so I decided to give it a try.  Upon walking in, I see a few women behind the counter and see a few people lounging around the small front area of the place. I see the menu up on the wall to my left and stared at it for a good 2 minutes trying to figure out what I wanted.

    Quick trivia: Did someone from behind the counter ask if I needed any assistance? You guessed it....NO.  I was confused about where to place my order, so I asked the woman behind the counter if this is where I ordered and she gave me the "duh bitch" face....soooo I proceeded to order my 1/4 Peruvian chicken, rice and beans and chick pea salad and again, since I have never been here before, I asked the cashier a question about the food and once again I got the "duh bitch" face....I thought to myself "Clearly this young lady does not want to be here".  As I was thinking this, the cashier stated to her co worker that "9:30 cannot come fast enough" which means she was bitter about being at work and ready to get out of there.  

    I proceeded to go upstairs and wait for my food, and to my surprise (being sarcastic) the only table that was open was filthy.  I sat down and eventually someone came to clean up the table.

    My food arrived in a decent amount of time....the Peruvian chicken was okay....chick pea salad was delicious and the rice and beans were just that....rice and beans.

    Will I be back? Heck NO! They really have to improve on their customer service.  Their employees are rude and I rather go elsewhere in the U Street Corridor that serves decent food along with superior customer service.

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    I popped in on a Wednesday night with my best friend and there were quite a few people in there.  The bar area is very small.  There was a couple at the bar and it was just enough room for them.  We sat down in the dining area (which is small) and to our surprise, Wednesday night is their all night happy hour and all house drinks were $3.  We ordered a glass of Merlot along with the grilled goat entree and chose two sides: cabbage and plantains.  Since we weren't that hungry, we decided to share the entree.  Food came out in a decent amount of time and looked oh so delicious...

    As I am typing this, my mouth is watering...the goat was sooooo tender and flavorful and the plantain and cabbage did not disappoint at all. As my best friend and I devoured our food in no time, we both gave each other the look that stated "You should have gotten your own damn entree"  lol

    Will I be back...heck yea and this time I will have my own entree with NO SHARING

  • $$ Pizza
    823 S Washington St
    Alexandria, VA 22314
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    Excellent pizza. Great customer service.  What more can you ask for?

    I will definitely be back.

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    I went here on a Tuesday night and it was not packed at all (which is good for me).  Sat out on the heated patio and enjoyed the night with my Awesomeness (slushie) and that was reallllly good! They have an awesome beer/whisky selection.  The bartender was very cool.  The place is dark but it did not bother me.  Will I return? Hell yea lol

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    Blah. Mushy noodles, bland broth.  Was not impressed

  • 1504 Mount Vernon Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22301
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    I have had the Steak and Cheese as well as the Chicken Philly. Both were delicious. I was not impressed with the Turkey Philly though.

    Expect a wait during lunch hours because the line sometimes goes out the door. I would recommend calling ahead and picking up your order.

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