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  • 85 Liberty Ship Way
    Sausalito, CA 94965
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    The manager came out to call my name after a 45 minute wait (which is fine, he told me 1 hour) but only called it once, then moved on to the next name on the list.  My wife was talking to a waitress and I just happened to be facing the restaurant when he called my name so I heard it.  They need to use those vibrating disk things so people can go a little further away and enjoy the scenery on the docks while they're waiting for their tables.  The food was ok.  Not great.  Not bad.  We had the croque madame and oeuf a la coque.  The waitress forgot our drinks.  I got my beer after I was done with my meal.  She stopped by to apologize.  In her defense the lunch rush was quite chaotic.  The location was awesome.  It's right on the docks with a bunch of boats surrounding the restaurant.  Don't come to Sausalito much but don't think we'll be coming back here next time.

  • 2 Scripps Dr
    Sacramento, CA 95825
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    People often use the term "root canal" to describe something extremely painful so I was expecting the worst when I had to get a root canal.  Not only was the procedure not painful but it was quite pleasant.  I was so comfortable I was falling asleep during my root canal!  Dr. Tsai is very friendly and has a very soft touch.  I didn't even feel the needle for the anesthetic.  From now on I won't be using "root canal" to describe painful experiences.  Instead, I'll be saying, "That massage was great!  It's like getting a root canal."

  • 3455 Overland Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
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    We came here for New Year's Eve dinner. Maybe I just can't tell good sashimi from great sashimi, but many of the sashimi type dishes were not impressive. We liked the lobster ravioli the best. Perhaps we don't know how to appreciate high end Japanese food.

    The lady who took us to our table looked quite unhappy. She didn't crack a smile until about halfway through dinner. Our server was wonderful, though. We had a good time joking around with him.

    I wanted to describe all the dishes we had but there were so many ingredients and sauces for each dish I couldn't possibly remember what they were. Our server told us they can email all that info to us later. I've asked them 3 times now and yet I have received no email.

    One of the courses was a broth simmering in a paper bowl over an open flame right at your table. It was fun to watch a bowl catch on fire at the next table. After that incident the servers removed the paper bowls from the flame soon after they bring it to your table. They said the flame is just for presentation since the broth and all contents are already cooked.

    We originally wanted to try their regular menu because it's that stuff that made them famous, but our schedule didn't allow that. Anyway, overall we felt that this dinner was more expensive than it should've been. I just don't see what the big deal is.

  • 6440 Fair Oaks Blvd
    Carmichael, CA 95608
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    Ambience serves Michelin Star quality food.  The venison tenderloin was juicy and, well, tender.  The boar was also very good.  Is this French food?  It's more like fusion.  The one thing I did not like very much was the coffee at the end.  It was kinda watery.  Otherwise, service was excellent.  Our waiter was Jon.  He was just serious enough to give the fine dining feel without making the experience stuffy.  I am surprised that this restaurant was almost empty on a Saturday night.  It should be packed all the time.

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    I would've given this place 3 stars, but they added 21% tip themselves for a party of two.  Unless this is customary in Utah, they are obviously ripping off tourists.  But the guy mentioned that they already included the tip when he gave us the bill, so I don't know what they're thinking.  Had they not only charged me for one beer when I had two, I would be really pissed off.  The food was fine.  We had the chili rellenos, avocado salad, and half rack of baby back ribs.  Nothing was worth jumping up and down about, but it wasn't bad.  The tip is what chaps my hide.

  • 3000 Capitol Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95816
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    29.4.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Second time at this Jiffy Lube and again received great service.  In addition to the oil change, I asked them to rotate my tires.  When the guy came back, he said he canceled the tire rotation because my tires were worn down and I need new ones instead.  I appreciated that honesty.  You can easily imagine how shady places would just do the rotation and then tell me to get new tires.

    They told me about a belt that might need to be replaced.  I said I'm waiting till next time.  The guy didn't sigh or roll his eyes or throw up his hands.  He just said, "ok".  And he showed me the cracked belt after my car was ready.  The belt was, indeed, cracked.  I'll probably replace it next time I come back here.

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    The people here are friendly.  They greeted me right after I pulled up.  Asked me what service I… Weiterlesen
  • 2168 Sunset Blvd
    Rocklin, CA 95765
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    Came here to try the all-you-can-eat deal.  The rolls had no flavor.  Everything tasted like pure sushi rice.  And when I dip the roll in the wasabi, it then tasted like sushi rice and wasabi.  The spicy tuna hand rolls were the same.  No flavor and not spicy.  The appetizers were much better.  The agedashi tofu was good.  The stuffed mushrooms were good.  The pepper fin was good.  The karaage is fried chicken so it's automatically good in my book.  Most of our meal was appetizers because the rolls are a waste of stomach space.  I would choose Mizu over this place any day.

  • 926 J St
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    Came here for brunch recently.  The restaurant is beautifully decorated.  The food was mediocre.  The service was fine.  The bread they gave us at the beginning was really good.  There was something that tasted like pound cake with some kind of crumble topping.  That was really good.  The bran muffins were, well, bran.  But they were quite moist for bran muffins.

    I tried the buttermilk biscuits and gravy.  It was ok.  The biscuits and gravy at Evan's Kitchen is way better.  My wife tried the mushroom omelet.  The flavor was fine, but the eggs were stiff and tough, not fluffy.  We also ordered the brioche french toast to share.  It was spicy.  The description didn't say anything about it being spicy.  Did they put in the wrong spice?  I thought it was interesting but would be better without the heat.  I would not recommend this restaurant for brunch.

  • 36889 N Tom Darlington Dr
    Carefree, AZ 85377
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    What I remember most about my lunch here was the truffle ketchup.  The truffle flavor was very strong and unmistakable.  I've bitten into an actual slice of truffle before by itself and not get as much truffle flavor.  The fries with the truffle ketchup was awesome.  We also had the country pate, french onion soup, and hanger steak.

    The pate was fine.  We enjoyed the toasted brioche more than the pate itself.  The french onion soup had what tasted like a tomato flavor in it.  Is that supposed to be?  I was expecting beef broth and sherry, no?  Not sure where tomato fits in with this.  Maybe I'm mistaken.  Without dwelling on the tomato issue, the broth was pretty good.  The cheese was fine.  The hanger steak was tender and moist, but quite small for the price.  The most impressive part of the meal was the fries and truffle ketchup.  I'd go back just for that and skip the rest.

  • 10455 E Pinnacle Peak Pkwy
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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    This place really is beautiful.  I can see why people would want to have wedding receptions here.  There are many spaces with great potential for photographs.  We happened to be in the area for the weekend so we decided to give Sassi a try.  We sat outside on the patio with a great view of the setting sun.  The temperature was around 60 degrees with a slight breeze, but there were heat lamps everywhere so my wife and I both felt warm throughout dinner.

    We ordered the grilled octopus, Sassi meatballs, ricotta gnocchi, veal chop, and sea scallops.  The octopus was very tender and grilled perfectly.  The Sassi meatballs were moist and delicious.  The ricotta gnocchi was a bit tough (maybe that's the way they're supposed to be), but they were not as flavorful as the appetizers.  The veal chop had a great grilled flavor but the meat itself didn't taste like much.  It was supposed to be medium-rare, but most of it was more like medium-well until I got close to the bone, then it quickly became rare.  I guess that's what happens when you cook bone-in meat.  The scallops were wonderful, cooked just right.  I rarely have scallops at upscale restaurants that aren't cooked correctly.  I liked the arugula salad that comes with the scallops, my wife not so much so that part's a wash.

    Food-wise it was hit and miss, but decor and view are unbeatable.  Service was friendly also which is important to us.  I don't live in the area so I probably won't get many chances to come back, but if I do, I would like to come back earlier in the day and get more pictures here.  It is on the expensive side so I would recommend this place for special occasions.

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