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  • 14712 NE 91st St
    Redmond, WA 98052
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    I...have I really never reviewed this place?  What is WRONG with me?

    Hubs and I have a standing date night.  This is how I kept my sanity and we stayed married through the past two very stressful years.  Even though we no longer have that monkey on our backs, we continue our standing date night, though it's changed from "every Friday night without fail" to "one night a week that's more often than not Friday night but will occasionally be on another night."

    So the real story here is that we attempted to go to Black Raven on a Wednesday night, having forgotten about the cask releases that happen those days.  Place was packed so we bailed and wound up at Flying Saucer.

    Flying Saucer is not necessarily our backup plan because at Black Raven, you can order their pizzas to be delivered TO YOUR TABLE.  So our original plan was "Black Raven beer and Flying Saucer pizza" and while we weren't at the brewery, we were successful in obtaining both.  Flying Saucer has Black Raven (and a couple of other locals on tap) and 8" and 10" personal pizzas that are freshly made after you pay for them.  

    It's not the cozy date night nook that you may want but it's family friendly, with old sci fi movies playing on TVs, and plenty of kitsch decorating the walls.  I hear they do a Trivia Night as well but I don't live in that area so I can't verify that.

    Regardless, our pizzas came to us in a timely manner, fresh from the oven, gooey melted cheese galore, and our beers were cold and tasty.  

    LOVE these guys and love the fact that we can each get a pizza we want without having to compromise.  I'm all about compromise, believe me, but sometimes what I want isn't what hubby wants on that given day so having personal pizzas wins.  They also have various other fun things on the menu - salad, hot wings, meatballs.  I hear these are quite tasty but despite my best efforts to occasionally branch out, the Black Hole pizza wins me over every time.

  • 17262 Redmond Way
    Redmond, WA 98052
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    Continuing the hunt for a study place...

    Study buddy, who lives in Redmond, suggested this Panera to me.  I hadn't quite hit on the cult following of Panera (unlike my husband, who is all about the bread) but I was promised big tables (needed when you have multiple books and multiple people) and good baked goods and a built-in lunch place.

    So I agreed and high-tailed it over there.

    Started with a non-fat mocha (REALLY tasty) and a bagel with cream cheese.  Both were pretty good - the bagel was surprisingly large and surprisingly filling.  For lunch later on, I had the mac and cheese (in my defense, I'd gone for a run that morning) and was given the option of a baguette, chips, or an apple to go with.  I balanced my non-healthy meal with the apple.

    And a ginormous diet Pepsi.

    On my way out I also picked up a couple of sourdough rolls to go with the homemade soup I made for dinner that night and that was really tasty.  Some of the better sourdough rolls I've had.

    Overall: lots of seating (unless you come at the lunch rush, in which case, good luck), good atmosphere.  Pretty good food.  I'm interested in trying their sandwiches next.  I still don't think I'm in the cult but I do have a rewards card now.  Which grants you a free pastry when you activate it.  (So I'll update this after tomorrow's study session and let you all know how the cinnamon roll tastes.  I'm absurdly excited about that because I do love a good cinnamon roll...)

  • 8805 Points Drive NE
    Clyde Hill, WA 98004
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    After a 2 year hiatus on Yelp, compliments of graduate school, I have returned.  And as a fresh grad now studying for a board exam, what better way to return to Yelp than to review...a coffee shop.

    Because right now, everything comes back to studying.

    I met a friend here so we could get our study on.  We agreed to meet around 11am.  I got there around 10:45am and couldn't find a parking spot in their lot to save my soul.  Fortunately, there was street parking, though not much available at this hour.  How I got us a table is beyond me.

    I really like Tully's.  A lot.  I feel like they're the forgotten middle child in the great coffee wars of Seattle.  One of the things I like about Tully's is that the service has, in general, been pleasant.  (Another thing is I prefer the taste of their coffee, but that's just me.)  Sadly, I didn't get the awesome service I've come to expect from Tully's...the girl behind the counter looked at me like she was completely over me before I even got to the counter (I put deodorant on and everything, I don't know what was up) and rolled her eyes after I placed my order.

    ...I just ordered an americano.  (Okay, so it's been two years since I've been active on Yelp.  Did "americano" come to mean something else while I was gone?)

    The drink was fine and the place does, strangely, clear out around noon or 1pm, but if you're going in the morning, bring your Parking Angel and say a prayer or three to it.

  • 11628 97th Ln NE
    Kirkland, WA 98034
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    30.7.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Okay.  We've now been four times.  (I've been five.)  We still have yet to branch into some of their entrees, but here it is for the sushi: consistently amazing quality.

    We finally branched into the nigiri and found it to be tasty, with generous slices of fresh fish.  The spicy tuna rolls have become a strange sort of addiction.  We keep trying to "branch out" our rolls, but there's a few that have been so amazing (Bryant's Rainbow Roll) that it's hard not to keep returning to it.

    Hint: check out whatever they have written on the boards on the wall for specials and go for that.  If you see wild Alaskan salmon nigiri up there, ask for it.  If they aren't out, you won't regret it.

    Oto sushi has become one of our date night haunts and is the place I'm planning on taking myself after this quarter is done to celebrate my first "full" quarter of grad school.

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    9.7.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Went back with the hubby to try dinner.  Again, amazing food - their miso leaves a little to be… Weiterlesen
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    5.7.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Today is my last day of "freedom" before I start summer quarter of grad school.  I decided to treat… Weiterlesen
  • 1209 Market Street
    Kirkland, WA 98033
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    1.6.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I realized I left my interview at the point where I had heard that the invites were available for pick up but did not say whether or not they were what we want.

    They. were. perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  Could not have asked for anything more.  They were beautifully packaged in a nice box with tissue paper in a color that wound up being a secondary color for our wedding.

    I can't say enough good things about this place.  The next time I plan something big and need invitations or something for it will likely be in two years, when I get my Masters degree - and it's going to be a party of epic proportions.  And you can guarantee I'll be heading back to Paper Fling to take a look at what they have.

    ...though we DID just move and are thinking of sending out moving announcements...

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    14.2.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Finding our wedding invitations proved to be one of the more difficult parts of the whole wedding… Weiterlesen
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    Aufgelistet in Gettin' Hitched

    When we got engaged, we knew that we wanted a venue that felt comfortable to us.  Neither of us are fancy people and neither of us have ever dreamt of the big white wedding, so we wanted some place that we could hold our down-to-earth, small, casual wedding and not be judged.

    On a whim, I did a Google search for wedding venues on any of the islands and landed on Fireseed.  We set up a date to meet with Dave and take a look at the place - granted, this was back in November, so the gardens were hitting their "winter sleep" look, so our first impression was...winter-y.

    That aside, we liked Dave right away and we liked the feel of the place right away.  We loved the fact that the venue was ours for the full weekend - something we didn't really feel was important to us until we looked at a second venue, which cost much more and which only gave us the space for a total of five hours.  Fireseed hosts one event per weekend, so you basically have a run of the land for your weekend.

    Dave was super flexible in scheduling tastings (we had to cancel and reschedule due to illnesses) and took care of all of the details with rentals, servers, bartenders, and food.  Oh, the food.  The food was incredible.  Dave gave us a sampling of small bites and based food options on what we liked as well as what would be available locally and in-season at the time of the wedding.  We couldn't have been happier with the menu we wound up with.

    Fireseed is also well-connected to several other vendors - photographers, florists, etc.  We went through them to find a florist and an officiant and were thrilled with who we worked with.

    The staff brought in for the actual wedding were incredible - friendly, knowledgable, and pleasant to work with.  It was a perfect day, absolutely perfect - the grounds were in full-bloom for our end-of-April wedding and the ceremony was witnessed by two bald eagles circling overhead - and if I could do it all over again, I'd go straight back to Fireseed.  We received so many compliments on the venue, the food, and the staff and were so happy to pass that along.  (We also got compliments on the beautiful weather, but we can't really take credit for that one...)

    I can't recommend Fireseed enough, but take note - they do book up fast.  I heard they're basically booked into October now, so GO EARLY!

  • 700 Bellevue Way
    Bellevue, WA 98004
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    So, continuing on the bachelorette party...

    After the previous place didn't give our fourth any food or drinks and the other three of us had only snacked a little, we were starving, so we went to McCormick and Schmicks and prayed we could get in.  Dinner time on a Friday right after Happy Hour?  Yikes.

    We got lucky.  

    Service - fantastic.  Waiter was charming and friendly and recommended various dishes for us.  I wound up getting sushi - I don't recommend this in the future.  While the seafood is good and the sushi rice was surprisingly good, they do the old trick of bulking up on the rice and skimping on the seafood.  Too bad - again, the seafood's good.

    I had a lemon drop martini as well and it was well-made.  My matron of honor also ordered me a shot of something, which was tasty but HUGE - future bachelorettes, consider yourselves warned.

    We were all too full for dessert at this point, so we turned down the offer, but the waiter brought out two creme brulees with candles in them, along with the house's congrats on my pending nuptials.  The creme brulees were tasty and we definitely appreciated the treatment - while we weren't out looking for freebies and this would have been a four star review regardless, we were definitely thrilled.

    I've been to this McCormick and Schmicks before and love their HH.  It's never going to be one of those places I seek out, but it will be a place I'm good with stopping by for a drink or a bite when I'm in the neighborhood...and as I now live in Kirkland, I think that'll be more than once or twice.

  • 310 Terry Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98109
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    Future hubs and I were in the area and decided to go check it out.  We'd been keeping an eye on this project from the beginning, mostly because we love us some taverns and we've both had great experiences with other Tom Douglas establishments, so we figure this is kind of the best of both worlds.

    We missed the lunch crowd and we were too early for the dinner crowd - most of the people in there at the time were just kind of drinking beer and playing shuffleboard.  (Nice touch, by the way.)  There's large communal tables, smaller two-tops near the windows, and the bar - an open two-top lured us over.

    Service was pretty darn good - waters and menus were handed to us right away and we were NOT asked immediately upon sitting down "can I get you something besides water to drink?"  While I appreciate that type of question for the fact that this shows service is trying to be on the ball, I'm generally confused why they hand me the menu and in the next heartbeat ask what I want to drink.  I haven't even opened the menu yet!  Give a girl a moment to think!  (No, but really, I'm fine with this question...I just find it funny.  That's all.)

    Future hubs and I ordered beers each, a pretzel to split (with the pimento and cheese spread), the catfish and fry for me, and a burger (beef) with fried cheese curds on it for him.  Go big or go home, right?

    Pretzel: good pretzel, actually - not overly-salty (even a salt fiend like myself has her limits), good texture, good flavor.  The cheese and pimento spread was tasty, though not terribly...I don't want to say flavorful, maybe just that I was expecting maybe a little more kick to it?  It's hard to describe.  It was good, don't get me wrong, just felt like maybe it needed a little tang or a little bite to it.  But to each their own.

    With the pretzel came the carrier with ketchup and three mustards - a spicy, an apple-honey-ish mustard, and a smoky porter mustard.  Winner = smoky porter.  Super tasty, though kind of runny.  Made me wish for a salad and a little vinegar - that'd make a great dressing.

    My catfish was SO good - moist, steaming hot, flaky, perfect.  Not too oily.  It came with some really really really really REALLY good fries and a coleslaw that was about as finely chopped as coleslaw could possibly be.  The texture was interesting - seriously, it was akin to a relish - but the flavor was surprisingly good.  I'm not a huge coleslaw fan, so for me to like it says something.

    Future hubs' burger was SO good - not overcooked, good quality beef, coated in fried cheese curds that were melty and gooey.  Of note: the burger came by itself - this isn't an ideal lunch on it's own, but it's a good sized bar snack.  If you want to make it a lunch, add on something.  (I tried to get him to add on fried cheese curds on the side, but even he has his limits.  Sadly.)

    The vibe of this place is good.  Some interesting menu options, some interesting cocktail offerings...we'll return, and probably with others in tow.  This seems less like a date place, more like a "hanging out on a Friday evening with your friends" place.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I don't think this is the sort of place you want to go to if you just want to grab a quick beer and run.  You know - if you're on a timeline, maybe this isn't your best bet.

    This is mostly because service can be a little slow-ish.  Okay, it can just be slow-ish.  We were there around 1pm on a Saturday and for awhile, it looked like they had one bartender and one server.  Eventually we saw two more servers and things picked up, but yeah, in the beginning, good heavens.  That poor server had her hands full.

    THAT SAID - a fantastic beer selection.  Let me just repeat myself - fantastic. beer. selection.  I'm going to automatically love any place that has Black Raven on tap, which they did, but wow.  Good selection.

    Food: I had a sandwich with frites, future hubs had a stew with WATER BUFFALO (!!!) over frites.  The frites are somethin' else and I mean that in a really good way - I actually crave those things now.  The rest of the food was tasty as well.

    I like this place.  I'll be back.  For more frites.  And beer.  And frites.  Wait, did I already say that?

  • 26 O'Farrell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    8.4.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag
    Aufgelistet in Gettin' Hitched

    Post-engagement and in the midst of wedding planning, we spent some time debating who to go through for wedding bands for both of us.  It came down to two places - one local and Brilliant Earth.  After a long debate, we decided that the experiences we'd had with Brilliant Earth to date had been good enough that it seemed right to return to them.

    We selected the rings together (that took several hours) and then future hubs took care of ordering.  The rings showed yesterday and they. are. perfect.  Absolutely beautiful quality.  We're extremely pleased with the way they look and can't wait to be wearing them full time.

    We have never set foot into their flagship store, yet we have made four purchases from them and the service has always been great, the items have always been shipped off in a timely manner, and the jewelry is all of impeccable quality.  I continue to highly recommend them.

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    30.11.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This is going to be a strange review, as I am not a direct customer of Brilliant Earth - I am the… Weiterlesen
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