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    I want to give this hotel more than this number of stars, but I found a few things to be ridiculous policies which made me feel like I was being treated like a child or a prison inmate.

    First of all, the staff is amazing. I don't think I have ever experienced a more pleasant check-in than with the gentleman who checked us in, and the nice lady who checked us out. The attendants for luggage were great too. The staff deserves five stars for sure.

    I am not happy with a few things. I did stay here for Ultra Music Festival, which I understand probably had an effect on some policy changes. However, I think some of them were a little ridiculous seeing as I paid the same amount - actually, probably way more - than the average hotel guest throughout the year and I am also not a little kid.

    My friend and I bought a six pack of beer and when we tried to go up to our hotel room on Sunday afternoon, we were told there were not outside beverages allowed. Are you kidding me? Not once have I ever heard of this being a hotel policy ANYWHERE. If this is their standard hotel policy, that is ridiculous. How can you not allow someone to take their legal private property up into their hotel room? We're talking John Locke 101 folks. And if this was just for Ultra, I think that's even worse. If you don't want business from people going to Ultra, just say so, don't treat everyone like a little kid. We brought you and your city a lot of money, so calm down. We're not trashing your hotel room, and even if we do, aren't incidentals there for a reason? Don't infringe on my property rights.

    Secondly, I felt like I was in some sort of prison with the whole needing the room key and checking in line on the lists of guests to go back to the room after leaving the hotel. Yeah, I understand you don't want a hundred people staying in one hotel room and you don't want randos, but you could have made that part a lot more efficient. How about maybe three lines, or maybe not checking every, single, freaking person's card and ID. And I think not allowing people who don't have room keys to go up to the hotel room throughout the weekend was ridiculous as well. I think I should have the right to have friends in my hotel room if I want to. There's a limit for people staying in the hotel, I didn't realize there was a limit for number of people breathing inside of each hotel room at any given time.

    When we asked for more towels we did not get them. That was another thing that irked me. I don't like using dirty towels to dry myself.

    So all in all, I would stay here again. It's a great hotel, it's close to Ultra, the rooms were nice, the staff was friendly, and the views were great but but please, stop treating your guests like children.

    And also, I'd like my $20 back for the beer that I had to throw out. It's not legal to drink publicly in Miami, and apparently, also not legal to drink beer inside of my hotel room. So yeah, you owe me money. And also, you should be explicit about your policies upon check-in, if you're planning to change them depending on the clientele you have any given weekend.

    Arminio R.
    Kommentar von Arminio R. von InterContinental Miami
    3.4.2013 Dear Nicholas G.,

    Thank you for your detailed review.  We have reached out to you directly in regards…
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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    My date and I enjoyed this place, and the service was great. We had the ricotta ravioli, goat cheese pizza and the pork. The ravioli was definitely my favorite - it had a certain spice to it that complemented the other flavors nicely and found it to be a nice surprise when biting in. The service was incredible - our server was prompt, she was friendly, and she corrected a mistake with our order immediately. Their cocktail on Tuesday was also fantastic.

    I am giving ABC Kitchen four stars because the pork was nothing special. I could've easily found a pork dish as good or better for a lot less than $35. The bread basket was also somewhat bland.

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