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    I live around the corner and go here on occasion.  The chocolate chip cookies which are from Batter Bakery on Polk are out of this world.  To bad they are out of them the majority of the time and can't seem to hire someone that can order and bake cookie dough.
    Yogurt is pretty good but a little too spendy.  You can easily get more bang for your buck at a variety of places pretty close by. Hard to justify $4 for a small yogurt with no toppings and they are small.  
    One other thing just for business sense.  The name of the place I can never remember let alone spell.  I understand they are trying to be Euro but come on.

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    1870 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    Love this place.  Right in my neighborhood and have been coming here since they opened.  Jeff and Kamron are always welcoming.  Great wine selection and nice place to take a date.

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    Quite possibly the worst burrito I have ever had.  It was wrapped(if you want to call it that) in a nasty flour tortilla that was partially stale.  The chicken burrito had no chicken.  It was like something I would make at home for myself if I was just grabbing whatever I had in the in the fridge because I was starving.  Please hire someone who can properly make and fold a burrito.
    Total disappointment.
    Maybe the rest of the menu has better things to offer?  Stay away from the burrito though.

  • 2123 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    Jane is up the street from my place.  I was hesitant at first, but it has grown on me.  I like the story behind it and their pastries are delicious. They serve a great chai.  It is a comfortable and open space.  The employees have that hipster feel.  One thing that I have noticed though is that every time I come in the tables and surrounding areas are dirty.  The booths always have crumbs and I always have to ask someone to clean my table off.  Keep it clean and I would give it 4 stars.  Even so I still enjoy Jane's laid back atmosphere.

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    I had an amazing meal at La Mar.  First with a Pisco Sour and then the server picked out a great bottle of wine for us to go with our meal.  Our server was awesome and it made the experience that much better.
    Ceviche was perfect.  The Quinoa salad was delicious and refreshing. Empanadas killed it and then topped off with Arroz Jugoso that was like a tasty paella.  Oh, and the best of all was the tasty pie de limon dessert!  Oh so good.

  • 2015 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    Great new addition to my neighborhood. I come here often but they are new so still trying to figure some things out.  I really like the simple sandwich's. I generally get the five spice chicken.  The only thing is the pricing is a little off for the sides.  The sandwich's are ok priced but the problem is with the sides.  The fries are additional 3 dollars and come on the same plate that barely fits the sandwich.  For the fries it is about 15 of them.  They should just increase the price of the sandwich and add the fries or salad or give you a realistic amount for 3 bucks.
    I came for dinner to grab a rice steak bowl which was good but the brown rice was undercooked.  I finally asked the waiter and he went back and checked.  It was hard and he apologized and tried to give me a coconut cookie.  I don't do coconut.  He then brought me a side of white rice.  I  was laid back about it but they could have done better.

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