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  • 255 N Hemlock
    Cannon Beach, OR 97110
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    I would love to give this shop 5 stars, as I absolutely love their food, but as mentioned in many other reviews, they are never open when we go, even though the hours posted say they should be open...and also I have had great service, but also not so great, rushed & insensitive service. I will not give up on them, but it would be nice to show up for a wonderful meal & actually have the place be open!

  • 18070 NW Evergreen Pkwy
    Beaverton, OR 97006
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    Sales staff nice & friendly, however overworked & very busy. Ordered 2 pair for $99 deal 2 months ago, and still don't have the correct product. Every time they come in, they 'don't pass inspection' and sent back to the lab to be redone. The latest is that the lab has a 'new system' in place and hasn't worked the bugs out yet. Really? I give them till the end of the year, and then I ask for a refund & go back to my 'locally owned, neighborhood Optical shop'. I guess you get (or not get) what you pay for. Still waiting....don't waste your time on this one.

  • 3301 S Hemlock St
    Cannon Beach, OR 97110
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    I am really surprised at the number of 'bad' reviews with the customer claiming to have received rude service. We eat here every time we are in CB,which is usually 3-4 times a year. We have NEVER had a bad experience in the past 5 years of eating here! I can only guess that there have been a few 'part-timers' who didn't care about customer service, or possibly a type of 'bias' put forth toward a certain 'type' of customer who the server decided they didn't like for some reason. Neither are acceptable, but we have been very pleased with the food & service we have received. We have only been in at dinner time & always sit in the 'dining area' near the fireplace, not in the bar. The atmosphere is so cozy, the interior is rustic and warm. I always have the Filet Mignon which has always been perfect, and the side salad is divine! It is fresh baby greens with cucumber,tomato,red bell pepper,red onion,kalamata olives,sunflower seeds and homemade dressing, my fave is the honey mustard(very zippy). If you would like a quiet, wonderful dinner by a warm fire, try the Warren House Pub, if you want to 'party' in the bar and raise a ruckus, maybe you should go somewhere else.


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