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    Great place with great people. Yama makes the process very fluid for you. He also provided the CarFax. My fiance is super happy with her purchase and it's been nearly 5 months.

    Just be aware that they specialize in salvaged vehicles! This is why you buy from him: you get rock bottom prices, as (most of) his cars have salvage titles. Just about all the cars he gets are salvaged by theft or insurance claim.  Some of the cars he has are not salvage, but are still very cheap and in excellent condition. You'll need to research the pros/cons of owning a salvage title vehicle. Ask Yama and he'll give you the run down and you can research it further.

    You may even get super lucky like my mom - her purchase from Yama was a salvage title, but when she registered it at the DMV they changed it so it was no longer salvaged! But Yama and his dad said in all their experience, they've only seen that happen twice.

    Great cars, at great prices. Just know that most of the cars are salvage titles.
    Here's a yahoo link for salvage cars:…

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    I called numerous smog shops but Sam at Vista Test Only Center was the most helpful and kind person. He offered to use the 20% off coupon for me even though it clearly states that you need to print the coupon.

    Upon arriving, Sam offered me a cold bottle water, which was perfect for the hot, humid LA day! Filled out some very short paperwork and my car was being tested. Next thing I know, he's offering me dessert, fruit, and chocolate! Such a generous, kind man! Service was outstanding and we chatted about food and restaurants the whole time. Before I know it, it's complete and I'm paying my discounted bill.  

    My inspection passed with flying colors he said, and I told him how I had to recently have some exhaust work done. He kindly asked how much I paid and then picked up the phone and called a mechanic he had heard of. He got a quote for the work I had done to my car, and found it to be HALF as much as I paid (and I had shopped around for that price!!)!!  He then gave me the mechanic's info and said that if I ever had any car questions, please see him first as he would do all he could to help me for free, before paying for outrageous mechanic prices elsewhere.


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    Well I'm not a huge fan of beer, and that's not because of my taste.  I have an allergic reaction to most alcohols, but for some reason hard cider is not so severe.  The Hard Cider at BJ's is pretty good, and if you are into beers, there's a wide selection.  Pizzas are done Chicago style - not my favorite style being a Left Coaster but it's good bite.  Pasta was above your average food chain restaurant  It's a sports bar, so women beware if your date has the attention span of pigeon with shinny objects.  Open late, till 1 AM I think, it's perfect for a late night craving.

    But what I'm really writing this review for is what BJ"s has introduced me to: PAZOOKI. OMG twuuu wuuuv at last!  Cookies as big as pizzas, topped with scoops of vanilla ice cream? And your choice between chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal & raisin, or massive overload on  chocolate chip.  Need I say more?

    Go now, really!

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    A delicious deli located deep within the industrial neighborhood.  This business is a jewel to all workers in the area who want to avoid the fast food gut.  Recently renamed "Pop's Deli" due to the franchise extinction, this deli provides great food that is fresh, satisfying and light on the health conscious.  Prices may be more than one is expected to pay for a sandwich but very much worth it.  Plus with the "stamp-card" you receive a free sandwich with your 10th purchase.  They have salads, specialty sandwiches, pastas, and a library of beverages.  However their soups are to be cautious of as they seem to be too salty whenever I've tasted them.  Business is booming from 12-1 so I recommend you visit before or after the rush hour.  Yet if you must go during the busy time I suggest you call or fax your order in.  The staff is great at disbanding the large lines but who wants to spend 1/4 of their lunch getting it?

  • 24970 Hesperian Blvd
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    eOn Cafe, now called eOn Coffee, has not ceased to be anything but the most delectable, delicious, and comforting cafe I have ever encountered in all my years of consumption.  The staff continues their humble nature despite the fact that they are well beyond comparison to the best cafe in the bay area.  Their quality of ingredients is nothing less than that of the highest available.  Their technique of foaming is one that takes much time to master - I know, I've been trying.  The ambiance is warm and inviting, especially coming in from the cold chill of a wretched rain.  They are very popular with the local schools.  So much so, that at times it seems a quest to find a comfortable location to lounge among friends.  Local musicians are welcome to play on particular open-mic nights.  Prices are right for the quality they serve.  And they my friends, should be considered the definition of service.  All in all, this cafe is beyond a 5.

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