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    Great place for foot massage, most of the staff are very good at it.  They are very attentive and pay attention to detail. If I direct them to particular points, they spend extra time there.  It's just what I need.

    My only beef is the receptionist.... not the owner, but the hired receptionist.  She's rude and unfriendly.  I hate talking to her.

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    Bought a 2000 Volvo C70 for a really good price... only problem was that the car was cosmetically very maltreated by the previous owner - tons of deep scratches and a very bruised front bumper, even the convertible roof was marked up, scuffed all over, and even had a small tear.  Mechanically everything seemed fine, though it had a lifter tick that was at least not constant.  Took a gamble because the price was low, so I bought it.  I took it to two other Volvo shops to have it combed over mechanically with a fine tooth comb.  Over the next 2 months, I narrowed all down all mechanical work to one shop - Allvo in Burnaby, and I had them look at everything again - fuel pump, gaskets, shocks, clutch, transmission, brakes, even did 2 compression tests.  The compression tests came out very good, and the only thing that needed to get fixed was an old hose that had cracked.  However,  the front shocks were going and so were the brakes, and the tires were old - so I got new shocks, new brakes, and new tires.  I kept my eye on the lifter tick and religiously did my oil change once a month, also adding engine cleaner each time.  It's been a 11 months now, and lots of highway miles between Vancouver and Portland Oregon, as well as to work each day to Langley and back.  The lifter tick is gone and the car has never had one problem whatsoever!

    This month I decided to spend the money on a new top ($2000) because it looks like this car is very mechanically sound and reliable, and repainted the body panels and bumper.  

    Azro is a great personal guy who is honest and likes to make a deal.  I would not hesitate to buy a 2nd car from him.  Also, Allvo in Burnaby is a really good shop for fixing your volvo - they really really know what they are doing.

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    My girlfriend and I arrived for dinner at 8pm and waited about 20 minutes.  When I see a menu that doesn't give proper titles for their dishes, I have to resort much more closely to what the description is.  Unfortunately, their descriptions just sound like a shopping bag of ingredients rather than a real description of a culinary item.  For example, the "Halloumi" is described as: "Beer Battered Halloumi, Zucchini Pancake, Smashed Peas, Yogurt, Lemon Balm", or the "Zucchini", described as: "Raw Zucchini Lasagne, Lemon Sage Cream, Spinach Coulis, Pine Nuts".  It makes me feel like I am walking down the aisle at a grocery store filling my shopping bag.  Not terribly appetizing, but I suppose it goes with the hipster schtick - though I expected better presentation for a gourmet restaurant.

    I ordered the Halloumi.  The battered cheese tasted like.... battered cheese.  When you have battered cheese at any other restaurant, the cheese pours out like a gooey cream inside a crunchy batter shell, but the cheese in this case (a slightly aromatic goat cheese - so probably not 100% goat cheese) was rubbery solid.  The smashed peas tasted like... smashed peas, exactly like what you would expect from a jar of baby food.  The cheese sat atop the cardboard flavoured zucchini pancake which sat atop the smashed peas, while the yogurt and lemon balm were sauces that garnished the sides.  It looked pretty good, but the only thing that tasted prepared and well thought out were the yogurt and lemon balm.  In fact, the only thing that actually popped in terms of taste was the lemon balm, which was by far the smallest portion of the entree.  As a whole, none of the items put together worked together; it was as if these things were picked off a shopping aisle and placed on a plate.  The sauces did not go with the cheese, but I suppose was supposed to dress up the flavouring of the cardboard pancake.  The cheese seemed to be a side of its own, but in terms of proportion far outweighed all the other items on the plate.  Given that it doesn't really have one, I'd like to suggest an appropriate name for this dish: Deep Fried Solid Cheese Blobs with a Small Brown Square a la Baby Food Peas a la Random Sauces, 19 dollars Ka-Ching!

    She ordered two appetizers, the wonderfully named "Beet" and the "Walnut".  The "Beet" was a large plate with very very thinly sliced beets and other bits with a citrus-flavoured glaze on top.  The food on the plate rose about 5 millimeters above the plate surface and covered maybe 40% of the surface area.  If I didn't know it was something that was prepared, I would have thought it was the left over bits of someone's salad.  The "Walnut" was even more stupifying: a tiny pickling jar that was less than half full, containing vinegarized mushroom and walnut crumbs.  It was served with "Juniper Crisps", which was baked bread biscuits.  I would say that together these two appetizers made one small appetizer.  Even a 6 year old would have starved on that.  When we left the restaurant, we went to Bo Kong and we shared a delicious egg plant and tofu dish for $12 and left full and satisfied.  Thank you Bo Kong for salvaging what was left of the night.

    We finished the dinner in about 15 minutes as it was so small.

    The wait staff was very attentive, polite and helpful.

    We did not order alcohol.  In total it came to $42, taxes included.  When I handed the fellow at the bar a $50 bill, he had the gaul to ask me if I wanted the change.  An $8 tip for that?  We already felt like fools for spending that kind of money and leaving hungry, but then to suggest that was a real slap in the face.  Due to the insult, I left a $2 tip instead, and had he not been so thoughtless I probably would have left the $5 bill already in hand.  He should also dress a little better - torn jeans, wrinkled shirt and unkempt hair is more appropriate at sloppy hippy places like The Naam.

    In summary:
    Food - 4/10
    Service - 10/10
    Ambience - 8/10
    Transaction - 1/10
    Value - 2/10

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