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    I did this hike for the first time a couple months ago. it was a lil tribute to my grampas recent passing and a motivation for me to actually do the hike considering that I had to start the hike before the guard could get there.  I kind of overachieved because I did not sleep and ended up hiking the stairs around 1:30am/2am and I did not know what I was getting myself into.  From what my friends have said, this hike became much easier than how it was before since now it's just metal stairs and railings in unison but nonetheless this is probably one of my best solo hikes.  For some visual, I attached the video of the hike as it was played when I flew back home to attend his service.  Hope you all enjoy and go for the hike! From the scenery to the journey, this is a worthwhile hike.…

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    I'm too generous to give this place 3 stars. The stars are only for the skydiving aspect because aside from that, the operations and the communication were horrible.  My group waited over the 4 hour mark even when we came earlier than our reservation.  When I would ask every once in a while about when we were about to go, the female staff kept saying that we just have to wait.  Im sorry but if I would have known that we were to wait soooo long, we would have driven to Haleiwa or to a beach to eat nearby or embrace the island instead of seeing people who came after us just get suited up and go.

    Aside from my group, there were some military guys who were also irritated with the long wait...and I believe they came before us also.  I do not know if we were last because we all chose the Ultimate package and they wanted to "save the best for last" or for whatever else reason, but something like that should have been communicated and disclosed to us.  How hard is it for employees to provide simple and proper customer service and communication especially for the monetary value and value of life we put for something like this.  And we still do not know why we were the last ones.

    I was able to have a more enthusiastic parachutist but unfortunately for my other friends, they were strapped next to guys who obviously had a long day and many jumps under their belt but seemed to rub their fatigue on my friends with lack of good communication and assurance of safety.  I understand that they probably have thousands of jumps throughout their lives but it should be considerate to always provide proper knowledge and education to others who paid to share the experience

    And on top of all that, I went away that day to find out later on that i was carrying a photo disc that seems to be blank on my Macbook.  The photo disc cannot be read on a Macbook (apple) product. And I notified them the next day that I had thought that we received blank discs due to the incompatibility, I had a much unfortunate dilemma with the communication from the female who I spoke with on the phone the following day.  No sign of apology and just said for me to mail in the blank disc or get back to North Shore and get it physically swapped. Really? The principle of resolving a mistake properly was my big issue.  If I was a tourist off island already and was anxious to see my evidence of such an experience, I would not be thrilled to not get a simple apology, but a content request to have the disc returned back to Pacific Skydiving.  When we went all the way back up to North Shore to Pacific Skydiving, we had belittling experience with other female staff members who already seemed as if we lacked knowledge on how to use a disc.  The only one to help us test the discs was a more settling employee.  But bottomline, the principle of good or decent customer service and operations is lacked and should be addressed more.

    Again, the 14,000 ft skydiving was amazing but the process to get to that point and the staff need to overlook some things.  I wish to say I cant wait to do my third skydive with them and even going for solo, but I would keep my options open after this.

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