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    The Bankery is as good or better than any small town bakery.  It's located in an old bank building.  Their pies, cakes and pastries are superb.  Lunches are affordable and delicious.  When I need a cake for a special occasion I tell them the occasion and the persons name and let them do what they do best.  I am always more than pleased.

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    We went to the Abby for the first time last night. The service was good for the most part, the servers were friendly and knowledgeable. The bread and olive oil were great but now comes the problem. I ordered ribeye, at their suggestion cooked to medium. My husband ordered the pot roast. Everything on my plate was loaded with salt, even the steak that came quite rare instead of medium. It came with a beautiful sliced carrot side, again heavily salted and topped with an arugula salad with blue cheese and bacon, whew was that salty. My husbands pot toast was cooked perfectly except for the gravy that was heavily salted. Now we like salt and don't have blood pressure issues but I don't think a highly trained chef would put out meals like we received. And you are paying top dollar so you do expect appropriately seasoned food. Before ordering, our water glass was filled twice and they offered lemon which was nice. Once the food came, they never came back with water which by that time we needed badly. I will say the drinks were good and food presentation was excellent. I just don't know how they could have made everything so salty, even my rare steak that I took home so I could cook more and eat for a different meal. We will not be back, unfortunately, since the setting was pleasant.

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    4190 Dragoon Rd
    Dragoon, AZ 85609
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    We recently spent 3 days at the Triangle T Ranch and couldn't have been more pleased.  We stayed in Casita 1, it was decorated in a western style, very clean and comfortable.  Their claw legged deep bathtubs are great for bubble baths but are set up for showers as well.  Their saloon is open on the weekends and provides you with a bit of adventure and western culture.  Because they have a highly trained chef on staff, expertly prepared meals are served in their dining room every night with the freshest of ingredients.  My husband and I took a 2 hour horse ride on very tame horses with what seemed an authentic cowboy that was glad to share the history of the ranch as we rode.  Many famous people stayed at this ranch as well as the shooting of the movie, "3:10 Uma".
    All in all, I would say if you want fine lodging you should go to a hotel. If you want a relaxing ranch setting with folks that knock themselves out to make your stay pleasant, this is a great place to stay.  If anything is not just right and you speak up about it, they make it right immediately.  My husband went to the dining room early during the week to see if we could have a drink before dinner.  The owners daughter showed up at our room soon after with a pitcher of beer and two cold glasses.  The owners and staff are friendly and helpful.  This was our first stay at the Triangle T but there will be more in the future for sure.

  • 15 Oak St
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    If you want a dining experience sit at the counter and watch the cooks suffle pans and plates into and out of the oven.  I can see that if the place gets really busy the wait staff gets behind but the food and fresh ingredients are worth it.  I would suggest, have a drink, relax and enjoy the wonderful food.

  • 5 3rd St
    Spruce Head, ME 04859
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    We love to stay in B&B's so we have some experience in rating.  This Inn is in a beautiful location and has their own restaurant.  The rooms are small but clean and plain.  That's OK with us.  But, beware the restaurant is very expensive and the meals are not special.  $145 for two and we only had a garden salad, an entree and mini desert, each.  At breakfast all coffee and juices are self serve.  The owner, hostess, & server seemed like all the guests were burdens to be tolerated.  We will not be back to this Inn, but we will certainly be back to the area.  We live in Maine and frequently spend a getaway weekend on the coast.

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