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    This place RUINED several of my husbands good dress shirts! I took them in specifically for DRY CLEANING, and when we picked them up found out they had been LAUNDERED (meaning washed in a washing machine and PRESSED hot while still wet to dry them!) When I expressed my surprise and anger the lady working there informed me that that is how they the clean ALL DRESS SHIRTS, regardless. These shirts are marked DRY CLEAN ONLY. Now the collars and cuffs are frayed and heat damaged, they didn't even take out the collar stays so there is a permanent imprint in the fabric! The owner is rude and crass, the service is cheap (though not in price!) and low class, never going back.

  • 315 Meigs Rd Ste B
    Santa Barbara, CA 93109
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    We have been going to this laundromat for several years, never had a problem. However in the recent months there has been a dramatic decline. At least 1/3 to 1/2 of the machines are non-operational at any given time, the doors on several dryers do not close, one of 2 change machines is non-operational, the vending machine for soap/etc is often empty, and the general condition of the place is just dreary and dirty looking. What finally prompted me to write a Yelp review is the recent horrible decline in customer service. All I expect from a laundromat is someone POLITE on site in case there is a problem, other than that its all self serve (as is expected.) However, Mesa Laudromat cannot even manage THAT anymore.
    The employee I encountered today actually removed my laundry from the dryer (STILL WET) while I was in the restroom, because she wanted to let her FRIEND use the dryer (her excuse being that I apparently "had left".) I also found several of my still wet socks on the floor and that she had MOVED another load of my still wet laundry to a different dryer (NO idea why!) I told her she had no right to do that and she began telling her friend what an idiot I was in SPANISH right in front of me. Another customer standing by who spoke fluent Spanish came to my defense and told her she was giving very poor service and was unprofessional, and the employee told him to leave and not come back (so he left angry as well.) Long story short, I will never be going back to Mesa Laundromat, there are MANY laundromats in Santa Barbara, don't waste your time or money in this one, it probably won't be open much longer anyway.

  • 3849 State St
    Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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    The Winehound has hands-down the best selection of any wine store in the Santa Barbara area. There is a HUGE variety of wine to choose from; international, out-of-state, Californian and also an extensive local selection (which I love!) They seem to be very choosy about what wine they offer, and are always able to answer questions and help you find a good wine in your price range. Also, be sure to sign up for their email alerts! I have discovered some of my favorite wines through their email updates, things I would otherwise never have known about.

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    Adama is a welcome addition to Santa Barbara, being pretty much the one and only totally vegan restaurant we have! Luckily, its a good one! Lots of creative dishes and delicious desserts, no stereotypical brown rice and blanched veggies. I often take non-vegans here and have never had a complaint. The only real draw back is the price, it is a bit expensive, especially if you are ordering drinks.

  • 4141 State St, Ste B1
    Santa Barbara, CA 93110
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    I was very surprised to see the other review on this page was so positive, especially in regards to his rude, nasty office staff. I don't have any real complaints about the dental care I received from Dr Davis himself, but the horrible woman he has running his front office made every appointment a misery. Going to the dentist is stressful enough without being barked at and listening to other other people be barked at while you wait. There are many good dentists in the Santa Barbara area, and it's very easy to find one who hires polite and sensible staff. In other words, look elsewhere for your dental needs, its not worth the hassle

  • $$$ Hotel, Day Spa
    1215 Avila Beach Dr
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
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    We had a lovely 4-day honeymoon in a West Meadows suite at Sycamore Springs in Avila. Though I wouldn't call it 5-star accommodations, it was very nice and comfortable and we had a lot of relaxing fun in the hot tub and by the fire place (we booked through Expedia and got a great rate!) It was located in a beautiful area, just far enough from civilization to feel remote, but close enough to easily visit wineries, Cambria, Hearst Castle and downtown SLO.
    * I have to say that I feel somewhat vindicated by some of the other reviews I have read! We also were awakened twice in the middle of the night by our bed shaking violently for no apparent reason! We were convinced it was an earthquake but couldn't find any record of an earthquake anywhere near us the next day. Also, we were visiting mid-week and there was no one in the adjoining  or neighboring rooms. Very WEIRD! *

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