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  • 1553 Platte St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    Some late hunger pangs made me strap into Grubhub and surf for some late-night food. The options: pizza, pizza, pizza, cookies?!? CLICK.

    I scanned the website to see a plethora of options of freshly-baked cookies available to me past 11pm. Chocolate chip, sugar with m&ms, even oatmeal maple-bacon. Had I just stumbled upon the Voo-doo donuts of cookies?

    Even better, The Dirty Cookie offers some milk and ice cream (from Little Man) pairings to go with your cookie selection.

    I made my selections of cookies, ice cream, and milk. The delivery time was almost an hour, but it was rightly so for late-night fresh-baked cookies. The 4 cookies I got came in a box, each still soft and gooey, like a fresh-baked cookie should be. The oatmeal maple bacon was underwhelming, but the chocolate-chip were near perfect. The milk was cold, and on a hot summer night, was a beautiful thing to have to wash down these cookies.

    The concept of late-night  delivery of fresh-baked cookies (with milk and ice cream fixins) is a beautiful thing. The Dirty Cookie upholds this concept with gusto.

  • 5095 E. Donald Ave
    Denver, CO 80222
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    Don't do it!

    The problems I've had here are too numerous to count, but here's the short list:

    1. Chronic spider infestation, happened between when I signed my lease and when I actually moved it. There were TONS of spiders, EVERYWHERE. I had just missed the weekly schedule of the exterminator coming through, and had to wait 7 days before they would do anything about it. Giant spiders everywhere - for 7 days.

    2. One day, one of my outlets went out, when it came back in, the item plugged into it (my record player) was broken. I talked to the management about it, who were very hand-offish and basically said "go talk to your renters insurance company, that's why we have you buy it." Because the value of the record player was less than $500, Liberty Mutual wouldn't cover it, and I was out a record player worth $160.

    3. When I moved in, the air conditioner still worked, but there was a leak from the vent. They eventually fixed the vent, though the AC was still very loud. Now, 11 months later, the AC doesn't even work.

    4. It generally just smells bad, everywhere in the building.

    5. Supposedly one of my neighbors had a leak, and while I was out of town, the maintenance staff came into my apartment on an "emergency basement" moved my furniture and ripped up my floor. It's been 10 days now since I've been back, and they still haven't fixed it. There's even a power dryer still in my kitchen.

    6. May not be Ventana's fault, but the CenturyLink service is extremely slow here.

    7. I pay for a parking spot in one of their covered, reserved spots. After last nights rainstorm, the roof above my spot collapse and I woke up to chunks of roof on my car. I'm thankful that it didn't break either of my windshields. Would have had a cleaner car though if I left it out in the rain...

    I couldn't be more excited to move out.

  • 108 W Kinzie St
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    Mercadito is one of those places that's all price and no quality, and there's really no reason for you to blow you money that way.

    I'm pretty sure that ever server, waiter and waitress hit me as they were passing by without apologizing. And the server who refilled our water spilled two ice cubes in front of me on the table and left them there for them to melt, without saying sorry.

    The quality is low. Nothing will taste spectacular, nothing is unique. I had the guacamole with potato which was extremely flavorless and bland.

    The vegetarian tacos were also pretty standard, and extremely small, for $15.50. I'm all about small plates and I've even paid more for small plates. But if I'm not getting something special, you can't charge me that much, that's robbery.

    The atmosphere is good, but it's all hype. I'm not sure why everyone is paying hte prices that they are for such low-quality food.

    The drinks are sub par and over-priced.

    So basically, what I'm saying is, don't go to Mercadito. There are much better options in Chicago.

  • 18366 E Lincoln Ave
    Parker, CO 80134
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    Had the craving for a real awesome Chicago-style Gyro tonight, I popped into Opa for some love.

    The lady told me it would take about 4 minutes for my gyro meal and charged me $14 for a diet coke, gyro, fries and a salad. The price was high, but I needed to satiate my craving.

    Roughly 4 minutes later, as promised, my order was set down in front of me. The gyro was underwhelming in size, and the gyro meat lacked any texture. It was obvious that the meat had been sliced off the rotator and straight onto the pita bread. This my friends is not how you do it. The meat needs to be roasted ever so lightly on a pan first, to give it that slight edge of crisp texture.

    Between the high price, low quality, small amount of food (for said price), I've decided that next time, I'll take my gyro cravings elsewhere.

  • 2577 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60614
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    Vapiano is cafeteria food at best.

    We started with the mixed antipasti. Which was...nothing special.

    I ordered the pasta primavera, thinking it would be a simple and well executed dish. I was wrong about the well executed part. The pasta, as I mentioned earlier, was stuck together, the vegetables overcooked and cut too small and the parmesan lacked any real bite to it. I would call this less of a restaurant meal, and more of a cafeteria meal.

    I found the staff to be rude, and brushed the customers off when they had questions.

    You're better off going to the Pasta Bowl, just down the street.

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    If Hemingway were to dine at 5280ft, he would definitely do so at TAG Raw Bar.

    He'd grab a seat at the bar, his moleskin by his side. He'd start with an an appetizer of frenched up green beans. He'd let his teeth crunch on umamied, yet raw haricot vert. It would pair well with his Dry Juniper Soda. And then he would watch as the chef fans out an avocado on a long white plate. He'd stare eagerly as the chef pulls out a kitchen torch and flames up the fatty fruit until it gained a bit of char. The chef then chops up some greens, peppers, lumb crab meat and sunflower seed and mixes the in a bowl with some savory sauce. The mixture is laid upon the bruleed avocado.

    Hemingway would eager shove forkfull after forkfull into his mouth. The leaves crunched in his mouth, the savory sauce satisfied his taste buds, the warm, charred avocado smoothed over his tongue. He'd take another sip of soda and go back for more.

    This story is far too anachronistic to be true however, and is instead about me, and my utterly satisfying experience at TAG Raw Bar.

  • 6202 S Parker Rd
    Centennial, CO 80016
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    I was less than impressed with the environment of Dazbog Coffee. It felt strangely ingenuine. There was annoying 80's metal blasting over the PAs the whole time, and the cafe was mostly empty. The drip coffee was not as amazing as everyone claims. I'm not really sure what the draw is to Dazbog coffee, but I am certain that I won't be going out of my way to go back there again.

  • 6790 S Cornerstar Way
    Aurora, CO 80016
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    Dragonfly is a-okay in my book for 1 reason: $1 dollar sushi.

    All day each weekday, Dragonfly has $1 sushi pieces, all of which are pleasantly large. I've had various nigiri such as tuna, salmon, shrimp and tofu. I'd avoid the egg though, it was served to me still frozen.

    The rest of the pan-Asian menu is pretty standard, ovepriced, greasy Chinese and isn't really worth going out of your way for.

  • 9567 S University Blvd
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
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    While a staff aptitude test may be necessary, the new Parry's Pizza in Highlands Ranch has its thing together.

    First and foremost, the 50 tap selection of craft crews has the ability to designate Parry's Pizza as THE local beer pub; but the New York style pizza is good enough to designate it as the local gastropub.

    The pies are stoutly New York style, but clean and surprisingly devoid of grease at the same time. The pizza is very thin, and slightly crunchy but has the perfect amount of cheese. The sauce is ever-so-slightly sweet and perfectly rounds out the cheese and crust.

    The bar area felt a bit congested but the dedicated server to the bar area was dedicated to making the experience enjoyable. The one complaint I have is that the guy behind the bar seemed to have  no sense of priority. I handed him my credit card to close out and he took it, put it down, and went off to pour several beers while my buddies and I stood around awkwardly near the bar. Several minutes later he finally closed me out.

    I am more than inclined to come back to try the various styles of pizza at Parry's, in addition to their delicious craft beer.

    Keniey S.
    Kommentar von Keniey S. von Parry's Pizzeria & Bar
    3.2.2012 Nik - - Thanks for visiting us at our new location in Highlands Ranch as well as for writing our… Weiterlesen
  • 1975 W El Camino Real
    Mountain View, CA 94040
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    Let's start with this: NEVER ever book with Vayama. EVER! I don't care how CHEAP your flight is. Just don't do it!

    Why? Because they will lie to you and tell your flight is cancelled when it is in fact, still on. They'll change your itinerary without your consent and then you'll be stuck traveling on dates that you never wanted to travel on.

    In my personal experience, Vayama told me that BOTH of my departure and return flights were cancelled and changed both of them. Instead of leaving Sao Paulo on January 1st, I'm flying out of Sao Paulo on December 31st and spending NYE in the sky, alone, away from all of my family.

    What they have done is complete injustice, and I'm looking into the legality behind what they did, and seeing if I can sue Vayama for all the trouble they have caused.

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