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    We hired Brazil Construction to build a raised concrete patio for our backyard. Of 6 bids for job, the estimate landed in the middle. Brazil construction  was very upfront about costs, payment schedules and invoices.

    Jake, the owner, was very personable and easy to work with. He came out to the job site about 75% of the days to check on progress, provide updates and guide his team. His team of workers was very professional, seemed happy (sadly rare among bigger contractor companies) and flexible. Though the job took about a week longer than estimated, we didn't mind since we had a day of rain and a couple days of waiting for concrete.

    So why 4 stars and not 5? For all the professionalism upfront and painstaking effort put into the framing, the final product was not shown attention to detail. There were areas of rough gaps in concrete, sides of steps with missing corners and rough surfaces that could easily have been addressed on the day of the pour instead of having to ask for patching up later. When we did ask, Jake didn't come out to see the final product and instead sent a couple guys for 30 minutes to patch things up. Of note, the workers did the best they could, but patching up can only get so close as doing it right the first time.

    We also didn't get a final walk through to inspect the job on the last day since the team left without notice. We were emailed a final invoice with instructions to mail the check. I'm not sure if this was an exception or the rule since contractors we've used in the past have always done a walk through before leaving. We were also not given after care instructions but thankfully Google advised us on how to prevent surface cracks.

    Overall, a good team to work with. Not the least or most expensive bid. Attention to detail is lacking so something to keep in mind if that matters to you as well.

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    Very bland food for Mexican. Nachos are a good value, but overall the food tastes very bland and plain. Burrito is packed with rice and beans and maybe 2 shrimp. Chicken is all dark meat. Chipotle has far more flavor! Not sure where all the positive reviews are coming from. Between chipotle and Aqui in Cupertino I'm surprised this place is still open since it's far from satisfying for all the carbs :/

  • 5988 Newpark Mall Rd
    Newark, CA 94560
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    4 stars for decent decor and cleanliness. Service was average and we didn't experience significant delays in attentive service or food arrival.

    1. chili fish- Asian inspired but tasty and spicy.
    2. Ambur mutton biriyani- little greasy but flavorful.
    3. Mutton sukka- dry dry but all fat and bone. Cheap cuts of meat.
    4. Mutton pepper fry- flooded with average tasting sauce and meat was only fat and bone.
    5. Paratha was a total rip off at $4 per piece and undercooked.
    6. Side biriyani rice was not served hot and wasn't long grain. Hot rice is a staple of indian food and this is a basic side!
    7. Fried ice cream- tasted like a small amount of ice cream stuffed in a donut. Not bad, but not noteworthy.
    8. Mango lassi- thick and not too sweet
    9. Cumbakanam coffee- tasted like instant coffee mixed in milk. Not worth the price.

    Overall just okay food and not really worth the price or drive

  • 20830 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    5 stars for Megan and Sonam in the print center! They are friendly and efficient. They know how to deal with customers unlike the others who work at the print center. One guy in particular (didn't get his name, but he has dark hair and big earrings) was especially rude, didn't know what products and services were offered and totally unhelpful. If it weren't for Megan and Sonam, we wouldn't bother coming back to this location.

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    24.10.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Came in on a Friday for lunch. Lunch specials are a great value and the sandwiches are very filling with the included soup/salad!

    It was disappointingly empty in the restaurant for a Friday at noon. Service while very attentive was almost interruptive with being asked every 5 minutes if everything was ok and having the table cleared before even finishing the last two bites of sandwich or setting the utensils down.

    A note to the management, please educate your seating hostess on appropriate professional attire. You are ruining the image of what should be a upscale Italian restaurant with a woman in poor fitting, borderline vulgar clothing in the front...

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    28.10.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Great value for lunch and nice decor. Bread is fresh and baked in the restaurant. Service was… Weiterlesen
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    A bit small and outdated, but friendly staff and comparable prices to the big chains. Nutella hot chocolate was ok, but not served with whipped cream, which is probably the reason most people including me, get hot chocolate! I wouldn't specifically come back, but I'd rather support an independent shop than a chain whenever possible!

  • 350 Kiely Blvd
    San Jose, CA 95129
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    17.10.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    When it came to buying a new car, Tony and his team were one of the main reasons I chose another Mercedes. They are amazingly down to earth, don't up charge and just tell it like it is. I never have to worry about a dishonest mechanic and that's truly priceless! Don't hesitate to choose Mercedes exclusively when trying to find a shop in the area!

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    17.7.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This shop is as good as it gets. Amazing customer service, clean shop, friendly staff and prompt,… Weiterlesen
  • 300 Santana Row
    San Jose, CA 95128
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    Came for happy hour. Great value, huge portions, lots of variety, friendly staff and plenty of seats. Happy hour is in the whole restaurant!

    A much needed break from some of the more stuffy happy hours on the row :)

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    We went on a Sunday morning around 10:30am and it was about a 30 minute wait for a table of 4. The free coffee while you wait is a plus and the food looked great. Taste and prices are pretty standard with nothing that seemed to stand out. The menu is huge and has a breakfast and lunch section that they serve all the time. The "large" grapefruit juice at $5 was a rip off since it was about 6-7 oz, not sure how tiny the small must be. Hashbrowns just ok and not crispy enough. Omelets were fluffy, but bacon and sausage were dried out from being overcooked or kept under a warmer.

    Overall an ok breakfast/brunch spot, but nothing I'd specifically come back for. Los Gatos Cafe is worth the drive!

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    I am disappointed with yelp for misguiding yelpers into believing this company has more positive than negative reviews.

    As with several others, we were disappointed with the quality of wood used for our fence despite choosing to use a diamond certified company who came in as the highest bid for the job. To make matters worse, the hardworking staff who actually have to install the wood seem threatened and frightened by Jess and others from the company. They are also forced to use hammer and nails, no nail guns or tools to allow uniformity in workmanship or help out the employees.

    Jess failed to show up twice after multiple phone calls to complain about the fence coming apart in several locations 3 weeks post installation. Customer service is far from poor and it is truly shocking that this company is diamond certified!

    Fortunately we used Cuervas fence company for the last side and experienced exactly the opposite with them! They are a unified team of employees, use quality lumbar at very competitive prices, have happy workers and care about customer satisfaction. Use Cuervas fence (no I'm not related to anyone there. Just a truly satisfied customer!) and stay away from Duran!

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