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  • 21848 Valley Blvd
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    A tip to anyone thinking of going here, If you love your dog, DO NOT bring them here.

    Like all the other reviews for this place. I could give them NEGATIVE STARS if that was an option. I rarely pretty much never write bad reviews on places but this place is unbelievable and I feel like I should warn all other dog owners out there. Banfield hospital is the worst hospital I have ever encountered and I will never bring my dog in here again.

    I have been to this location a couple times before to do nail trims occasionally and it was always just OK but it was close to home and convenient so I thought why not. This past weekend my dog had a huge cyst that ruptured which got me really worried because of the size and chance of infection so I made a last minute appointment to come in and see a doctor. We were assigned to Dr.Lee (an asian middle aged woman) for our check up, and after some evaluation she recommended a routine cyst surgery to prevent reoccurrence of the cyst.  I signed up (more like tricked after what happened) for the preventative care plan in addition to shelling out an additional $500 for the surgery. When I went to go pick him up from surgery the next day here's what happened.

    1.I was pretty peeved when they had to shave BOTH arms for his IV drops and anesthesia because according to the nurse he basically tried to blame my dog and said he was giving them a hard time about putting an IV into his arm (which WHY WOULDN'T he?!?!?! you are sticking a needle into his arm) so in other words they basically messed up and in order not to have the blood vein collapse they had to use the other......GEE real professional for a bunch of trained professionals. And may I just add my dog is a 6lb Yorkie mix and they were making as if he was a 150lb dog giving them a hard time and being uncooperative to the point where they couldn't handle him. After that I should have known already and checked my dog from head to toe for any other signs of negligence.

    2.They put a cone around his neck that was so tight he could barely breathe AND it bruised his neck VERY VERY badly. I have never had my dog's skin bruised that that before.

    3.He had 2 cysts removed and one of the stitches you could tell was very poorly done and he had extra skin folds coming out of the stitches and basically it was just a very shitty job.

    I was pretty annoyed that day but I didn't say anything and was just trying to leave ASAP and get my dog home. Today I was looking at him more closely and I noticed the very bad bruising around his bottom neck. I do not know why he has it and whether it was from his cone being tied too tightly which wouldn't make sense since they only put it on for a couple of hour or 2 before I picked him up. I don't know specifically who handled my dog besides Dr. Lee and I am not sure who's fault it is but someone better have a damn explanation. I plan on going in tomorrow canceling that stupid plan and basically NEVER EVER GOING BACK AGAIN. They basically mistreated my dog to the point where he is bruised all over. Do yourself and your dog a HUGE favor and look for somewhere better and do not make the same mistake I did and as I can see from all the other Yelp reviews this place should definitely be closed down or hire new nurses and veterinarians. They should be ashamed of themselves for supposedly claiming to "love pets" and have such shitty reviews about them. It is obvious there service and treatment of dogs is less then acceptable.

    P.S. Just look at the photos of my dog's skin color from his bruises which they caused.

    P.S.S. There was 1 good nurse there I forgot her name I think maybe Chrissy she was a tall young brunette and very attentive and kind and kept me updated throughout the whole surgery how my dog was doing and the different options available. That was pretty much the only good thing from that place possibly.

    Lisa R.
    Kommentar von Lisa R. von Banfield Pet Hospital
    15.9.2014 Hi Carol - Thank you very much for your feedback regarding your experience at our Walnut hospital… Weiterlesen
  • 124 E Lincoln Ave
    Orange, CA 92865
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    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft 7 Check-Ins

    First of all I love the food at this place. LOVE. Everything is fresh and delicious and comes in big portions. My biggest complaint of this place is that they always get my order wrong. Seriously 3 out of 5  times I come here, they get my order wrong. Another example is today, I used their online service to order in and pay first, simple and fast BUT when I get back to my office all excited to eat my food. My sandwich is WRONG. They always slather mayo over everything when I didn't even check the mayo box on their online form. They put in tomatoes and pickles when I specifically asked for no pickle.  In addition, they didn't even include the brownie that I paid for already. This place always gets so busy during lunch that they don't even take the time to check if their orders are correct or not. I was really disappointed and I wasn't about to drive back and waste even more of my lunch time to get my correct sandwich and brownie. This isn't the first time it has happened and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. Now I know if I continue going to this place I have to be very cautious and check my order to make sure everything is right before I leave which honestly is a hassle.

  • 13350 Camino Del Sur
    San Diego, CA 92129
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    I love this place!!!!

    Their pizza and burgers are both delicious!

    The bun is soft and chewy and just perfect. I love how the patty has kind of a charbroiled taste to it and I love the smaller versions of the burger they offer.
    The fries are similar to in-n-out fries but better! They are thicker and more crispy in a really yummy way.

    The only complaint I have about the place is the service.  Every time I come here the cashier usually a high school girl (I am assuming) is rude and always manages to get my order wrong. And that's not even the problem if you get my order wrong you can fix it, but at least be polite about it. They should really hire someone more friendly and willing to service their customers. I would give this place a 5 star but just because of all the unpleasant service I always have to deal with, I'm going to go with 4 stars.

    Otherwise then that, love this place, really recommend it but just be prepared for crappy service....

  • 19820 E Colima Rd
    Walnut, CA 91788
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    I've lived in this area all my life and never tried this place until recently. It's a boba/tea place. I really like the outside seating area of this place especially at night since they have little tables and christmas lights decorating the place (but I'm guessing a lot of people just smoke out here so if you don't like smokers, this is probably not your spot). The inside of this place is pretty small, but cute. Parking is pretty easy, since no one really goes to the plaza, only a laundromat and I think cellphone place next door. They play the Korean music here pretty loud so if your looking for a place to study, this might not be the place.

    I've only tried their milk tea with boba and their duet with boba. The milk tea is pretty average, nothing special and a little on the sweet side for me so I wouldn't order it here, but their DUET which is a mix of iced coffee and milk tea is REALLY GOOD. After I tried this place, I noticed a lot of other boba/tea places sell duet, I've just never noticed.  So if your looking for a cute place to catch up with a friend, this is an okay place to stop by and pick up a DUET!

  • 7305 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    The first time I tried this place I thought it was SO GOOD, but after I went back a couple times and tried other Mexican food around the area and back at home, I decided this place is alright. This place has convenient parking and is located right across 99 Ranch Market. The inside of this place is pretty big and has a lot of seating, but gets pretty busy especially late night. Another reason why I started not to like this place, I really don't like their service here. Every time I come here, this mess up on my order or my friend's order and they always forget something or get something wrong and when you ask them about it with the receipt, they don't even apologize or anything, they just nonchalantly look at it, look at your face to see if your lying or something until you show them the receipt then they just look at you again and tell the cook in the kitchen to make another taco in Spanish. They are just so rude and not even a simple oh sorry about that out of their mouths. And when they do bring you your food because they messed up, they just throw it at your table...this wasn't even when they were busy so I don't know, but I really hate when a place give attitude to their customers. I think the carne asada fries are a deal for the price, but tacos are kind of pricey!

    Fish Tacos-Their fish tacos are honestly not that good here. The fish and the batter is really heavy and I know it's fried but every time I bite into my taco, it's all soggy already. The fish itself is really teeny they just pile on the cabbage and pico de gallo. I also really don't like their salsa bar, the red salsa is looks like spicy tomato juice. There are no ingredients you can see or taste in there like chunks of tomato, onion, nothing. They also only have a red and green type of salsa, so not much selection compared to other Mexican places.

    Carne Asado Taco-Their carne asado tacos are a bit better.  The meat is usually really tender and it's really flavorful. The guacamole they put on top is okay, pretty good.

    Carne Asada Fries-This order is humongous so it's enough to share with friends. The fries are really good and crispy and  they aren't soggy at all. The carne asado is flavorful and really good. They put a ton of guacamole on it so they aren't skimpy about that. The cheese is also pretty good here, not those cheese sauce some places use but the shredded kind and it's really good when it's all melted on top.

    Overall, this is a good place for late night carne asada fries, but I wouldn't suggest getting the fish tacos here and the service here..well I hope you get lucky!

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    I do like this place, but I don't think it deserves a 4 stars. Yes it's pretty good tasting compared to Garden and Boston cafe, but it's not THAT awesome.This place is in a food court and its not nice at all so don't plan this place as a date if your trying to impress someone. Parking is okay as long as you don't come on weekends right at lunchtime otherwise there is another parking lot for the supermarket next to it and it's connected to this place so you can walk from there.

    You basically choose what type of meat or chicken or fish you would like, and the combination comes with a bowl of rice or spaghetti (in your plate), a sunny side up egg (in your  plate),a corn chowder soup, a small salad and a slice of toast "garlic bread". You choose between black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce, I would go with the black pepper sauce, its delicious. I think the cheaper meats are around $8 or $9, but if you like filet mignon or any other more expensive type of meats, expect to pay $12 or $13 so I think it's pretty pricey especially since it is not even a restaurant.

    The black-pepper sauce is really good here, but the meat is mediocre. It's inconsistent, sometimes they cook it really well but at times even if you ask for medium they cook it super well done so your meat is really tough. The corn chowder they give you taste really watered down and there is not much corn in the soup. The garlic bread is basically a slice of white bread from an Asian bakery and they spread some type of garlic spread on it. The rice is at times is really dry and the spaghetti and the tomato sauce is also mediocre. The sauce slides off the spaghetti noodles and just gets all over and mixes in with the black pepper sauce.  The only reason I like this place is because of the black-pepper sauce, but I should just buy that next time and go home and make my own steak, rice and egg and drizzle their sauce on top.

  • 2020 S Hacienda Blvd
    Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
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    I just tried this place today after craving some Taiwanese breakfast. I never knew about this place since I always go to Yi-Mei deli. This place is definitely nicer since its larger and it has more tables. They also have a TV to watch but its on a Taiwanese channel. This place looks cleaner and the service here is way better. They also have a English menu you just have to ask them so don't be intimated by all the Chinese people! But on to the food...............

    Salty Fan Tuan-This is basically the sticky rice with a Chinese donut inside and dried pork sung. Usually they also put this green pickled veggie inside which I always opt out of. I like this place because it was less oily then Yi-Mei deli's fan tuan and the Chinese donut inside was crisper and overall the taste of it was better.

    Sweet Fan Tuan-I didn't like this place's sweet fan tuan compared to Yi-Mei because they put a Chinese donut inside also but inside of a black sesame and sugar power they put this peanut powder and white powder that just made the fan tuan taste way to sweet and I just didn't like the flavor.

    Cold Soy Milk-I actually think it's better here then Yi-Mei, not as sweet and lighter soy taste.

    I'm in between, because I haven't tried all the other stuff on the menu I give this place a 3 stars for now and maybe when I do try the other items, and they are good, I'll bump up my ratings for this place

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    I LOVE this place! This soup base of this place is so delicious and it makes me come back for more! I always order #4 the beef flavor. The beef pot comes with imitation crab meat, napa veggie, white tofu, beef, tomato, corn on the cob, long mushrooms, and I can't remember what else. I always also add an egg into my pot ($.50) Each pot comes with different ingredients so you can look at their picture book for the list of ingredients in each pot. Everything in your pot is pretty much cooked already when it comes to you, the fire under the pot is just to keep it hot for you while you eat so this isn't a shabu shabu/ hot pot where you cook your own food.

    They offer 7 different flavors of hot pot and lunch is the best deal since its $8.99 with rice or vermicelli noodles and a choice of green tea, black tea (which I suggest getting) or a soda. I admit this place probably isn't enough food for guys guys and seeing how they charge for extra meat, extra tofu, basically anything extra its probably not worth it if your starving and looking to be over the top full. In my opinion, for girls its the perfect amount of food, you'll be full but not overly full.

    They have a sauce station with red chili sauce/paste, a garlic type of sauce, and chili oil. I think they are lacking in their sauce station and they don't have the sauce that many people like eating with their hot pots,

    The service here is alright, they are attentive, but they seem to not understand English that well and I always have to repeat myself twice so brush up on your Chinese or bring a Chinese friend!

    I've heard their shaved ice is good so I will be trying it next time!

  • 8390 La Palma Ave
    Buena Park, CA 90620
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    I didn't have high expectations trying this place since it just sounds like a diner, but supposedly more famous for their hot dogs and...I don't get why anyone would come here. I went on a Wednesday night, so no wait but the layout of the place is kinda off to me.  You walk in thinking you order because there is a counter to the left of you but apparently that's where you pick up your food so you have to walk all the way to the back   to another counter on your left to order your hot dogs/burgers,but wait..there's another counter a little to your right where you order there are two separate counters for ordering, seems confusing to me, especially if they were busy but see for yourself...

    Their hot dogs were really overcooked and seemed like they were just sitting in hot water waiting until someone ordered them. The hot dog just tasted like a hot dog. The bun was mushy and not toasted at all. I just got the regular hot dog and it was teeny! and for $2.45. I thought it was definitely NOT worth it.  I have to eat 3 or 4 just to get semi-full. I also got their side of french fries, nothing special, just average fries.

    This place is expensive to me especially for the size of the food (hot dogs). I didn't try their burgers or sandwiches, but I'm thinking it should be pretty good otherwise why would anyone come here at all?

  • $ Burger
    5010 Newport Ave
    San Diego, CA 92107
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    I honestly don't know why people would wait in line for hours over this burger joint. I tried this place with high expectations after hearing some friends rave about it and I thought it was such an average burger place. We went early so luckily we only waited about 20 minutes but after we finished, we saw the line and it was ridiculous. This place is pretty small so seats are hard to come by and you will probably be seated really close to strangers, so don't come here for a romantic date. The atmosphere of this place is also really casual and I do like the decor of all the different types of license plates on the wall. Service is average here, not great not so horrible, but once they take your order and they give you your food, don't expect them to come back.

    Ordered the:
    -Single Bacon Hamburger Basket (comes with fries). The bacon patty is whats good especially if you like bacon. Instead of just putting bacon slices in the burger, its a bacon patty. I love bacon and I often overload on bacon in anything possible so I liked this, but it was just so oily.
    -A basket of 1/2 fries and 1/2 onion rings: their onion rings are pretty good, fried and crispy, but onion rings are hard to mess up. I think their fries are pretty average, yes they are seasoned so they taste better then regular fries but they are so oily and salty that I couldn't stuff in anymore after my burger.

    *Note: You can just get a burger basket and not get any extra orders of fries or onion rings cause it is way to much fries and onion rings if you do. I love french fries and even I was struggling to finish them. Everything here is basically really fried and/or really oily. It's a really heavy meal so expect food coma after!

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