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    Agree with all the other 5 star reviews. Auto Glass on the Move will schedule an appointment quickly, come to you at no charge, and provide excellent, professional, and quality service!

    I've had a severely cracked windshield for a number of years, so when my car was broken into last week and my rear window was shattered I decided to have the windshield replaced as well. I called in the evening and got an appointment the next morning. The repairman, Chan, came to my house on-time, was incredibly friendly and professional, and did an amazing job replacing my window and windshield. He even vacuumed my entire car to remove all of the broken glass pieces from the break-in, and also removed all of the duct-tape residue from the temporary cardboard/garbage bag window I had fashioned after the break in. He also saved my service/oil sticker and fast-track velcro from my old windshield.

    Suffering from a break-in or accident really sucks but Auto Glass on the Move will definitely take care of you and make the process as painless as possible. I highly recommend them for anyone with glass damage and I would absolutely use them again if something happens (thought I certainly hope it doesn't!)

    Hands down 5 star review. Call them right now!

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    If you need any work done on your car, GO HERE. Ask for Ki, he will hook it up. Seriously, this place is THE BEST. I have so many good things to say about them that I could write a short novel. BUT, since no one would ever read that, take my word that they are awesome and will help you out. Here's what happened to me:

    I wreaked my car last week by rear-ending a big SUV. I had recently removed my collision coverage from my insurance because my car was so old  - so I had to pay for repairs out of my pocket (ouch)! I found 101 Collision Center on Yelp and gave them a call. Within 15 minutes my car was being towed to 101 where Ki took a look at my car for free. Awesome.

    I was really on the fence if I should repair my car or not because it was so old, but 101  worked with me and my budget to get my car back on the road and running and looking great! They even offered to let me borrow a car for free while mine was in the shop so I wouldn't have to rent!

    And here's the best part; the quote they gave me was the price I paid! They didn't "discover" more problems and jack up my price like some places will, 101 finds out what is broken, gives you a quote, fixes it, and you pay what you expected. Plus they have the best customer service I have ever experience with an mechanic/auto-repair place. The BEST. Period! Quit reading and go there already!

  • 501 W Grand Ave
    Grover Beach, CA 93433
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    Best pumpkin curry I've ever had! I always order it when I come here. The Pad See Ew is also very good and the red "brown" rice is amazing. Very good Thai food if you're in the area!

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    My go-to Thai in Santa Clara. Pad See Ew is great and everything else I've  tried is pretty good. Interior is nice but I usually take mine to go. Better Thai exists but not within 5 minutes of my apartment...

  • 495 W Julian St
    San Jose, CA 95110
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    Super helpful staff, great showroom, and incredible selection of beautiful tiles! Also loved the "boneyard" of really cheap tiles for mosaics or anything!

  • 1215 13th St
    Boulder, CO 80302
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    If *all* you have are hungry eyes, then this is the place for you. If, however, your stomach also requires attention, you should pause for a photo-op before continuing to a decent restaurant. Peanut noodle dish tasted like price-jacked,  prepackaged Trader Joe's meals, waitstaff was nice but service was miserable, and while the Chai tea was good, it certainly didn't salvage the shipwreck of a meal.

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