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    Rude, slow and inattentive. Owner response- if I don't like waiting an hour for service I should go to McDonalds. The reason others were served ahead of me - the owner got priority service, and 3 others tables after me were served first but they deny this, although I saw the tables flip and get food while I was waiting.  The owner also criticized my 92 year old mother for not knowing what she wanted to order the minute the waitress appeared at our table. I suppose this was another justification for their slow service and lack of eye contact or apology for the long wait. The food was just cold grilled veggies in a dark brown crepe lathered with Tzikiki yogurt sauce. Ugh - not worth $75 for 4 crepes and 90 minutes of my Sunday. Worst attitude ever - they think they are fine dining but they don't appear to know the meaning of customer service. The customer is wrong and they are not afraid to say so. Rude to the hilt, and called me classless for complaining of my observation that as the only people of color, I questioned whether they were just being rude because we were not locals and not white. But I see they are just rude to everyone, per the other reviewers here. Equal opportunity rude and not what they profess to be - fine. Just fine dining prices. Horrible service and worst of all - unapologetic! They even called me hours later suggesting I skipped out on paying my bill, even though I had a receipt in my wallet for the credit card charge. Unbelievable! Don't go there.

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