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    Let's just say it's a good thing I don't work too close to Holey Moley - a daily stop here would be dangerous, but so delicious!

    I overdid it on my first visit and tried quite a few flavors. My favorite was the S'more doughnut as well as the seasonal Apple Fritter. It was worth the sugar rush and crash afterward. I'm still curious to try the Violet Beauregarde (blueberry), so I'll be back soon!

    Downtown has been missing a doughnut shop, and Holey Moley fills that void. They offer a nice mix of classic and creative doughnut options. And I appreciate the fact that they spell doughnut the good, old fashioned way.

  • 814 S 2nd St
    Milwaukee, WI 53204
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    Finally tried A.P. this week and my expectations were definitely met. The service was fantastic, the food delicious and the atmosphere lovely. Though I didn't order wine, my fellow diner was undecided about which wine to get, so the resident wine specialist gave her an impromptu tasting.

    The food was awesome. With a long list of items to decide on, we shared a bunch of different things, my favorite being the butternut squash (with crispy brussels sprouts), pork belly with fried egg and fried green tomatoes and the dates.

    We had dessert and I was pleasantly surprised by the cherry napoleon. I don't typically enjoy cherry desserts but A.P.'s changed my mind.

    Oh, and their cocktails were delightful.

  • 332 N Milwaukee St
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
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    Being the self-proclaimed "Condimenteer" that I am, Smoke Shack speaks my language, especially since one of my all-time top favorite condiments is bbq sauce and they offer several.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself...let's talk about the meat, after all, that's what this place is all about.

    I've had the the pulled pork and the brisket sloppy joe. While the pulled pork is delicious enough on it's own (moist, flavorful, and a heaping pile to feed me for days!), adding the "House" sauce and cole slaw (on a bun) pulls the whole thing together.

    What impressed my by the Brisket Sloppy Joe, beside the fact that it was also delicious, was that the Chef wasn't happy with the first plate he made for me, so he threw together a brand new batch o'joes for me. Yes, I had to wait a few minutes longer, but it was worth it, and he was pretty snappy. I appreciated that.

    Now the bbq sauces, all get the vinegar-y based ones, the sweeter, the spicier...and of course, you can always mix them altogether.

    And if you somehow have enough room for dessert after your heaping plate of delicious meats (and multitude of sides), then go for the Bacon Brownie.

    Yes, there's even meat in the desserts, and for good reason. The boozie Whiskey Ice Cream combined with the salt of the bacon and richness of the brownie...mouth watering.

    Their friendly service and great decor were just icing on the cake (or pecan pie in this instance.)

    Joe S.
    Kommentar von Joe S. von Smoke Shack
    20.8.2012 Colleen, The "condimenteer", that's hilarious and oh yes is this the place for you. So glad to read… Weiterlesen
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    My mom raised me to be of the notion that "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" and that's what I typically try to do if I'm just "meh" about a place.

    The reason I've chosen to write this review is because of how utterly disappointed my fellow diner and I were after this experience.

    Perhaps we made the wrong food choices, but one should assume that if something is on the menu, then it should be tasty and delicious.

    We started with the "Duck Potstickers" which were came out quickly but were greasy and flavorless. I managed to eat one, but couldn't go for a second. The dipping sauce it came with was overly sweet and we ended up added soy sauce to it to tone it down.

    For our entree, we split a few Sushi Rolls and some Saba (Mackeral) Sashimi. The  two maki specialty rolls were fine, nothing outstanding and I can't even tell you the names of them. I'm no sushi expert but I've got my favorites. I'm sad to say the Mackeral seemed like it wasn't as fresh as it should be.

    We walked away disappointed with how much we paid for a lackluster meal, and I ended up with a 2-day stomachache. So my piece of advice would be to steer clear of the sushi.

    The restaurant's slight redeeming qualities (hence the 2 instead of 1 star) was the fast service and nice, warm and welcoming decor. But that's about it.

    All this said - I would be willing to give the noodles or wok options a try but a return visit won't be at the top of my list any time soon.

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    I can't say enough deliciously good things about Tony & Mia's.

    We ventured out to the boonies (ok, Delafield isn't the boonies, but it's a bit of a drive from MKE) to go to T&M's for our Pizza Club. It was well worth the trip.

    The service was amazing - the owners stopped by to check in on us and chat wine with our table. I'm no expert in wine, but one of our compatriots mentioned that this place has a stellar wine cellar. The wine that I did have was delicious.

    And now for the Pizza. Wow. The crust was a perfect combination. Thin crust under the toppings, but it also had a substantial crust on the edges that you could nibble on as you finished. My favorite pizza was "Mia's Special" - the cheese got a little crispy and crunch and just absolutely delicious. The other offers were delicious, too. You pretty much can't go wrong with whatever pizza combination you go with.

    Now I need to make the trip back to try their non-pizza items.

  • 704 S 2nd St
    Milwaukee, WI 53204
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    I don't really want to share this with you so that I can keep the place secret and have it all to myself, but I want The Noble to succeed and still be there the next time I go, so I must.

    First thing to know - the menu changes often. They use what's fresh and on hand, so the menu basically consists of nightly specials with a few consistent items from there.

    Let's do a play by play of my dining experience, shall we?

    - Delicious cocktail that included Sage. Strong and flavorful. I can't recall the name but you'll see it on the menu.

    - We shared a beet salad with candied walnuts and feta cheese. Lovely, light dressing.

    - I had the vegetarian chili whilst my fellow diner had the Meatloaf, wrapped in bacon and accompanied with the best mashed potatoes I've had, covered in mushroom gravy. Plus squash. We split both and both were mouth watering deliciousness. The chili had the perfect amount of heat and the meatloaf was not too dense and not to crumbly. It was just right.

    - We were talked into dessert, for good reason. Apricot Goat Cheese Pie on a pecan crust. The perfect amount of sweet and savory. Seriously one of the best pieces of pie I've encountered.

    We left with full but not bloated bellies. It was the perfect amount of food.

    The place is small so you may end up waiting or having to come back later, but it is definitely worth it and it is part of it's charm.

    Now get going.

  • 730 N Milwaukee St
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
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    LOVED the Black & White Pizza (black truffles...delicious) as well as the Sausage Pizza (smashed tomatoes). The wings were quite delicious as well!

    The crust on the pizza reminded me, slightly, of Transer & Via's pizza crust.

    The decor was cool, much more sleek than your average pizza parlor. Loved the white subway tiling and the light-up arrow leading upstairs. The diner style chairs are great, but with the marble tables and chairs affixed to the floor and only seat 4, it doesn't really cater to dining groups larger than 4.

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    Bloody Mary :: Soooo, I like to think that I'm a well seasoned Bloody Mary connoisseur and I had even had the delectable drink at BB's before, but I ordered one from their build-your-own Bloody on Monday (Memorial Day) and I was blown away.

    What I received when I ordered the bloody: a mason jar full of ice, mini-bottle of vodka and a Chicken Wing garnish. Yes. Chicken wing.

    I was responsible for making the drink as tasty as I wanted (I succeeded), but the Chicken Wing garnish made my day. It was tasty and delicious and the perfect, unexpected sustenance I needed.

    I'm not sure if that was a special Memorial Day surprise, but either way, it made my always fun time at Barnacle Buds just that much better.

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