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  • 441 Sebastopol Ave
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    I'm a professional photojournalist, have a business making art prints, and am generally heavily involved in the photo industry.  After having moved north from San Francisco, Jeremiah's Photo Corner has become my one-stop shop for most of my photo needs.  It's actually amazing how much stuff Jeremiah has in the store, and it's all very relevant as well as keeping up with emerging trends.  His prices are spectacular, and the Photo Corner team is always extremely helpful.  If you need anything photo related, this is your place.  Best stop in the North Bay hands down.

  • €€€ Pizza
    Via Filangieri 16
    80121 Napoli
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    We are from San Francisco, so we're foodies and know taste.  After spending more than a week traveling through Italy, both northern and southern, and an additional 4 weeks in countries around the Mediterranean - my spouse and I agreed that this was the best Pizza we had anywhere.  We had about 15 pizza's throughout Europe and Italy.

    In typical Napoli style, the crust is not too hard and the pizza is a bit runny.  The dough is almost cheese like in it's pulley, yumminess.  Although the presentation is ok, the pizza makes up for in taste.  

    Cheap as well!  If you're wondering the streets of Naples today looking for a place to eat, this is the spot!

  • 451 Broadway
    Millbrae, CA 94030
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    Deans is simply the best, we've been coming here for 5 years now since we moved to the bay area.  The produce is the cheapest, freshest, and best you'll find in the area.  They are simply amazing, and carry an awesome selection of fun food products from overseas.  Deans is always great at exposing you to new produce that you've probably never even seen.   Deans is the only market where you'll leave with bags full of groceries and only be spending $30-$40.... we love this place.

  • 1387 US Highway 395 N
    Gardnerville, NV 89410
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    We're from San Francisco, so we are foodies and know what good Mexican should taste like.  Our In-Laws live in the area, so we've tried most Mexican places in the Carson Valley.  

    The food was ok, pretty bland.  Ordered combo platter with taco, enchilada, and chimichanga.  Taco was pretty blah, beef had not been tenderized or pulled properly.  Enchilada was doable, but again the beef was chunks of meat.  Really no flavor.  Some simple spices would help here.  Chimichanga was not fried at correct temp, thus was a limp/fried mess.  

    Beans and salsas were A+. Salsa's got some heat.

    Overall, good to stop if your hungry, but don't expect a "hole in the wall" Mexican food hit with this place.  Average.  Sub-par in a city environment.

    Service was good,but my menu needed a good wipe down.  Apparently it tried the beans too.

  • 600 Townsend St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    Check out this amazing photoset on Warholian from the 2011 race here:…

  • 100 S B St
    San Mateo, CA 94401
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    Old town sushi, we have had quite a journey.  From 5 stars all the way down to one.  

    This sushi joint should close it's doors.  The last 3 times we have eaten here the food has been poor, if not downright horrible.  

    If you want sushi, go to Maru Maru around the corner.  

    Guys, you can't ever roll a california roll properly... do you even care about the food you serve your customers?  

    Bland, Bland, Bland.

    Tempura vegetables obviously cooked at low oil temps, very very oily.  Not digestible.  Wouldn't give to my dog.

    You had your shot, I reviewed you well, but you're service and food has just gotten worse as time has gone on.  You've brought this poor review on by yourself.

    I can tell you you've also lost a whole neighborhood of people down the street from you.  We all agree, your food is very poor these days.

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    5.11.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I live about two blocks from this new sushi restaurant, and as a local, have eaten at pretty much… Weiterlesen
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    Great photos and story from the 2011 How Weird Faire here:…

  • 679 Geary St.
    San Francisco, CA 94102
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    Gallery Heist is not just another gallery full of Academy of Art throwaways.  The are showing international artistic talent and are raising the bar on the talent and range a small Gallery in San Francisco can bring in.

    Additionally, as a collector, the prices are wonderful.  It's a great place to pick up new pieces and not spend a mint, and these are from some well known names in the artistic community.  

    Parking can be a pain, but I love this new gallery and have added it as a nice alternative to White Walls and Upper Playground's Fifty Twenty-Four.

  • 2841 S El Camino Real
    San Mateo, CA 94403
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    Had astound for roughly a year and a half for internet and basic tv.  

    Internet would drop, stop, and not work at all.

    Cable was consistently horrible, fuzzy, and couldn't even bring the local channels in clearly.

    Had astound tech out to our house 6 times in the past 2 months, talked to tech supervisors in area, talked to billing managers, even corporate.  I really wanted astound to work, but unfortunately they are mismanaged and really don't care about the customer in the end.  

    Didn't want to go back to comcast, but they are consistent, and I can at least now write this review of Astound since I have working internet again.  

    Comcast guys came out, climbed up the main junction pole right outside our house, and said they had to replace the whole line since it was out of code.  Funny how many techs from astound climbed that same pole and never noticed that.  I could see it was old from the ground.

    They will take your money if they can.  Choose anyone else other than Astound.  

    All of our neighbors with Astound have had the same experience I have.

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    As far as Kinkos locations go, I love our local neighborhood 4th ave. location.

    They kids working there are always fast and efficient at taking orders and getting things done a.s.a.p.

    Simple as that.

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    Pornstar job with the B2B photos man, love it!

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