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  • 106 Seneca St
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    An unexpected disappointment. The large selection in the menu and the wonderfully decorated space had me excited to dine here. The waitress was a doll :)

    Unfortunately, me and my two girlfriends were so disappointed by the service and communications with the hostess, julie. She had an excuse for every issue and made us feel that we were wrong in our expectations.

    We were asked to wait to be seated which is not a problem, at first. But we did think it was odd that we could not sit at the bar directly because one seat was being "reserved" for one person who was not even at the restaurant? Soooo ... Three paying patrons could not order drinks or have a seat cause some guy was "on his way." Made no sense. Hope it was the owner.

    We get seated after waiting 40 mins in an EMPTY upper level room, just to find out two of the menu selections we no longer available??? Wonderful. An Italian pizza place is out of meatballs at 9pm.

    We decided to order the crab cakes and calamari and wedge salad to start and the pollo pizza and salmon for entree. Sooo, the pizza comes out first? And it's not even hot.
    Because we were so underwhelmed by the coordination of service over all, we canceled the salmon order.

    Julie's answer to this whole issue is that the pizza comes out like that cause the room is air conditioned ... Really??? It's not our first time at a wood fired pizza place. Also, that we HAD to accept the salmon order. After we forceable declined and dismissed her with bill in hand, she sends the poor waitress to our table with the new check and apology. Nice management skills. We asked the speak with the owner, who julie said is not on the premises.

    Im sorry. Waiting around for no reason while the place is empty. Eating cold pizza and  then having an argumentative hostess pissed us off so much that we all collaborated to write the one star review.

  • 443 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10016
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    Wow! Most crazy experience! Me and a friend were causally drinking at the bar tonight till11. We were taking our time and at 11, the Spanish "owner" shuts the lights and starts yelling at us saying, "why haven't you left yet, we want to go home." We had no idea it closed at 11 and no one mentioned it to us. I would have easily gone to another bar but he was so offended that we had not already left. We could not find our way out and asked for the lights to be turned back on. He refused and asked we never come back. WTF! I seriously doubt any owner would treat any customer who just paid $100 that way.

  • 444 Ocean Blvd N
    Long Branch, NJ 07740
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    The chicken was weird rubbery and semi- translucent. It is likely poor quality and was very tough.  Bad move for a place where grilled meats should be the best in town.

    I regret $15 for a rubbery lunch.

  • 1404 Oak Tree Rd
    Iselin, NJ 08830
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    I got my eyebrows done and she did a horrible job. Of course everyone has different preferences but i had just got my eyebrows done 1 week prior. She just had to clean them up but she made them very different and very short.

    But mistakes happen. The reason this place gets one star is because she didnt even care!! Her college who had to finish up for her, never even apologized or considered my feelings at all.

    This place belongs in a village because it has not customer satisfaction radar. I would just go across the street ... Anywhere else.

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    Great staff and service, reasonable prices, BYOB and good is great. Sometimes a wait because its small but well worth it. Best mexican in Hell's Kitchen

  • $$$$ Lounge
    23 Ocean Ave
    Long Branch, NJ 07740
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    $30 guys and $20 girls entry fee with $15 drinks ?? More expensive then nyc??

    Nice space but cant make it a regular place to visit cause its just not worth a $100 night

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    Carmela was great today! Took her time and was very sweet and thorough. This place has the best, most reasonably priced glycolics. Just make sure you get a good aesthetician

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    breakfast sandwhiches are good and made exactly the way I want ....

  • 350 5th Ave
    New York, NJ 07093
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    i love this site. i could get tickets to anywhere when i want it. of course anyone expecting to buy "VIP" tickets one or two weeks before should expect to pay more then face value??? hello!! the purpose of this service is for high demand events for people who dont plan there lives 3 months in advance, I love it and dont mind the milnimal service/demand fee .....

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    I would say the food is below average and the same with the drinks but the scenery and the ambience is wonderful.

    I would not go for food but def for happy hour or on a date for drinks ...

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