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    This is one hell of an AWESOME group!!!!

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    I have visited this establishment SEVERAL times and the issues have steadily gone from bad to worse. Usually we reserve the Churchill Room to accommodate events for our large book club. The last time I reserved the room, it was a disastrous experience. I originally held the room for 30 people and put up a $100 deposit. This was supposed to be a hold on my credit card. I was told by the manager, Armando, that the deposit was $100 per server provided. If we did at least $100 in sales that the $100 would NOT be charged to my card. If we did less than $100, the difference would be charged to my card. I agreed to this. A week before the event, I called and spoke with the assistant manager, telling him that our RSVP count had changed to 50 and that I wanted to up the deposit to $400 to have at least 4 servers on hand for the event. I was told that this was not a problem. On the night of the event, we had a total of 57 people show up. We were provided 2 servers for the room. I spoke with Armando prior to the event. He said he did get the message, but he felt that 2 servers would be sufficient. Those 2 girls worked their hearts out and I have absolutely no complaints against them. They did the best they could. Of the 57 people who came to our event, 49 of them ordered a meal and about 25% of them ordered at least one alcoholic beverage. The total sales for the room that evening I would estimate to be $800-$1000. Let's face it, an average meal here is $15-$20 per person, not counting all the beer and drinks that were consumed. Each bill was also charged a 20% gratuity, which I have no problem with. We were a large group and those girls worked really hard keeping our glasses full. Two days after the event, I got my credit card bill in the mail. On the day that I made the reservations, $100 was charged to my credit card. I was originally told there would be NO charges unless the room failed to make the $100 minimum sales. But I wasn't too worried because I figured that the following month it would all be credited back. When I got my latest credit card bill, I was only credited back $60. I called and spoke with Armando once more and he ASSURED me that the ENTIRE ROOM that night made less than $100. My bill alone was $37.00, and there were 48 other people eating and drinking!! Armando actually ARGUED with me and told me that I was wrong, that we did not make the minimum $100 in sales. I will NEVER again use this facility. This is not the first time we've had issues with the Black Labrador, this just happens to be the last straw. I will miss the food and the ambiance of the atmosphere. But I will NOT patronize a business that that fails to meet the needs of its paying customers and then calls them liars when they are unfairly charged.

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