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    It was average.  Do not order the Ahi Tuna.  Dry, overpriced for slivers of tuna for 10 dollars.  Stick to the pub fare.  Service was ok, bartenders just look frazzled, tired, and overworked.  Everyone in the place seemed really stressed out for some reason.

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    Not bad for a midtown sushi spot. Good sushi and nice lunch specials. And they have a full bar with a happy hour. Cool inside so you don't feel like you are in a cafeteria. I am usually by myself so I sit at the sushi bar. Brown rice available. Oh and the miso soup is really good... It actually had flavor!!

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    Went there on a Sunday night around 8 pm and it was quiet. The sushi was really good. I also ordered the salad appetizer and it was very big with a nice heaping of Ava ado and thinly sliced mango. Really good! I had three rolls and two pieces of sashimi, two glasses of Pinot. My friend had four rolls and a top shelf drink.  60 dollars. Wow.  I love it here.

  • 361 Greenwich St
    New York, NY 10013
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    AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!  I love this place!  The service is really good.They have a happy hour menu, ends at 7:00, but that's ok.  Our server rushed to get in one last happy hour special drink at 6:58 and we appreciated it!   My friend and I sat at the bar and had drinks, apps, and entree.  The bartenders work together to make sure you are being service.  Very friendly.  The food was really good.  We had octopus and hearts of palm appetizer, and each had the salad with seafood as an entree.  The fish was fresh and tasty!  Salted to perfection.  The atmosphere is lovely, great for a date or a nice place to meet friends.  Oh, and did I mention that on Friday nights are Flamenco!  Wow, they were great.  I love live entertainment and they were very talented.  The crowd seemed to enjoy.  Great energy!  I will definately be back.

    Frank C.
    Kommentar von Frank C. von Tablao
    16.9.2014 Hi Samantha,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! We are so pleased you enjoyed your experience with…
  • 717 White Plains Rd
    Scarsdale, NY 10583
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    I have been here a couple times and I really like it.  Good sushi, good price, great drinks. (Better drinks than Fig and Olive across the street, dare I say)  Staff is super friendly.  Parking.  Cool place, who would have thought in a strip mall?

  • 378 Park Ave S
    New York, NY 10010
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    Always a great experience.  I usually sit at the bar and the bartenders are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.  The food is good and consistent.  The drinks are top notch.  Great atmosphere and everyone is super friendly.  What more can you ask for?

  • 333 Hudson St
    New York, NY 10013
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    I have to say this was rather disappointing.
    My glass of Rose was servied in a juice glass.  I get it, trying to be cool, but not. And when I got the check, I was charged 8 instead of 7, which she questioned, and I didn't even answer and I pointed at the BIG SIGN with two drink specials on it.  I don't wish to sound bitter, but I am really sick of getting attitude from restaurants.  I work in the customer service industry.  You don't question the customer and make them feel stupid.
    My overpriced salad was ok.  I am in no way cheap, I will gladly pay anything for a good meal.  But this was at most mediocre and the portion rather small.  The scoop of chicken salad was flavorless.
    I ordered a side of yucca fries.  Cold.  Flavorless.  I even picked one apart to see if there even was yucca inside.  It is served with some fancy named ketchup with some spice but really, it tastes like ketchup.
    Oh, and if you want the check.  I sat at the bar and the service not great.  I had to flag the person down several times before I got the check. She helped people who came in after me.  Really not a great experince for a place I have heard good things about.

  • 60 N State Route 17
    Paramus, NJ 07652
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    ZERO STARS but Yelp does not have that!!  You get what you pay for.  I was rather annoyed with paying crazy $$ at Oradell so I decided to join Banfield and keep Trupanion Insurance for Emergency Visits to Oradell.
    I waited over 45 minutes and still not getting in a room.  This was just for the initial meeting as my pug has all his shots from Oradell.  When the receptionist asked me if I needed help, hellooooo, I checked  in 45 minutes ago.  I asked how long it was going ot be.  She said there are two people ahead of me.  So my wait time would have definately been over an hour.  I'm sorry, I have a job.  

    Oh, and BTW, there is no waiting room. Growling, dirty dogs are waiting with their owners so you have to wander around the store or outside.  If the dog is sick, they don't have a separate waiting area.  Yes, I am a snob.  But come on, when my dog is chewing on something he picked up off the gross and dirty floor, and its a DOG'S TOENAIL that fell off of some poor pooch, ewwwww, I left.  
    Oradell, I truly appreciate you.  You are clean and caring and lovely and caring people there.  Farewell Banfield.  Gross.

    UPDATE** 09/23
    I called to cancel on my ride home from the horrible experience on 09/12. It is 10 days later and my $55 is not credited.  I have now been on hold for 17 minutes and counting.  Obviously these people do not care about waiting times.  But they sure don't make you wait to take your money!!  OH WAIT.. finally spoke to someones at 18,02 minutes.  GET THIS!! No record of the refund, he has to call me back!!!

    Oh and Lisa R, you messaging me and getting the last word in, not classy.  But I guess this is how you treat the animals as well.

    Lisa R.
    Kommentar von Lisa R. von Banfield Pet Hospital
    12.9.2014 HI Samantha - We appreciate you bringing your experience at our Paramus hospital to our attention,… Weiterlesen
  • 321 Commercial St
    Provincetown, MA 02657
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    I had the lobster taco. Mistake. I couldn't really taste the meat at all, mostly the topping including too much slaw. It was ok.

    Must try the key lime pie. It was amazzzzzing. My friend had the warm bread pudding and that was great. Definately get a dessert.

    Oh and Marie our server. So great. Thanks Marie for making my first ever Ptown dinner a great one.

  • 334 Commercial St
    Provincetown, MA 02657
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    Yum yum the gelato and the sweet confections. Plus they are friendly. And there is a clean bathroom.  No complaints!

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