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  • 1020 Race St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    NOT A DIM SUM RESTAURANT. The food was fine, but the dim sum selection was especially limited. They don't know have dim sum mainstays such as shiu mai, steamed chicken feet, or fried taro cake. They have xiao long bao that's decent; the fried version was pleasant. Overall, there are more dumpling and many other Chinese dishes. I prefer thinner dumpling wrappers than this place.

  • 1012 King St
    Alexandria, VA 22314
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    Their website says they close at "9:30ish" and I learned what that meant when I came at 9:20pm today. We pleaded with them to open referencing the closing time, but they wouldn't have it. They were closed and I'm sad.

  • No. 63 - 67 Temple Street
    Singapore 058611
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    I was looking for shaved ice AND I'VE FOUND IT! I've had bingsu (Korean shaved ice) in the States and was looking for dessert after dinner. Was extremely happy to have found this place. The shaved ice was excellent, but there was little to no sugar in it. If you don't like your desserts sweet, this is the place for you. Next time I go, I plan on asking them for condensed milk or sugar in/on my shaved ice :P

    So got the gluttonous rice balls with sesame and peanuts in em. It's a warm dessert and the rice was perfectly soft and the ginger was definitely present.

    p.s. I got green tea, which was decent, but not a strong green tea flavor.

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    Ran into this shopping center while in the area and feeling extremely FAMISHED! There is a hawker (indoor and outdoor seating) on the ground floor accessible from the outside. It's not particularly large, but it was quite packed on a Saturday evening. Settled on what I believe is a Myanmar stall in the back left corner; the name ends with "99"

    I ended up getting the Kyae Oae dry (also offered soupy) and boy was that a great choice! It came with thin vermicelli noodles, kalian, some ground pork, and a spicy sauce. Not sure what they used in it, but I was a big fan =D My friend has the fried vermicelli and was also very satisfied with his dish.

    This spot isn't exactly near my neighborhood, but I definitely would return here if I were in the area! =D

  • 166 Bt Merah Central
    Singapore 150166
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    I'm new to Singapore, so don't yet know how pricing goes around here. Keep that in mine when reading this review.

    I've been to the Mustafa Centre and some open-door markets around here, so it was pleasant to stumble upon this store. It was clean and well-organized. There's fresh produce and a roasted meat counter downstairs and other home goods and beauty products on the top floor.

    There was a 20% sale on a number of items when I went so I was able to get 2 12-pack of the cheap hangers for less than S$5!

    Also, a 6-pack of durian ice cream bars (which come in an awesome foam box for temperature regulation on the walk home) is $3. I've eaten 3 already =D

  • 1721 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22209
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    DC's Yelp scene is clearly off if this place has accumulated an average of 4 stars. If you think pho here is amazing or delicious, you must not really know what pho should taste like. Pho 14 in Columbia Height sucks equally, btw.

    The business is brisk here, which is surprising because it sucks. It's edible and restaurant smells so right it's a tease. The flavor of the pho is 100% nonexistent. Maybe I'm being too rough, the flavor is 99% nonexistent. Went here twice over a period of 3 weeks hoping for a better experience during round 2. Nope, I left with the same sad face.

    I don't recommend fortifying the pho with the fish sauce jars provided on the counter. While this should make for better taste, I believe it's the low grade kind, so it doesn't dothe job.

    Other notes that didn't contribute to the 1-star review, but are notable:

    I got a suong sa hot luu dessert. If you are craving that che or anything similar to it, don't get it. It was agar agar cubes with some other jelly balls. No beans or anything. It tastes like agar agar in water, not che.

    I'm not a stickler about service, but this one comes close to offensive. Could care less about them being attentive, but the main ordering waiter is abrasive and rude. Everyone else was fine.

    For Vietnamese people and those who eat pho to their specifications: don't expect to customize your order here. I have asked for the tai (rare meat) on a side dish and confirmed it with them twice (noticing that nothing extra was written down), but they ignore it. However, they have provided me with gia trung/chin (softened bean sprouts) one of the two times I was here.

    //can't stop cringing at how many enthusiastic reviews this place got.

  • 7837 Stockton Blvd
    Sacramento, CA 95823
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    DEFINITELY enjoy this spot! It's quaint, but very clean. Wish they had umbrellas outside for their outdoor seating, but I can't say Stockton Blvd. at that intersection would be the best al fresco dining option. lol

    Started off with the eggrolls, which were fresh out of the fryer. They were a decent size, but not huge. The skin had the perfect crunch and the filling was okay. Not an amazing eggroll, but I enjoyed it. It also comes with a sweet fish sauce dip.

    My friend and I both had the Banh Xeo Tom Thit (Vietnamese crepe w/ shrimp and pork meat) and we added mushrooms and an egg (my first time having an egg in it!). It was quite large and perfectly crispy. I'm not a banh xeo snob, so I can't tell if it was perfect, but I've had it on many occasions and can say you won't be disappointed. I could have used more meat, but I always can. It came with a healthy portion of lettuce and herbs as well as rice paper for wrapping. It was my first time eating ban xeo as a cuon (roll), but it was clean and actually made the experience far more enjoyable! Oh yea, it's only $6.50--tell me that's not an awesome price.

    Chili note: there are two chili sauces provided on the table. The darker one is the typical one found in many restaurants, but if you're looking for a real kick, go with the lighter one with a lot of seeds in it. I eat very spicy and this is SPICY. Don't get ahead of yourself and spoon a large helping on your food or in your fish sauce unless you're crazy!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Hole in the wall like no other. This spot is located in the patio furniture-laden food court in Lion Plaza, tucked away along the inner courtyard of the plaza. I know nothing of their chao vit (duckr ice porridge) for which they're named, but their nem nuong cuon and canh bun were satisfying.

    As a Brodard believer, I had been looking for an alternative to their grilled pork s[ring rolls. Thank you Yelp for helping me find it!!! Actually went here back in 2011 at some point, but didn't realize I hadn't yet reviewed it.

    Taste is ON POINT! Nem is delicious and their sauce was aweeeesome. Not an exact replica of Brodard's recipe, but it's still nummy =D Can't say I agree w/ some reviews that are adamant about Brodard's superiority. The only thing they do better than this spot is theirs is more visually appealing.

    I've returned here to eat already and will be coming back semi-regularly. Depending on who's working, the service can be brusque, but I could care less at a spot like this. DELICIOSO!!!

  • 1525 L St
    Sacramento, CA 95818
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I'm not out to drag down Mix's reviews or anything and I actually enjoy going here, so 3 stars for this review. Specifically b/c one of the servers during my visit for Mymy N.'s bday was vexing; yes, it was Tiffany. She deserves negative poo poo pellets or a chill pill. If you don't want to hear me rant about a bad server, move on ha ha

    I tried contacting Mix Downtown more directly soon after our visit to inform them of this incident (at least I'm hoping it was one and that she just wasn't an accident), but I couldn't find an admin email on their website. Figured a call to their events person wasn't going to make a diff.

    In any case, a bad day I can take. Intermittent rude gestures here and there are also bearable. Incessant contemptuous comments are NOT COOL! Hey Tiff, you work for Mix Downtown, not for a freaking sad establishment. I could tell she was uneasy when the first few of us arrived, but the rest of her service was inexcusable. Clearly insinuating it was our large orders (oh sorry, we didn't realize bigger tabs sucked) that caused missing food and checking my friend's id after I bought her a BIRTHDAY DRINK weren't cool the way you did it. Is it so strange for a dude to buy a girl a drink even on a regular day?! Instead of calling upon restaurant policy, you said it was suspicious. D: Even recounting this experience riles me up, but I calm down quickly so I'm back at one.

    Conversation with Tiffany (as best to my memory)
    Me: Do you think you could bring out the cake in about 5 minutes or so?
    T (responding curtly): Sure
    Me: And can you put 26 candles on it (feeling really guilty....)?
    T (responding like an annoyed 12 year old): Well, it's going to be longer than 5 minutes then. I have other tables I have to take care of.

    It's not what you say, it's how you say it. There was a large group of us and I understand that can be challenging, but the other folks attending to us were super cool. We even asked for forgiveness b/c people were moving around and stuff. Some people disagree w/ leaving super low tips, but had she not applied the automatic group gratuity charge for a select group of us (including my bill), she wouldn't have gotten that much out of me.

    No worries Mix, I'll be back. I just hope I never have to see Tiffany again.

    p.s. Tatiana (I think?) was super cool! I wish she were our official server.

  • 173 N Morrison Ave
    San Jose, CA 95126
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I didn't know amazing service existed in the optometry world until I came here.

    In my rush to use my flex spending account before the year ended, I turned to yelp and found Crest Optometry. Here is where I ended up purchasing two pairs of glasses.

    The is a new office located in the corner of a medical/health building complex. Though the space is not ginormous, it is newly renovated and bright inside. The office is also equipped with the latest technology, including electronic eye tests. No more memorizing pre-made letter projections! ha ha Fact: the doctor and her friends did almost all of it on their own--PROPS.

    Frame selection is not endless either, but they have a good selection of high quality frames and brands. Can't remember all of them, but they had La Font, Prada, Oakley, Ray Ban and many other popular brands. There was also an exclusive Japanese line of titanium frames; they were very modern and light weight, but the price tag doesn't suit me just yet. XD After receiving many suggestions from the doctor herself, who spent a generous amount of time with this indecisive client, I ended up going with a pair of Prada frames and Oakley sports frames.

    It was good knowing how the passion Doctor Pham has for her work. She mentioned that each frame was picked individually to be included in the office. The enthusiasm she has for her work is very apparent in her knowledge and willingness to help. Even though I only came in to look at frames, I told her about an issue with my eyes. Since they weren't busy, she spent some extra time diagnosing what the issue was and provided guidance on how to take acre of it. Sweetness.

    After making my purchase, I spent some time chatting with the doc and her fiance. They were so cool, suriously. Not only would I be happy to have Dr. Pham as my optometrist, she and her fiance would also be cool friends. ha ha

    Rock on Crest Optometry!

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