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  • 100 34th Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    I am giving the museum 4 stars and the cafe 2 stars so it evens out to three, I guess.

    The museum admission price of $11 is perfectly reasonable given the small size of the museum. This is no DeYoung, but it is has some nice exhibits. I particularly enjoyed the Olympics exhibit. The grounds themselves are beautiful, situated in Land's End, a wonderful wooded area on the SF coast just south of the Presidio. I even saw a wedding taking place on the grounds, and almost felt envious ;P.

    We didn't end up going to the Louis XIV special exhibit because it was WAY more expensive. I love that the museum offers free general admission tix to Bank of America card holders but I hope that they expand that same offering to other banks in the future.

    Lunch in the cafe was OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Obviously, I knew it was going to be a bit pricey but sheesh. The food itself was OK. Eat before you come here.

    Got lucky with a parking spot right in front. Given all the honking and angry motorists it seems like parking here is a hassle.

    We stayed for the symphonic organ concert at 4:00. It was a beautiful concert (especially loved the Phantom of the Opera suite) but because of how the organ pipes are arranged in the walls, it sounded like most of the music was coming from the right hand side of the room. So, even though I was sitting directly behind the organist, the music sounded like it was coming from a speaker system where the left hand speaker had stopped functioning. Oh well.

  • 27 E Main St
    Los Gatos, CA 95030
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    Delicious food in Southern-size portions! I absolutely loved my City Scramble this morning. I wish they would bring more butter with the biscuits, but that is my only complaint about the food.

    Be prepared for a long wait if you want to visit Southern Kitchen during a sunny weekend morning. First come, first serve tables. This morning we waited for 45 minutes for a table and by the time we were seated I was STARVING. Fortunately, the food came out piping hot less than 10 minutes after we ordered. I like that they offer free coffee to people waiting outside, it's a nice touch. After all, sitting in the sunshine with a cup of coffee anticipating a tasty meal isn't so bad is it?

    I wouldn't come here every weekend, my waistline couldn't handle it, but I will definitely be back!

  • 996 W Evelyn Ave
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
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    I HIGHLY recommend George's for any autowork, tuneups, replacements, etc., you need to keep your car running.

    FYI the man in charge is Pete. Great guy, honest, very knowledgeable.

    My family has brought all our cars to Pete for years and he's been able to work some miracles (we habitually run our cars into the ground, average mileage is 100,000+). Pete does a thorough job inspecting each one we bring in, and will add in freebies if he notices things that need to be fixed and he had spare parts "just lying around". Prices are fair and the work is top-notch.

    It's a small lot and they get very busy so be prepared to sacrifice your car for at least a full day if you want any real work done on it. Cash payments are gladly accepted.

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    Awful! I guess when there isn't alot of competition in town standards really drop! I suspect most of the clientele here stops by Pancake Cottage because it's the first place they see getting off the ferry. I was fooled by the 4 star review and went in for breakfast starving and left starving as well.

    I got the Buttermilk Pancake stack and my bf got a veggie scramble. Everything was completely tasteless. My decaf coffee was basically warm milk. When I asked the server to replace it he told me, "It's decaf, that's why it doesn't taste strong. Also, you put too much cream in." Ummmm no, decaf coffee should still taste somewhat like coffee. The pancakes were bland and salty, the eggs were tasteless and the potatoes o'brien was mush. I couldn't even finish my food, and I am one of the least pickiest eaters I know!

    The server was rude throughout the meal. We did get consistent water refills and the check was promptly placed in front of us halfway through the meal.

    There has GOT to be a better breakfast place in Avalon.

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    Another great find thanks to Yelp.

    Let's get the Cons out of the way:
    Sucky parking on a small one way street, all spots metered until 6pm.
    Expensive sushi
    Not enough seating

    Onto the Pros:
    Lovely, cheerful staff (family-run I believe)
    Excellent service
    Tasty beer
    REALLY REALLY good sushi
    Willing to experiment for picky eaters
    Fun, colorful decor
    They ring a gong when you leave and everyone turns to say goodbye

    Had a fabulous lazy meal here followed by a long walk on the beach. My regular sushi spot has been blown out of the water. Not sure that I can go back there after eating at Sakae ;).

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    I cannot find a single bad thing to say about this place. Not that I looked too hard ;). My bf and I stopped in LB for the afternoon and ended up at Carmelita's for a late lunch. Normally, we choose places solely on Yelp reviews but Carmelita's looked so cute (great location right across from the beach!) that we didn't even bother checking Yelp.

    The bean dip is delicious, I nearly ate the whole bowl before my bf came back from the bathroom.

    GET THE SHRIMP MANZALLA (sp?) SALAD. It was huge and delicious, combining several flavors I hadn't thought would be good together. I wish the shrimp tails were removed but that's it. I LOVED my meal. My bf got the Blackened Chicken burrito and enjoyed it as well. I ordered a glass of sangria to go with the meal and it was hands-down the best sangria I have ever tasted!

    The staff was courteous, food arrived quickly, prices were reasonable and the view is awesome!

  • 13808 Skyline Blvd
    Woodside, CA 94062
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    Neither my boyfriend nor I had ever been here but we decided to give it a shot for Valentine's Day dinner because of the location and good reviews. The meal was decidedly meh but the evening overall was pretty nice.

    We were seated at a center table in the middle of a nearly empty room, very awkward but I guess they have reasons for doing that. I should have asked to be seated in the glass walled room instead of the inner room so at least we could look at the trees. The place is very quaint and cute but with a direct line of vision to the bar outside it was less than romantic.

    The bread was very stale, lukewarm, and not very good. We ordered the goat cheese tart appetizer which was delicious but also on the stale side. I ordered the Elk Medallions special and my boyfriend ordered the Stuffed Chicken. The elk meat was delicious but everything else was so-so.  We wanted to get a modified Sweethearts chocolate cake dessert but couldn't because they were all pre-made. We go the tiramisu for dessert instead was very blah. Overall, the meal was nothing memorable. They clearly do not make much of the food on site, most of it is probably picked up pre-made from a store somewhere.

    On the good side our server Gary was very attentive and cheerful. We never felt rushed. Also, my elk meat medallions were perfect although I had to scrape off the weird-tasting apricot-port sauce.

    I imagine this would be a nice place for brunch after a hike in the local hills but I do not recommend it for dinner.

  • 1 Hummingbird Ln
    San Martin, CA 95046
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    Arrived here at the very last minute hoping to make this beautiful winery the final stop on our afternoon tour. Despite the fact they were technically closed, a very kind barmen poured us wine anyway. We tried the General Tasting Menu for $5. Most of the wines are decent but make sure you ask to try to their "Nectar" wine. So delicious! The staff were extremely friendly and eager to discuss the wines. The location could not be better and the owner did an excellent job of optimizing the grounds for events. I'd love to come back for one of their music series events in the summer.

  • 11550 Watsonville Rd
    Gilroy, CA 95020
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    Kirigan Cellars was our first stop of a lazy Sunday wine tasting afternoon. Although I have been to some of the Morgan Hill tasting rooms many times, this was my first foray into Gilroy Wine Country. Kirigan Cellars offers complimentary wine tastings. All the wines were decent but their signature Vino de Mocca really blew me away. You could smell the chocolate and coffee a couple feet away! Delicious, unique dessert wine that even the most novice wine drinker could appreciate the taste of :). Behind the small tasting room is a field where they no doubt hold many weddings. We settled in for a little picnic under a cloudless blue sky surrounded by green rolling hills and blissful silence. :) Highly recommend a visit here!

  • 1090 Point Lobos Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    Dropped by the Cliff House Bistro after a lovely afternoon spent exploring the Sutra Bath ruins and surrounding hillsides. For those who have never been out to the west coastline of San Francisco I highly recommend checking it out. Ocean Beach is one of the few places where you can have beach bonfires!

    But I digress. The Bistro is a charming diner-style restaurant with gorgeous views of the ocean. The Cliff House in which the Bistro and main restaurant are located is perched right on the end of the cliff just off the road. We only waited about 20 minutes for a booth on a Saturday night. The place was full and I imagine this would be the perfect spot for a special occasion brunch. I got the Chicken Strambocca(sp?) and my bf got the veggie ravioli. The menu is pretty limited and is heavy on meat offerings. Both dishes were very good and huge portions! It was kind of pricey but I guess you are paying for the view. The staff was extremely attentive and overall we had an extremely pleasant time!

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