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    Ugh. This place has NO redeeming qualities- the worst service I have ever experienced in a restaurant (I actually thought I must be on some new hidden camera show to see how long it takes before people just walk out). Food was flavorless and overpriced for the serving size. Management doesn't give a rats ass about the customers' satisfaction. I'm actually tempted to quit my job and just stand outside this place warning potential customers to stay far, far away.

  • 141 W 10th St
    New York, NY 10014
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    BB&C is one of my favorite NYC date night restaurants with my hubby.

    Originally drawn to it by the novelty of a hydroponic garden on the roof, we keep going back because of the superb food and the friendly and accommodating management & waitstaff.

    The atmosphere is kind of a happy medium between your casual neighborhood joint and a nice ($$$) special occasion restaurant. You can definitely wear jeans for a casual weeknight dinner or dress up and stop in before a Saturday night out on the town.

  • 141 W 69th St
    New York, NY 10023
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    As a proud upper west sider, it saddens me to say that Graffit was a disappointment. My husband and I were extremely excited to try the restaurant, after reading about it on an uws blog. Its rare that a new place opens up in the hood that promises a hip environment and an atypical menu.

    The hip environment part was on point. The restaurant is definately asthetically pleasing, from the faux graffiti on the walls to the romantic lighting. Thats pretty much where the compliments stop.

    I know its still a new restaurant and there will be growing pains, but certain things just arent OK.

    First of all, they come around with a bread tray and give you a tiny piece of bread. Literally about 1.5 inches in diameter. Not only is the bread small, but its stale. I felt like an asshole asking for more bread like 17 times, but i was flippin hungry!

    The portions are ridiculously small. I KNOW its tapas and that means small plates- but when 4 people order 8 dishes and we are still famished when we leave, thats a problem.  Before heading to the restaurant, we checked the menu online to make sure it would suit all out tastes (2 of us are vegetarians so its difficult to find suitable places sometimes.) When we got to the restaurant and tried to order some of the dishes we'd seen online, they told us they were not on the menu. Why would you have items on your website that you dont serve in your restaurant? Additionally, the first two things i tried to order were "sold out". Really? You're sold out of items on your menu at 9 pm on a saturday night? One of our friends ordered a salad and it was literally 4 pieces of lettuce on a plate. I keep trying to remember what we ordered but everything was just so unmemorable. And the kicker was that we ended up spending about $350 for 4 people. Now i have no problem spending that kind of money on dinner, but i dont expect to be miserable with my meal.

    Needless to say, we walked out of there and immediately started looking for a pizza store to fill our still empty stomachs.  I reallllllly wanted to love graffit, but the writing is on the wall: tiny portions, high prices, and unmemorable dishes make yasi a sad girl.

  • $ Pizza
    2709 Broadway
    New York, NY 10025
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    Strange to read these negative reviews- I have never had a problem with them! Granted, I have only ordered delivery, but their food has always been fresh, delicious, and they have never screwed up my order! Maybe it's impossible to screw up a seamless web order?

    Either way, their parm heroes are awesome, their pizza pies have never disappointed, and they always include a bunch of free sh*t with our order, just because.

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    Hi Life is a neighborhood brunch staple for me & my husband. We come here on warm spring and summer days to dine alfresco and enjoy the gorgeous UWS. My favorite part of every meal here is the bread basket they bring out: cinnamon toast and blueberry muffins with strawberry butter. We've unabashedly asked for more when our food takes longer than expected. Dont judge.

    They have typical brunch fare: eggs, pancakes & french toast, fruit, yogurt, sandwiches, some salad options, etc. First drink with any brunch entree is $3. They pour water from grey goose bottles, which is always fun when you bring someone there for a first time and they get all wide eyed when they see that.

    The inside decor isnt very interesting- sorta dark, you kinda feel like you're inside a boat or something. Best thing about Hi Life is that there is seldom a wait (a nice break from the hour long wait to snag a table at Good Enough To Eat down the block).

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    Pizza is great, pasta dishes very good. HOWEVER, this place is like a nursery school for ADHD kids. There are always screaming, shrieking toddlers running around this restaurant, and their parents seriously don't give a sh*t.

    I'd say you should just order delivery but they are so incredibly slow. We ordered last night and it took them an HOUR to deliver. We live literally two blocks away. If they figure out a way to streamline their delivery service, then it's definitely some good Italian grub.

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    The happy hour here is the biggest draw- 4 pm-9 pm $5 HUGE cocktails. definitely recommend the mojito and the flavored martinis.

    the food is top notch- it's really surprising this place doesnt have more reviews. their mango beef salad is absolutely delicious, and they have a menu full of thai dishes. ive thouroughly enjoyed everything ive sampled from the menu. the prices are inexpensive, which is always a nice surprise. cute decor as well.

  • $ Café
    50 W 56th St
    New York, NY 10019
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    frogurt ftw!

  • 2259 Broadway
    New York, NY 10024
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    This review is for their threading salon ONLY-

    I went there based on the good reviews on Yelp. Wow, big mistake. I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for about 6 years now and NEVER have I experienced such pain and discomfort. 3 days later, it still feels like I was punched in the face. And a few hours after the threading, I looked in the mirror and noticed I'm bleeding. Now the wounds have scabbed over and I look disgusting. I want to walk back in there and show her my face and demand my money back, but I'm afraid I'll cause a scene. You're MUCH better off going to the Threading Salon on 87th and Amsterdam!! It's cheaper and they're more skilled and gentler.

  • 251 West 86th St
    New York, NY 10024
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    SO overpriced it makes me nauseous! Kill yourself, Grosstedes!

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