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    This is my new go-to Indian place.  I don't need to go anywhere else, don't need to go up to Devon anymore, I will go to Cumin.

    First, the owner (and I regret I didn't catch his name) was super friendly and accommodating... came by our table several times to check in and make recommendations.

    The chicken madras was great, creamy and delicious.  The naan was perfect.  My wife had the chicken tikka masala, which is thoroughly and positively reviewed here, and she loved it.  I tried both, and I say the madras edges out the tikka masala (I'm a curry fan).

  • 605 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60610
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    I stupidly suggested to my wife that we take our 2 and 3 year old daughters on a random Wednesday.  First, it wasn't a random Wednesday... Wednesday is "family night" where kids eat at a discount.  Second, it was the week of spring break, so the place was a madhouse... 90 minute wait.  I bought a $25 membership to reduce that to 30 minutes.

    Bluntly, it was too much of a sensory overload for my kids... maybe in another couple years.  We sat next to a waterfall that made noise, a table of about a dozen 10 year olds who made noise, and every couple minutes the animatronic gorillas started up and screamed at top volume.  Every other couple minutes the "thunderstorm" started, and the ceiling flashed and the thunder boomed at top volume.  Every couple rotations the gorillas and the storm would fire at the same time, and my children would REALLY lose their s**t.

    The food was meh, but whatever... this isn't Alinea.  The server we had, and the other servers we saw, were very friendly and attentive, despite the traffic.

    TL;DR - Dad blew it trying to be the good guy.  Kids ended up freaked out, and food didn't make up for that.

  • 2700 N Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
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    Was dismayed when the hostess told me "good luck" when told her I was going to drink at the bar.  We went upstairs from the 3-deep crowd to a 2-deep crowd at the bar.  Before I even had a chance to get upset at this, the bartender spotted us empty-handed in the scrum and passed back drink menus.  This was full of win.  The quick service, awesome cocktails and fantastic decor more than made up for the fact we had to stand in a crowd.  Grabbed stools about 15 minutes later, and quickly got nice and lit trying out a wide sampling of mixes, including being the benefactors of an old-fashioned-making contest between the two barmen, who were friendly and attentive the whole time we stayed, despite the crowd .  A great time, look forward to returning to try the food that smelled so good.

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    This is not a mistake.  This is a 5-star review for a Taco Bell.  And these folks deserve it.

    Whoever the manager is at this location needs to have his name on a "manager of the decade" plaque at TB headquarters.  The staff that is assembled here is the nicest, friendliest crew I've ever witnessed at a fast food joint.  Like, way more than necessary nice.  And the food is assembled with care and quality every time of the 20 or so times I've been there.

    This place is the paragon of Taco Bells, and as far as I'm concerned, fast-food restaurant customer service and quality anywhere.

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