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    The restaurant is absolutley beautiful, but the food and the service need a little time - this may just be because the restaurant is so new. Understandable.

    My husband and I went for lunch.  It took close to 10 minutes for our server to come by and introduce herself and offer us water... it was a hot day and we were thirsty! (So that seemed like a really long time)

    Our BIGGEST ISSUE with the restaurant tis that is really touts itself as a locals spot, however they charge for corkage (unusual for NV), have NO bread service and all the sides are a la carte ... that was disappointing. If you call yourself French Blue - how about some French Bread and butter?! Also, this maybe wishful thinking - the menus just a bit too out there...

    I ordered the blue cheese burger and it came without any lettuce, tomato - just the cheese and an odd side of pickle vegetables that I did not enjoy - yuck. I did order the side of fries for $5, but the seemed like the bottom of the basket and were served without ketchup! When we asked for ketchup, again it quite a while for our server to bring it (she seemed offended that we asked!) and by then we were nearly done with the fires and they were getting cold.

    Lastly, I there seems to be an issue with the bathroom stalls. I was nearly locked b/c the door latches are so small  - you can get it, but when it's time to exit the stall it's next to impossible to open the door b/c the latch is so small - no door handle!

    Don't get me wrong, we will be back... but hoping that it can make itself a bit more locals friendly.

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