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  • 16350 Ventura Blvd Ste D
    Encino, CA 91436
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    I didn't grab his name as he was not wearing a name tag, but the Asian man behind the counter with glasses, perhaps 30 years old, was a contemptuous little prick.

    I walked in a couple hours ago to mail a package and asked for a box.  He took my stuff behind the counter and boxed it up without asking (All I had, asked for was the box), no big deal, maybe an honest mistake.  I then told him the package was going to Canada.  he told me UPS did not ship Internationally.  I told him of course they did, to which he responded, "well not at this store, we have too many problems with it, you'll have to go to another store" After this exchange, it was nothing but pouty faces and being rude without actually saying anything rude to me which could get him in trouble.  I told him I had a merchant account, and couldn't we just ship it from here... to which he agreed and provided international due bills...   So clearly they can take the shipment, he just didn't want to.  I had a couple questions about filling out the form and he just looked at me like a sullen 13 year old and told me I would have to figure out how to fill out the form, he didn't know.  I then said fine, give me the paperwork and I'll go to the other UPS store.   Without even looking at me he pushed the paperwork at me and walked off.

    If you enjoy being waited on by people who feel like they are too good to wait on you, then this is a great location.

  • 30141 W Agoura Rd
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301
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    I started working with them on an SEO project in 2012.  I paid over $2000 upfront for a campaign that they promised would deliver the contracted SEO results.  They had me purchase numerous web domains that they promised to fill with content.  Out of the 9 domain names they had me purchase, they only put content on 3... the others were never developed.  After close to year of them not delivering the promised results (they delivered results on Bing and Yahoo, but NOT on Google)  Who cares about Bing and Yahoo? Google is the only search engine that matters, and this company could not produce the results they promised.

    After cancelling, they asked for more time and promised they could deliver results, I gave it to them... still no results.  I cancelled again and they agreed to stop the program.  I thought I was done with them....  Nope, next month they hit my credit card automatically.  I called to complain, they said they would fix it, they never issued a credit.  The next month I got hit again, same thing... they said they would fix it, and they didn't.  I finally reported them to my credit card company as fraudulent charges.

    I should add that during the sales process they were SUPER responsive, but as soon as it was obvious that the program wasn'y working and I had flushed over $2K down the toilet, they took forever to respond to emails and ultimately when I wanted a response I had to call them.  Definitely not a professional organization.

  • 16060 Ventura Blvd
    Encino, CA 91436
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    I ordered an Xtra Large thin crust which came to $26 before tip, thats almost $10 more than Domino's. I was expecting the pizza to be significantly better than Domino's and on par with Frankies NY Pizza, and maybe...hopefully as good as D'Amores.  Sadly, it was not to be.  The Pizza arrived in great time and the driver was pleasant however the Pizza was pretty bland. The toppings appeared to be decent quality and they didn't skimp on the cheese but I thought the crust was really uninspiring.  Too doughy and dull for a $25 pizza.

    One thing I will say is that unlike Domino's, you don't feel hungry after 3 slices (these guys actually cut the pizza in sqaures, but I digress)  The pizza appeared to be significantly more natural and have way less of that amped up MSG vibe you get from Domino's  

    The problem is they arent competing with Domino's pricing, they are competing with places like Fankies and D'Amores, and against those places, this joint falls way short.

    Definitely underwhelmed for a $25 pie.

    Debbie G.
    Kommentar von Debbie G. von Fresh Brothers
    11.7.2014 Hi Finn -- I'd like to invite you to try a different pizza, on us, at some point in the future.  If… Weiterlesen
  • 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy.
    Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
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    Gladstones is a restaurant with an identity crisis.  On one hand, they have an amazing location and a long history as a seafood destination. On the other hand, they seem to be relegated as a tourist spot, selling subpar seafood at premium prices.  They have a duo of rather trashy looking, female souvenir photo hustlers that annoy each and every couple with $20 Gladstones print requests.

    My wife and I went for lunch on Sunday.  The waiter was very nice and attentive but my god, the place needs help.  If you order a $15 glass of wine it should not come in a dingy plastic wine glass.  We were seated inside, so there was no need to serve our drinks in plastic, which is a requirement for patio seating.  I asked the waiter and he said that in an effort to make things easier on the staff, all drinks are served in plastic, although inside diners can request glass if they want.

    Lets get to the food.

    $17 Shrimp & Scallop Ceviche - Looks and tastes like it has been sitting in a bucket all day, probably prepared in a huge batch.  I didn't find anything resembling scallops, and sauce was pretty much Tapatio and lime.  Super underwhelming.

    $29 Fresh Salmon - Pretty tasty, but nothing better than the grocery store Salmon you get for $6.  

    $28 Fresh Yellowtail - Awful, dry, and the piece was almost 50% brown.  You know that gross meat that sits under the nice filet, that is mostly grey... well that was this piece.  If this fish was fresh, they must have meant it was fresh two weeks ago when they caught it.  It was awful.

    In a nutshell, this place has more in common with Disneyland cuisine, or Bubba Gump chain restaurants than anything resembling fine dining. It was a $130 lunch lesson.

    J T.
    Kommentar von J T. von Gladstones
    3.2.2014 Hi Flint, my name is Benny and I am a manager here at Gladstones. Thanks for taking the time to give… Weiterlesen
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    My wife and I were looking for a minivan to accommodate our growing family.  (3 kids under 3)  We checked out vehicles at a few dealerships and then wandered in to Kolbe on a fluke.  Just happened to be in the area running errands.

    We were helped by Tom Wang, who is the most unassuming, non-salesman like car salesman I've ever met.  A real gentleman, helpful and courteous, completely free of  sales tactics and disingenous BS.  I was offered a lower price from another dealership, but my wife and I liked Tom so much that we came back with the offer as we wanted to buy from Tom.  Kolbe Honda beat the offer I had from Thousand Oaks Honda, and also offered me thousands more on my trade, they beat Carmax's offer by over $2K

    All in all, a great buying experience from a friendly,  family run dealership.

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    I've eaten here perhaps 5 times in the last 3 months.  Its close to my offices and has a really nice outdoor vibe and decor.  This restaurant could be so much more, it has such potential.  Unfortunately it is weighed down by a completely uninspired menu.  Many of the items sound good on paper but completely fail in execution.  I've had the Coca-Cola Marinated Brisket twice... both times it was dried out and at least several days old.  The meatloaf was terrible (loaded with tofu cubes that are not listed on the menu description),  the Pho is bland as well.  Their saving grace is the Vietnamese Baguette, its quite good, but everything else on the menu is a big FAIL.

  • 1217 W Carson St
    Torrance, CA 90502
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    The Limo driver was great, super friendly and the price was extremely good.  It included tax & tip and a stocked bar.  The limo itself wasn't particularly amazing, the laser thing didn't work, the heater smelled a bit funny and the light controls weren't all functional.  But, weighed against the savings, I was still quite happy with the deal and would recommend them.

  • 909 Sepulveda Blvd
    El Segundo, CA 90245
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    This place is pretty nasty. If You get there during the lunch rush the food is fairly fresh, but show up after 3pm and you find no one behind the counter and when they do finally show up, they are tired and grumpy.  The food at this point in the day is fairly nasty.
    I go here because I work in the building but would never eat here if I didn't have to.
    The other thing they do that sucks is if you use their discount coupon, they charge extra for brown rice. Without the coupon, brown rice is free. WTF?

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    Clearly no one out there is going to stumble in to Tyler Guitars from a Yelp review. but should you be in the know....   you'll find a most old school guy, building the finest solidbody electrics on the planet.

  • 1556 N Cahuenga Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
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    First of all, the beer selection is GREAT.  They'll let you taste a variety of beers, and the bartender is quite knowledgeable and makes solid recommendations.  The beer selections are mainly local craft brews that you can't find at other bars, the selection changes often so asking for help from the bartender is nice.

    The vibe is clean, spacious and urban.  A nice contrast to Big Wangs next door. This is place you want to go if the frat house and stale beer smell of Big Wangs is just a little too teenage feeling.

    The sausage/brat selections are killer, all the topping pairings are fresh and unique, I've eaten there 5 times in the last few months and have yet to have anything that wasn't delicious.

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