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  • 242 W 16th St
    New York, NY 10011
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    After just finishing my food let's start this review, and I'm feeling kind of "eh...".

    I was looking for a breakfast spot to sit down and relax for a bit since I have some time to kill before work. Let's start off that this place looks cool, the layout is Fast-food/Diner served restaurant. You walk up to the counter order and your food, then you take a seat wait for you food to arrive to the table. The concept is a good twist on a more upscale laid back "fast-food"/Diner.

    I was pretty hungry so I went for their signature dish the "Gray Dog's Breakfast", let's say it was filling. For the price I paid and the presentation of the restaurant I instantly had high expectations for the food I'm about to get. To my surprise of disappointment, the food was a bit lack luster. They didn't season the food much, and there wasn't anything that made them stand out from the dinner down on 8th Ave. Pancakes were thin, eggs and fries were bland, and they use frozen sausage patties. For $17.48 (w/Double shot of espresso over ice) I expected something more thrilling.

    All in all.

    I've had better for a lot less (Williamsburg, Astoria, LES), but what can you do I'm getting breakfast in the west village. Can't blame them for cheap food and high prices. I will touch up on that the staff are amazing at what they do and look that they're enjoying themselves working there. It's a nice feeling to walk and feel welcomed. The space is also different and nice to have a meet up and relax for a quick bite. (Over a Starbucks for a example) I'd come here again, but I wouldn't come it of my way to suggest it.

  • 1702 Stanhope St
    Ridgewood, NY 11385
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    I just moved to Ridgewood an decided to check out some local spots. This Cafe being the first on my list to try, I wasn't disappointed in this decision. Once I walked in, the vibe of the cafe felt like a thrown together home, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, It actually works here. I love how they are into Classic Monster flicks, from posters to bobble head dolls. The music selection was also amazing and at a listen and not overly loud volume. The sweet spot.

    The cafe is ran by Vinny and his wife (I apologize, I've forgotten to ask your name) and are lovely people. Their children were hanging out, and Vinny's mother also had popped in! I was there all of a few minutes and I already felt like I was a part of the family.

    Let's talk about the food, all the sandwiches are made to order and executed amazingly. Vinnys wife is on point with how to craft the food. She takes the extra steps to make sure each part is done right. I had the Sundried tomato, mozzarella and spinach sandwich with a side of hot pickles. It was well balanced and the pesto wasn't over bearing (which happens a lot). I also has the Peanut butter, Nutella and Banana sandwich. Also was kickass.

    All in all.

    This will become a regular spot for me in the future. Looking forward to trying everything on the menu and taking advantage of the combo deal (sandwich and coffee). Maybe even try to make time to come by on movie night! Great food guys.

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    So I had a craving for Italian food or something like it. A friend of my father's suggested that we take a shot at this place. I figured I do some research on yelp and see if it was worth it. To my surprise, it looked promising. Once we arrived to the restaurant, the outside looks like a small pizza place. After we walked in... boy I was wrong.

    We were sat very quickly and was helped by a very professional and slightly excited waiter. If I recall correctly his name was Eddy, a younger kid that made the experience more enjoyable. The menu was a bit much to try and pick only one thing. I figured I just ask Eddy what he would suggest. The chicken parm was what we decided to go with after giving up on figuring out what we wanted. I got it to say it wasn't a bad choice.

    Actually, I really enjoyed the dish and would come back just for it. There was a slight problem with what I ordered. After getting through half the chicken, there was a bone. When Eddy was in passing I asked him to come over. I showed him the bone and his face went from happy to "oh shit". He apologize and said that he will speak to his manager right away.

    I put the bone to the side and started eating again (I was still delicious). The manager walked over pissed off and asked what had happened. I showed him the bone that I had pulled out and he calmly asked me if he can replace the dish and I declined. I was nearly done and I was already stuffed. He comped my plate and took the bone to show the chef.

    It was my father's birthday, we got desert with a candle and they had given my father their own tomato sauce that they make in house.

    All in all.

    I really enjoyed this place and I wasn't even mad that there was a bone in the chicken. They showed professionalism and we're swift to remedy the situation. I didn't get irate and spoke in a respective and calm matter as well. (Most of the time you get shit service because you're a shit customer). Thank you for the great experience guy, can't wait to come back.

  • 1219 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10028
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    Stumbled upon this place while walking around uptown with the person I'm dating, and I have to say, what a nice little restaurant it was!

    After walking in you see a open case of pastries that looks nothing less of delicious. We were sat in the corner seat by the waitress and after getting the menu, I went straight for the desert on this one. Tres Leches I had ordered was one the better ones I've tried. It wasn't overly milky and the taste was balance talking about sweetness and the texture of the sponge cake. Not overly sugary like most Tres leches you find at another restaurants.

    All in all.

    I would like to come back to this little restaurant and try what they have to offer regarding appetizers and entrees. The menu looks very appetizing (what they were serving, not the actual menu, heh). I'm giving them a 4/5 based on service, atmosphere, and how the desert was prepared with balance and taste.

  • 30-09 34th St
    Astoria, NY 11103
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    Let's make this short and sweet (heh, get it? Okay, I'm sorry).

    I've been here once and it was pretty nice, bar was cool and laid out nicely. Next to the bar there's a stage for a bands to play. Surprisingly the food was great for this type of bar. It's more focused on drinks to make their money, but I understand they this is a bar with food, not a restaurant with a bar.

    All in all.

    Prices are decent,and the food is better than most bar foods. It's a great spot to come for a late night bite. If you come on the right day, you'll have some good live music while kicking back a few beers. I would suggest this place if your looking for a laid back environment to catch up with friends. Maybe a date if you're both looking for something like this.

  • 34-08 31st Ave
    Astoria, NY 11106
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    It's time to finally give this place a review.

    I don't know where to start with this review, everything is just simply amazing. I'm not really the type of guy that goes for Panini's or Crostini's. Hell I didn't even know what a Crostini was until I came here awhile back, I was definitely missing out. Reason being I've never had a Panini that was made the way they do. Normally places take a sandwich they made and press it, then call it a Panini. Not this place.

    Everything here is made with such detail. To the taste of the food, right down to the way it presentation. I serious applaud these cooks in working such a tight space, and pump out food the way they do. Last night is what really stuck with me but I should have made my review sooner. Here's what happened:

    My friend Paul and I work at a restaurant downtown and after we finished closing shop we were starving (Ironic right?). We both live in queens and decided to shoot over to Bambino. Half way there we realized that they would be closing in 30 mins, so we gun it to the restaurant. Upon arrival we were greeted by the adorable young lady at the register. She had polity told us that we aren't seating anymore. We respond by asking if we can grab take out. She said "not a problem", we decided to order quickly so not to hold them back any long then they need too.

    My default order is always the Truffle egg salad crostini. I can eat that for the rest of my life and die happy from all the cholesterol. I forgot what Panini I ordered as well but it was yummy as well. I feel the crostini's are always a better choice than the Panini because they are always amazing. The problem I have with the Panini's is everyone I have has it was a bit salty or not balanced. Hey, I can't complain, they're still is the best Panini's I've ever had.

    All in all.

    Hands down the best Panini's and Crostini's I've ever had, I dream about this place once in a while.

  • 3301 Ditmars Blvd
    Astoria, NY 11105
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    30.5.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    Here's an update to my review of The Sandwich Bar:
    After I had left my review, the very next day Angelo had private messaged me. He expressed that they are under new management and that he took it upon himself to run it better than previously. He asked me to come back and see how it is now, and promises that it's a better experience.

    While on my way to another restaurant I walked by and figured let's give it a shot. I'm currently writing this review while sitting in the restaurant. I looked around and sat near the window waiting for my friends to get here. Right as I sat in I was greeted by Jessica. She asked what would I like, I told her that I was waiting for 2 other people. She smiled and suggested a beer while I waited. I declined, she smiled and moved on to help other customers.

    While waiting (friends were talking forever to get here) the both waitress (Jessica and Melissa) were both coming over to see how I was and we're very polite and friendly. This is a much improved staff since the last time I was here. They know how to treat their customers and are very professional. I'm very excited to see my friend to be tending at this bar as well. It's nice to see a similar face and see her working at a better restaurant/bar.

    Let's move on to the food which also a great improvement compared to the slop I got from ordering here.

    Wings were amazing, it had a good crunch and the right amount of sauce. The sweet potato tots were always pretty good for its price. I would pay a dollar extra for a few more, but other than that they were great. My suggestion for a good small option would be the chicken tenders. They have a light batter and not over fried. It's a great option for appetizer or a snack at the bar. My main was the number 14, the brisket. It was also just the right amount of toppings and meat. My only gripe about the sandwich is I like my ends of the sandwich. That's just a personal quark, other than that it was amazing.

    After I was finished I walked up to Angelo and introduced myself and spoke to him briefly. We had a few words and left it at that. I'm truly happy that I had given this place another chance. I will be returning here for more than one reason. Thank you for your time, you have truly turned this place around and changed my opinion as well.

    All in all.

    This is a great restaurant for anytime of the day. Food is great, service is fantastic, and the atmosphere is still nice. My only gripe is that Chipotle mayo, it needs more kick. Come here for some good food and have a pleasant time while eating.

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    25.5.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Time to put my nail in their coffin.

    Few months ago I ordered food from this piece of crap…
  • 33-10 Ditmars Blvd
    Astoria, NY 11105
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    If you need a spot for some great sushi, well this is your spot. The menu is pretty straight forward and what you normally see in a place like this. What makes this place better than most? Its the ambiance and the way the food is executed. Prices are easily rivaled compared to the other sushi restaurants in the area.

    Why would I come here rather than Aji? Don't get me wrong, Aji has amazing food but watataatataata does it just right for me. I feel the food a little fresher because of more traffic and movement of stock. Any time I have come to this restaurant I've never been disappointed by what I ordered (even after trying something new).

    All in all.

    I love the fresh food, prices, and the feel of the place. My only gripe would be the incredibly small tea cups. I feel like I'm playing tea time with these cups. Everything else is done right.

    See tips for my suggestions

  • 28 Ave B
    New York, NY 10009
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    10 cent wings. End of review.

    Alright jokes aside, this is another review about how the wings are awesome and the amount of beer options is amazing for a "sports bar"! I've yet to find a bar that makes me crave wings like this. They have perfected the cheap and DELISH chicken (original) wing. Can't forget about the amazing staff! They treat you like family once you get to know them. I can spend hours here with friends and just bullshit with the staff too.

    I'm just going to list off what you should try:
    Korean BBQ, peanut butter wings
    Popcorn shrimp
    Beer batter muscles bucket
    French onion soup
    Artichoke dip

    This is what I normally order aside from beers.

    All in all.

    If you want good wings tossed in amazing sauces. This is a great spot to hit up and spend the night.

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    Trying to catch up with all my late reviews, here my take on  Defonte's. Out the gate, it's a 3/5. Here's why.

    I work in the area, and decided to take a shot one day and see how it was. I've heard about them through friends and was told that had good sandwiches. After walking in the atmosphere felt little stale, normally I don't give a shit but sometime was off this time.

    After looking at the menu I realized I'm going to be spending close to Katz prices. It didn't sit right but said screw it and ordered my favorite sandwich shop meat, Corned beef.  (I think it was called the Deli king) After ordering I noticed that they had fried egg plant an decided to add it since I love making a great sandwich better.

    Here's the reason why it felt a bit of awkwardness when ordering (also like I said stale). Then older gentlemen behind the counter (The owner of guessing) was impartial to me, but too the workers, now that's a different story. Normally it's not something I think twice about, but working practically the same field it didn't feel right. He wasn't treating he's workers with little respect.

    Now hear me out, I've actually stopped by few times to "treat" myself for something quick and that's decent in the area. I understand workers can slack, not listen, or even cause you lose money, you pay them to work. The problem was every single time I've ever gone, the older man is pissed off and the workers are doing their jobs. Granted I'm there only a few minutes.

    I've been to many sandwich shops around New York, and corner stores has more of a homely/family oriented feel.

    All in all.

    If you want a good sandwich in Gramercy, then grab it here since there isn't much of a option that I've found. They are made well, but I would rather go else where if I'm on my way downtown because of better options at cheaper prices.

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