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  • 356 N University Dr
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
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    I bought a Siberian Husky at 9 weeks old on 8/30/2014. Since then, I have taken care of her and her list of issues.

    First - She was bought with post-op umbilical hernia. I knew of this since the scar was fairly new. It was taken care of. Second, from her first vet visit, she had hookworm eggs in her feces. We took care of that and paid for the medication. I have done 2 rounds of vaccines, as a growing puppy should have. She's had puppy vaginitis and we got her probiotics to take care of that. I have only owned her for 2 months and this past Halloween she wakes up and refuses to open her eye. We took her to the vet nearby because Petland's vet is a 2 hr drive. The vet nearby ran some tests and charged me for a collar and some medication to take care of some ulcers in her corneas. We had to come back in 3 days follow up and it did not get any better. He suggested that we go to an eye specialist and we did. She was diagnosed with GLAUCOMA at 4 months old and we are devastated. I have paid an arm and a leg for her to be healthy and happy. The specialist has already mentioned she already lost vision in the one eye.

    Petland supposedly has a warranty. They are taking forever to get back to us. I have grown very attached to my puppy and cannot fathom the idea of losing her. Petland and their breeders are fucked up to be selling puppies with this many issues.

    If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do - please let me know.

  • 83-25 Broadway
    Elmhurst, NY 11373
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    This place was always in route of my routine strolls but never cared to walk inside until I got wind that one of my former coworkers started this place. Hi Julie!
    I felt like coming in and supporting their business by ordering some banh mi sandwiches and some fruit smoothies and it was such a delightful lunch. Perfect for a hot day since the food isnt hot at all. Refreshing at best.

  • 136-21 37th Ave
    Flushing, NY 11354
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    I am not a stranger to the xiao long bao. If I can remember, a long long time ago, there was once a Joes Shanghai in Elmhurst?  That was when I had my first soup dumpling.
    I really wanted to try Nan Xiang but my fiancee has zero patience for food lines.
    I have been to Joes Shanghai in Chinatown and that place was super touristy. I believe this Flushing location is about the same.
    I came here with a serious soup dumpling crave and it didnt hit the spot. It was good, but I had no extra oomph. Maybe I should be extra careful next time and not burn my tongue with the broth. Always a potential hazard when it comes with these pesky addictive soup dumplings.
    Service is quick. Attentive. Commendable. Only reason this review has 3 stars or else it wouldve been less.

  • $$ Burger
    71-49 Austin St
    Forest Hills, NY 11375
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    Its you Jando, messing with my head. I thought to myself "WHY does BAREBURGER sound so familiar?" Its one place I have yet to try.

    I've been here twice already. Ordering the same Roadhouse burger with organic beef and the brioche roll. I wasnt feeling quite adventurous to try the other meats. The burger is exemplary but not craveable.

    This place blew my fiancee's MIND. First time we went he had the bison. California something something with the brioche bun and he has become a convert from Jackson Hole, his former burger joint where he once worshipped the beef. Bison is his new love and made him come back again and try the wild boar. He said the boar is not as great as the bison. I personally, did not like the boar one bit. We will return and try the elk and/or the ostrich.

    Both visits consisted of the fries in a basket with their sauces. I only like 1 of the 3 but my fiancee likes them all.

    I love how they give you a full glass bottle of water as you sit down. I love my water and I hate asking for refills constantly.

    This place is super organic. Everything in the menu is organic, the menu itself is organic. The walls and the ceiling Im sure is organic. Its an organic haven and Im sure we will return.

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    Man OH MAN! Biggest lobster roll I've ever SEEN! the GIANT is no joke!

    A friend and I went to Rhode Island, just for this place. Only this place. We traveled here for their infamous lobster roll. In all brutal honesty, it was a bit dry. Might needed a bit more butter. But! If you wanted lobster in its natural steamed state, bare and free of condiments, THIS is pretty close. As I quote from the menu, "1/2 pound of lobster chunks lightly tossed in our homemade dill sauce, served on an extra-long grilled roll with fries & cole slaw. Lobster as pure as you can get." They're just on POINT. For $19.95, it was awesome. If it was sold in NYC, the price would be offensive.  

    We added a side of fried scallops, 3 clam cakes and a small order of lobster bisque. Delicious. Pure fried goodness.

    After all that, my friend decided on entering their Clam Cake contest which was happening the same day of our visit. These clam cakes are delicious, buttery savory cakes to slowly nibble on as you watch the waves of the RI water. This contest which was to eat as many as you can in 10 minutes and it was hard to watch. I'm sure it was also hard to swallow. My friend managed to gulf down 5 glorious cakes and came in last place.

    The people in Blount Clam Shack were such sweethearts! Very hospitable. Very family oriented. We loved that the children, were actually playing and not glued to an iphone. We left with so much Blount swag including t-shirts, baseball caps, insulated tote bag, beer coolers and a book to celebrate the contest - it was like we were walking Blount ADs.

    Blount Clam Shack is definitely a place to return to.

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    As I am agitated with Yelp and their rejection of my Elite status, my reviews will  be with hesitation and not free flowing as it once was. Yelp was a place to express my voice about establishments I have been to, like a blog of my own. One can't ask a writer to criticize another when all they want to do is write their own thoughts.

    The moment I got wind that there was a JCS in NY, I had to go ASAP. The GPS took us on this hour long route to an outside shopping center and we entered from the side.
    From our view, there was no obnoxious sign or anything that said "Joe's Crab Shack" for that matter. Instead, there was a big red silhouette painted on the side of the wall and that was enough for me to jump in excitement.
    We find the entrance (and a sign) and wasn't greeted immediately by a crowd of staff standing by the door. Minor setback. It was 4PM and the restaurant was less than half full. Someone finally sat us with menus and had to unnecessarily wait until we could place an order. I mean if the waiters first question was "Have you been waiting long?"  that's a sign that customers are not being attended to. My full blown over excitement died to nonchalance.
    But Jesse popped up, entertained us for a bit and saved this review for what could have been 3 stars.
    This was not my first time at JCS as I have been to two of them in Florida. I got myself a pound of crawfish and an order of the Lobster daddy. The quality and preparation of the crawfish was substantially better than the bucket I had in Fl. It tasted fresher and spicier. Maybe too spicy, but I liked it. My lips were suffering deliciously. It seemed as if they had took the seasoning, boiled the crawfish and have them soak in it, threw them in a strainer, then doused liberally with the same seasoning. Absolutely delicious. Florida did not do that for me.
    The Lobster Daddy was a different story. Not as spicy. But fabulous in its own juices. I took it with Chesapeake seasoning (of course, with the Old Bay) and a side of butter. The crab was of great quality however the lobster was not. It was weak, not hearty. The crawfish made it taste like a joke. Still edible and delicious.
    My visit overall was a pleasant one. JCS is expensive, $80 for 2, but for you get what you paid for. I will return on special occasions. We found a route that took us 30 minutes to get home. So glad a JCS is closer to home.

  • 344 S Mayo Trl
    Pikeville, KY 41501
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    Yeah. I travel. I travel to many random states. I have family everywhere.

    I used to be in KY once every year of my childhood and apparently it wasn't my first time coming here. Dairy Cheer has been here for ages and has never changed. My cousins say Dairy Cheer to be better than Dairy Queen and thats not hard to believe.

    I had a simple strawberry milkshake - a distracted plan in getting a soft serve cone but it was definitely delicious. I also ordered a hoagie, not knowing what a hoagie was - but I trusted it would be phenomenal. It was good - it satisfied my hunger pain before the big dinner we had planned. My other cousins who have moved away from Pikeville cannot leave without going to Dairy Cheer - and thats definitely worth trying.

    As for pricing, I wasnt really paying attention - but we were in the drive thru with 5 ladies, 1 of which ordered for her 3 kids and another ordered for her son - so a total of 10 people - it came out to around $25. o_O WHAATTT?! I

  • 61-35 Junction Boulevard
    Rego Park, NY 11374
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    My usual: Asian Sesame Chicken Salad. With a Hawaiian Punch.

    Will probably get it twice a week. I just now need to remember to check into Yelp.

    Free Wifi is 5 star all on its own.

  • $$ Burger
    35-01 36th St
    Astoria, NY 11106
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I love Astoria. Queens is my home. I always see a promotion for this place whenever I go to Kaufman theater and I LOVE to try out new burgers.

    We ordered two of their signature - 5 Napkin Burgers, one with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and the other with Tomato, Avocado & Cotija Salad.

    He LOVED his burger. He finds it to be absolutely craveworthy, even the day after. He was also in love with his Sweet Potato fries - he said that they were definitely fresh. He felt that the only thing that was missing from his burger was lettuce and tomato. He'll remember that for the next time he goes.

    The salad was amazing. Finished it before I even touched my burger.

    I was not in love with my burger. It was delicious and cooked to perfection but I guess my taste-buds are much more pickier. I like simple foods with old-fashioned tastes. The burger was complex with "10oz. custom ground beef, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, rosemary aioli, soft white roll." It was the first time having gruyere cheese and not a fan. If pretentious had a taste, this would be it with its fancy aioli. I should've opted for the classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato.

    Decor is amazing. I love how they worked with the former butcher shop and kept several elements, like the hooks and the beam trail? I don't know what its called but its there along with the ceramic tiled walls. Definitely creates a nice ambiance.

    Staff was nice and attentive. Our waiter popped up with a refill without any requests. Very nice.

    5 Napkin is pricey, but not obscene. I'd return for whatever reason.

  • 9015 Queens Blvd
    Elmhurst, NY 11373
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne
    2 Check-Ins

    Theres nothing spectacular about any other major chain restaurant but because of the location, I come here pretty often. Like 3 or 4 times a month.

    I usually come here for the Happy Hour special, 1/2 off appetizers and $5 alcoholic drinks but when you buy many appetizers and get that many drinks, you're just missing out on a balanced meal and spending about the same price.

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