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    NO NAIL SMELLS HERE as this establishment focuses on green techniques to keep your nails healthy without that icky acrylic smell!  This nail bar is high quality, welcoming and very unpretentious.  VERY clean - the pedicure soaking tubs use ozone tech to sterilize and the workers buzz around keeping everything in tip-top shape.  I had a pedicure from "Hollywood" (Stacy).  My cuticles were in very bad shape from summer activities.  Usually it would take a series of pedicures to get my toes into proper shape.  Somehow - Hollywood got them gleaming, soft and lovely after one long soak and much pain-free tool work!  Most local nail places focus on the fake nail creation and sometimes they make me feel like I am not worth their time since I am not getting the gel tips or fake nails - NOT HERE.  Every customer is valued and they even have services for kids.  I can't wait to bring my nieces in for a special treat!

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    Specialty milkshakes and good eats that would rival late night food network cravings!  Warm service and unique items like banana bread milkshakes, smokin' hot burgers and tater tots.  An old school vibe with new foodie twist.  Go there NOW!  If you watch Man vs Food or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives you should check this place out, they have burgers with scrapple on them!!

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    I have been terrified of the dentist until I started going to Dr. Lance.  So terrified I needed to be babied and considered getting put to sleep for dental work (yes they offer sedation).  After a few visits at Dental Health Care I realized that I didn't have that overwhelming sense of dread usually associated with a dental visit. (Think: dog on the way to the vet). I cannot recommend this "health spa for the mouth" enough.  Why have you not called them and made an appointment?  Oh, and tell them I sent you!

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    The absolute best place for flowers. PERIOD. The designers are tremendously talented!

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