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    My wife and I were there two weeks ago, and had the happy hour oysters. Delicious, but the smallest little niblets we've ever seen. The prime rib special was a good value, and acceptable. But tonight, we went and ordered the halibut, and the filet Oscar. The steak was so burnt on the outside top and bottom that it was bitter...we had to cut off the burnt ends. The major problem, though, was with the halibut, which was like eating sawdust. This piece of fish was so overlooked that it was truly inedible. We spoke to the waiter about how bad the fish was, and he said he would take it back to the chef. A GM came out and apologized, and said "yes, it may have been a little overdone on the outside." I was a bit annoyed because I don't think they acknowledged how overcooked their food was, and made it sound like it was us being unreasonable. We've since heard that you should stick with the prime rib if you come here. Tread's not a great place for them watching the food before it goes to the table. We probably won't be back.

  • 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
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    Can someone please tell me how this airline is still in business? For the second and last time that we ever booked with this company, the flight is cancelled with barely any notice. And they have no backup plan, so instead of a simple delay, it becomes an all-day ordeal (2-days previously). Add in the crazy charges for carryon bags, and you've got a company without the infrastructure to create an experience that even approaches the bare minimum. Do not be seduced by supposedly low fares and stay AWAY from Spirit!

  • 8417 S Park Meadows Ctr Dr
    Lone Tree, CO 80124
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    Okay, so it's not Tiffany's, but this is a wonderful place to buy jewelry. Great prices, beautiful pieces, and a staff that seems to really care. I brought my 16 yr old daughter in to pick out a birthstone necklace, earrings or ring (her choice, our tradition), and the saleswoman treated her like a princess. Very satisfying for all. I'm impressed...this is not the old JcPenney!

  • 10000 W O'Hare Ave
    Chicago, IL 60666
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    NEVER fly through this airport if you can avoid it at any cost. I have now been consistently painfully disappointed by staff and crew--particularly with United. From cancelled flights with no decent options, to being forced to sit on runways for 60-90 minutes ("we keep bugging the push-off crew to get here so we can pull away from the gate, but they just aren't responding"), this airport is clearly out of control. After enough times observing and experiencing this nonsense, I believe the crews here are either underpaid, undertrained, or under motivated to do anything but the bare minimum. And the results are delays, confusion, and minimal help to get where you are going. Plan your trip to go ANYWHERE but this nightmare of an airport!!

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    Chicken fried steak was freezer burnt. Gravy not made from scratch(or so it tasted). Pancakes like bricks. Not our favorite find!

  • 785 W Mississippi Ave
    Denver, CO 80223
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    Food was okay. Marginal wings. Steak sandwich was okay, although not well seasoned. My wife enjoyed her chile relleno plate. Servers are cute, with sexy outfits, and the atmosphere is fun. Go for the latter, not for the food.

  • 1317 14th St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    Just so you know...if you order the bone marrow, understand that they are covered in brown sugar and are VERY sweet. If you don't like that, make sure you ask for them to leave out the super sugary coating. Not so much. Otherwise, it is an interesting and delightful experience.

  • 1550 S Colorado Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80222
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    Omg...NOT a good experience! We are trying to lay down a base before a trip to Jamaica, so we don't get completely fried there. Somehow, we let them talk us into an unlimited monthly package (more than $100 each), wi the promise of being able to use their super low-UV ray bed which is what drove the price up so high.

    However, the past two times we've been there, the uber amazing bed was broken! They couldn't explain why it wouldn't turn on, and then said.."well, we'll put you in bed 4--it's exactly the same thing." So I cruise to bed 4, only to find that it is one of their lower-level, death ray beds. When I called them on it, they said that the second-highest quality bed was in use, so they put me there--but we're setting it to low-UV power, and shortening the time from what I requested on the first bed! In other words, the equipment isn't reliable, and the staff is trained to just get you into SOMETHING and get you out of there.

    And you MUST bring your own lotion...the same little girl tried to sell me on a bottle of pre-tan lotion that cost $65! Maybe that's normal or reasonable to you professional tanners, but seriously? It's LOTION.

    Bottom line, this feels like a scam from beginning to end, and isn't good for us, anyway. Thinking maybe we'll just bring SPF 50 lotion to Jamaica instead.

  • 2188 S Colorado Blvd
    Denver, CO 80223
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    We used to stop by here because it was right on the way home from the gym nearby. The one star is for the freshness of the sushi. But everything else has changed...for the worse. The first thing was that the staff is completely unknowledgeable...not knowing when happy hour was, or a basic question like "how many pieces of sushimi vs. sushi come in an order?", etc. We specifically requested no octopus or shrimp with our sushimi order for two, and the two servers nodded...then brought us BOTH octopus and shrimp! Our sushi/sashimi boat came with no wasabi...and when we asked for some, the server actually asked us " what sauce did you want again? Wa-sa- what?" Our glasses were almost empty, we had said how we had worked out and were thirsty, and he eventually came over and asked "Do you want me to refill your water?" That may be a small thing, but seriously? The salad dressing has become really gingery,  which just happens to not be our taste. And the miso soup is completely devoid of salt- I like a little more flavor in my miso. Bottom line, I will repeat that the actual sushi and sashimi was quite fresh and tasty, but the overall experience was so exhausting and distasteful that we have decided we would frequent one of the other many wonderful sushi restaurants in the area (Sushi Den or Mt. Fuji) instead.  Make sure you bring your patience if you decide to come here.

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    Stay away from this least for breakfast. Food was cold, hollandaise wasn't homemade, and seriously...$12 for two eggs over easy? No thank you!

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