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  • $$$ Hotel
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    I had written a review when I returned home can't find it on here. The place is pretty but Internet is horrible. Spent every morning trying to get someone to help us get connected even though it was paid. Don't order room service. We did a lot and the staff left our trays there overnight. Was swarmed by birds and their poo was all over table chairs tray. This napped twice I had to return tray clean up poop. Not whAt u want to do at several hundreds dollars a night... Front desk wasn't too concerned....

    Don't know if ill would stay there Again.......

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    We have just returned from camelback. It is a beautiful place. The views r wonderful but..

    The Internet service was horrible no matter how many times a day we agreed to pay when we has to try to sign on. That was a little scary because we had to do it several times a day. They had to keep sending people up and get it to work for it just to stop..

    We had a room with a patio. Wonderful. We treated ourselves and had ordered room service a lot lol. At first they were good at coming picking up tray which we left on patio table when finished... We'd. We ordered dinner. Left tray on patio table as usual. The next morning I went out to patio drink my coffee relax. The tray was left over night. Now there r a lot of birds there. Part of the beauty to a point. They had swarmed tray had pooped all over table chairs floor every where. I carried tray down in my robe told a waiter what had happened. Ended up cleaning poop myself.. We had on Thursday ordered a lite lunch. Put tray on table went to pool. At around 530 came back same thing tray still there bird poop all over place again a mess. I again carried tray back but this time told young lady I was getting tired of living n bird shit.. I know wasn't too nice but twice I had to do someone's job and clean up room services mess I was very upset....

    Another thing we had gone thru a travel agent. We were suppose to receive complimentary drinks, appetizers discounts on golf, a bike for two hours. We received non of these and no one even mentioned it so know what ur getting because they just want their money..

    Beautiful but don't order room service because ill pay dearly then ill clean up the mess.. Not sure if I would go back after realizing a supposedly quality place like this letting their customers go thru this and not even care a little.....

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