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    Justin was prompt and very fair with me. My dent was more than a regular dent and I was given an estimate by a body shop that exceeded $1000. I didn't want to pay that much ( for my truck) and Justin knocked it out for $250. It wasn't a perfect job
    but then again he told it wasn't possible to do that without paint and filler. I'd say it was 80-90 % better and that the money spent with Justin was worth it.

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    I've been going to Dr. Welsh for 10 years and have always been pleased with my experience in every way.  Dr. Welsh caught the beginning of skin cancer on my face, which my primary was able to remove immediately.  She and her staff are friendly, warm and attentive.  (Yes, sometimes doctors do run behind...)
    I love Dr. Welsh and her staff more than they love skin!

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    I have been seeing Kathleen Welsh for about 7 years and have tried as many of her services as my… Weiterlesen
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    A true neighborhood place. The owner/ chef has a picture of his father above the bar - which gives you some insight into his priorities- family, food, and friendliness. The staff is super customer oriented. The prices are right. It's a place where you want to leave a big tip. How often do you have that feeling???  
    Highly recommended.

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    DO NOT use this service through LivingSocial or in any other way.  They kept me waiting for 45 minutes in the cold & never showed up.  Kept implying via repeated text messages that they were "on the way" and then  "there" at the pick up point but couldn't find me.  Ridiculous!  Screwed up a birthday celebration for my son.  What a rip-off!  Do not use!!!!!
    They don't deserve any stars.

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    Attention ALL BOATER: THis place is GREAT.

    Swap out those old and funky cushions. SUSAN knows the ins and out.

    Friendly, nice ( heck she volunteered to help carry my cushions to the car.)

    I have an old Silverton 40' aft cabin and Susan helped me replace every old cushion that needed replacing and told me which ones still had life in them and didn't need replacing.

    An execellent lady to do business with.

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    These are very nice folks and they mean well but they could just be better organized.

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    I have worked with Dr. Gustin for approximately 20 years  and he has consulted with me on numerous medical legal cases.

    He is legally very astute; indeed exceptional and is quite familiar with the myriad of issues that confront the trial lawyer. It's very impressive and persuasive to see an expert of this caliber and depth of medical experience who can navigate with such agility in a real live court room. Jurors want him for their personal physician.

    Highly recommended.
    Law Offices of Ian Zimmerman
    SF Ca

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    Very smart and no nonsense. Great advise. He does not back down.

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    BlueStar PR has one of the most unique missions of any non-profit going.  In the face of growing anti-Israel sentiment and blatant hatred of Jews, BlueStar strives to show a different slice of reality almost never promoted.  BlueStar images show GAY people living without fear and women being allowed to live their lives by normal western standards of dignity in dress, choice of profession, education, etc.  Is Israel perfect?  Of course not.  Does Israel has some tough problmes to solve (other than every country around them wanting them annilated)?  Clearly.  BlueStar shows Israel through another lens: Arabs are represented in government, men and women are allowed to socialize together and dress the way they want, education is available to all.  BlueStar shows Israel as an isolated island of western values in a sea of murderous intolerance and hatred.

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    I am 10 years old but I go to allot of restaurants. Here is my review-
    my first impression of this restaurant was that it would be very good I was wrong. The food  was okay. I had a lobster tail that was quite good  but an hour later my stomach was killing me. Now the service was terrible. It took about 15 minutes for a drink and even longer for the lobster. The decor looked liked like you were in some replica pirate ship. They weren't fooling any body. I would not recommend this place.

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