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  • 7141 Tiffany Blvd
    Boardman, OH 44514
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    A good solid 4 of 5 stars. The one in Warren/ Niles is better, just because the location a refurb end fire house, is so cool.

    Hade the garlicky fried chicken. Breast wing thigh leg, side of mashed with chicken gravy, and a cool salad. Oh and a bowl of corn. All sides average good. But the chicken was great! And I mean crispy crunchy garlicky (but not too garlicky) great!

    The wife had steak salad. Which she liked but I personally find is a waste of stomach space, let's get back to MY food.

    The chicken was best I have had in years. Remember years ago, when every restaurant used to sell what they called honey dipped deep fried chicken?

    Restaurant secret...  They all got it from a deep freeze, package of four chicken pieces that had a honey based glaze that when fried correctly was crunchy delicious.

    This reminded me of that, except mocha house does most prep in house, so I am betting the chicken was prepped in house. If not, don't care. It was crunchy, no grease at all, and had a great garlick taste.

    They don't have the veal parm anymore, which made me cry a little. Prior review I wrote for this place raved about the veal parm. Forget it. Do have eggplant and chicken parm, don't care, want veal parm or no parm at all.

    Deserts are all still GREAT so buy a slice, buy a pie! Skip any place else, get your pies and cakes here!

    Prices are great. One last thing....

    You order at the counter, you get a numbered table tent, and they bring the food out to you.

    ONE BAD THING wife had fries, and the cook did not time the food right, so wife had to send them back. On plus side waitress was GREAT (Olga) and took it in stride and got wife fresh fries, or cook just reheated the same fries. Don't care. But still only people in store so c'mon cook, time your food correctly.

    But, minor whining aside, I really like this place. They have different types of good and GREAT deserts. Sick of all these places that just sell wraps, burgers, and five dollar hot dogs.

    Eat at Mocha House, Boardman (behind Red Lobster on 224) or the one in Warren/Niles. Beats heck out of 90% of all other places in the area.

  • 3503 Southern Blvd
    Youngstown, OH 44507
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    I have loved this place for years.  A Youngstown ohio institution. Friday for fish and pierogies. The fish is cod, the pierogies are home made, probably some local church. Bread. And my favorite salad, chopped lettuce with oil vinegar and garlic. Their everyday specials are great, but Friday is when you hit this place up. Sorry about the pictures, I was hungry! Fried cod, salad and bread, and three of the four pirogies. Now post, and finish it off!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I am giving this chili's four stars, and have no problem at all giving this place and especially the waitress Jess great review!

    Got the two for $20 with app. I upgraded to the 10 oz steak, wife got the carnitas fajitas platter. And it was great!

    Beats the generic competition easily. Beats trying to make it at home. I and the wife both agreed the service, the food, the place itself, beat most if the "genuine" tex-mex places round here.

    I got the steak, rare, came out perfectly prepared. Wife got the carnitas fajita platter. It was tender tasty, and had a "tower'o'condiments" with it.

    Total price, with steak upgrade, beer, and tip, $38.  About what I would have spent on a single dinner at the teppanyaki place I was planning on going to.

    And another shout out to Jess, and the rest of the staff.  Back of house and front. I hadn't eaten at a Chili's in over four years. I am going here, instead of Snapplebees or TGI-Food, here on out.

    Better than I thought it would be, VERY happy I came here. Pix to follow...

  • 5147 Butler St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Four stars no problem. Happy hour 5 to 7 pm.  This place first shot was great! Nice menu, nice happy hour specials, free parking. All around great!

  • 4717 Butler St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Really nice place. Great easy parking great walking in area. Right across street from the cemetery on butler street. I wish I had come here earlier.

  • 7327 Market St
    Youngstown, OH 44512
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    I have been here three times in the past year and a half.  The salmon is always great. Went with another couple on Sunday October 5th, and everyone really enjoyed their food. And they finally nailed the country fried steak. It was great. The place is worth a trip for dinner or especially lunch.

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    Donatelli's Italian Food Center, Inc is next to O Yogurt in Bloomfield-Little Italy - Best prices and fresh food ever. We cannot wait to go back. Really awesome. We Love Our HOMETOWN PITTSBURGH :) YOU HAVE TO STOP here. I mean they have "EVERY THING" and it is really the BEST PRICES anywhere :)

  • 1733 E Midlothian Blvd
    Youngstown, OH 44502
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    What can I say. The Drive In From PITTSBURGH to CRICKETS "is worth it" for so many reasons. Start with the bartender and servers...awesome. The owner is fabulous and the chef/cool is Unbelievable. Your food is not only "authentic" it is brought out right away and piping hot. LOVE IT when they switch up those CRAFT BEERS for $3.75 a pint!!!  And, the people in this bar/restaurant are "friendly" and the place is CLEAN and we look forward to our next visit every time we leave.
    It is the kind of place where the cook knows his job and adds the extra something even to a hamburger or sandwich. They are the best - perfectly prepared with pride. Try the Stuffed Pretzel for you will be sorry if you do not. All their food is fantastic!

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    Will write more when I get on a real computer. But quickly I live in Pittsburgh and this is best mid size market of any kind between Pittsburgh and Akron.  And lots of (28) shops and stalls selling food meats cheeses produce furniture all owned and run by Amish.

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    I trust this place, very local very clean and very good folks who work there.  I would rather have work done for me by a good locally owned place than a chain staffed with kids who would rather not be there.

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    I will have to try this place now after reading your review. Thanks!

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    Was there last night. Love it!

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