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    Hugh's food is pretty outstanding-- flavorful and piquant, healthy, creative and exciting. We are always pleased with the meal, its presentation, and our interactions with the team. We've also held receptions, which they've catered very elegantly, with thoughtfully selected wines. They seem mindful of sustainability, which I appreciate: no plastic containers, no throw-away boxes, no ridiculous little water bottles (unless you request them, I suppose!)

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    Why would anyone wait in line for coffee at Tartine when you can get a damned good beverage across the street at Faye's, for less than a quarter of the price?!?!

    Featuring a quirky but very friendly staff, an outstanding video selection, and an odd assortment of handmade signs.

    Matthew M.
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    9.1.2012 TONY A.. thanks so much for the nice review.
    We've been cranking out your favorite coffee for just…
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    I've also heard that Gracias Madre is closing, because of a worker's lawsuit against the owners (who also run Cafe Gratitude). To be honest, I was really excited about this place. There is so much promise in vegan mexican food-- the avocados, spicy chillies, nutty quinoa. It all sounds so good. But alas, I was disappointed. I found the dishes were bland... and the beans were very salty. The highlight, of course, was the desserts. But overall the meal left me unsatisfied.

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    Dr. Wexler has been my doc for 9 years. I wrote a review a few years back... but I figure it's time for an update-- especially since he's now in a new location, in Portola Valley.

    I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Wexler as my doctor. I started seeing him after the suicide of my best friend. The loss really devastated me, and made me realize how important mental health care is. After a couple of visits, Dr. Wexler diagnosed my bipolar disorder. Over the course of a year, he helped me find the right combination of medicines and therapy. I've now been stable (and highly functioning) for nearly 8 years. I'm so grateful.

    What else can I say? Dr. Wexler is very well-read, he keeps on top of the medical literature. He has lots of experience working on complex cases (like mine!) and has great compassion for his patients. He came highly recommended to me by 2 different physicians and is very respected in the medical community.

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    he really did help me find my life again, after a debilitating bout of mental illness. he's an… Weiterlesen
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    Simply outstanding. This is healthy, flavorful, home-cooked African fare -- not to be missed. I had the vegetarian plate, but I anticipate returning to try everything else on the menu. Specifically:

    The sauteed greens are mildly seasoned, savory and not overly oily. The black-eyed peas are tasty and perfectly textured, not too salty or mushy. The Ndule (which, yes, comes with every dish) is a fragrant mix of peanuts, basil, ginger, and maybe some hot chillies. I want a bottle of this sauce to take home!  The pan-fried plantains are crispy without being greasy or dry. The yams are light and not at all starchy. What can I say? An amazing dining experience. Don't miss the spicy side sauce.

    This is a family-owned business. Very cozy and clean and colorful inside. Indeed, the owner is a friendly (and erudite!) fellow from Cameroon.  I'm wondering if they'll ever offer cooking classes, because I would *love* to learn this style of cooking. So full of savory vegetables and healthy, healthy, healthy!

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    disclaimer: i've only ever gotten one dish here-- the vegetarian crepe. but it's so outstanding that i had to give 5 stars. crunchy like a dosa on the outside, soft inside and loaded with tofu, mung beans, and bean sprouts. plus it comes with beautiful red leafed lettuces, mint leaves, carrots and some kind of radish. outstanding! my favorite to-go in the whole city.

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