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    Not a fan.  I'm a bit of a foodie and have eaten at several extremely nice (read fancy) places, mostly San Francisco and Las Vegas, so I'm no stranger to higher end dining.  The biggest problem I encountered with this place is how pretentious it is.  It seemed like every bit of food required a paragraph from the server...."....with mashed local sun chokes delivered this morning from Willow Creek with a balsamic, honey (from local bees feed on organic orange blossoms imported from Spain) and lightly crusted with blah blah blah pepper and sea salt crushed between the thighs of Norwegian virgins...."  Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration but you get the idea. It's overdone.  ALL the food is too complicated....try a complicated main dish with some garlic mashed potatoes and lightly seasoned veggies, guys....everything doesn't have to have eight million ingredients.  

    And the staff over does it as well.  They explain all the dishes to the nth degree until your eyes start to glaze over and you wonder if you are ever going to get to order, and then they keep talking.  Every dish that comes out, I had everyone from the person pouring water to the waitress to other waitresses and the hostess standing by the table, nodding at us, and saying, "Isn't it wonderful?  I told you it was wonderful.  Don't you think it's the best thing you've ever eaten?"  It starts to get creepy and I just want to eat my food and enjoy it. Not have to comfort the staff so they feel their food is special.  Some of the food was damn good, some was just okay....but it was hard to just enjoy when I felt like someone was popping up every minute or two asking for validation that everything was amazing.  It wasn't amazing, and I'm not paying that kind of money to be a wait staff therapist.  

    So maybe it was just a weird day for them but with plenty of delish places to eat in this area, I'm not risking going back.

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    Best breakfast in the county!  You won't find pancakes this good anywhere else and if their special sounds at all interesting to you that day, try it, it's pretty much always fantastic.  Very casual ambiance.  Good  country food like biscuits and gravy, real french toast....they don't stint on portions or calories in their food but it's all made from scratch by cooks having a great time singing with the reggae tunes.

    Weird place but totally give it a's like sitting around your grandma's kitchen table eating good home cooking.

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    Wonderful.  Atmosphere is inviting and cozy and not pretentious.  I ordered the brick chicken and my hubby got the fish special.  Everything from the appetizers to dessert was delish and I understand completely the review that talks about being food drunk from the place.  Oh yeah!

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    Elizabeth and her staff catered my wedding at Moonstone Beach and they were wonderful.  We emailed back and forth several times setting up the event and she took a few panicky late night emails when I thought of last minute things to worry about.  She made it clear she and her staff would handle whatever was needed so I could focus on being t he Bride and have fun.  And they did exactly that at the reception.  The food was delicious and the staff was very helpful and professional, checking with me for cues on when to serve cake etc, without making me feel rushed or  being intrusive.   Seriously, if you want great food and professional, caring, friendly these guys.

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