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  • 401 Main St
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    We LOVE Cafe Main, it is our regular Saturday breakfast place, and every Sunday-after-church lunch hang-out. We will miss the nachos that we ordered nearly every Sunday that have been dropped off the menu, but if they can be offered as a "special" during football season, that would be great!!
    As for the paper cups that are saving dish washing water now, maybe they can be served with lids so that the structure stays sturdy with a full cup? without the lid to hold the tops sturdy, they have a tenancy to collapse while trying to pick them up.
    Mike, I have asked for your direct contact and was advised the best way to reach you was through yelp.
    We love the staff, love the quality of food served, love the atmosphere.
    Cafe Main is our kitchen away from home, and the staff have become friends.

  • 1235 Oakmead Pkwy
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
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    " Meh. I've experienced better." MUCH better!!  Way over-priced for mediocrity.
    we arrived at 11:30am, expecting to be seated right away. The staff meeting ran over time, so we didnt get seated until about 11:40.
    Our wait-person was terrific, but the food hugely lacked in quality and substance.
    This place is far too expensive to be putting out mediocre food.
    We will probably not go back for food ever again; but maybe for their beers sometime in the far distant future.
    They are on the bottom of my list of places to go for work-week lunch in Sunnyvale, and that is saying a LOT since Sunnyvale has very few GOOD restaurant offerings.

    Christa S.
    Kommentar von Christa S. von Faultline Brewing Company
    27.5.2014 Lisa, Thank you for your review. We hope that we can see you for our great Happy Hour M-F 3-6. Hope… Weiterlesen
  • 6225 Dublin Blvd
    Dublin, CA 94568
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    For the RECORD, I have brought my cars to Rick for 20+ years now, which have  included a variety of brands from European luxury cars to my Ford Exploder, and a few Japanese cars and I have NEVER NEVER EVER been told I would be given a discount for  giving a good "yelp" review.
    I am a loyal AC customer for all these years because Rick and his crew treat me like family, with respect and honesty.
    He has kept my kids' clunkers running with-in their budget, and when I went through my divorce and needed my car serviced or fixed on a very limited budget, Rick took great care of my car and kept me on the road to work every morning.
    {My prior spouse continues to take every one of HIS cars to Rick as well...AC was one thing we agreed on ;) LOL}

    I have taken automobiles to Rick for consultation when I was considering purchasing a car and have found his advise reliable and honest. He has even told me to buy a certain car "because he will never see it in his garage". ;)

    Rick has always done a good job and if there is anything that I am not happy with he will ALWAYS fix it to my satisfaction.

    Lisa Miller(was Martin)now, Xenakis. ;)

  • 5575 W Las Positas Blvd
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
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    I have seen Dr. Anthony for 4 years. I am a redhead (so was he), and I appreciate his concern and understanding of and for fair skin. He is knowledgeable, doesnt ruffle easily, is always on time and has consistently spent enough time with me answering all my questions and concerns. I have always felt he had enough time for me and his staff is very warm and comforting.

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    25.9.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    FOLLOW-UP to my August 6th post:
    I got up my courage and braved the receptionists judgmental churlishness and finally took my poor sick kitty in to see Dr. Connally. Yes, the receptionist was just as rude as ever that visit, HOWEVER, Dr. Connally had seen my YELP review and spoke to me about it and apologized for the abrupt treatment I had experienced at her office. I told her, "This may be a strictly feline vet, but you have a regular bull dog as a receptionist!"  Dr. was kind and understanding and told me that things would be remedied right away.
    IT WAS! When I called in for the follow-up consultation, the receptionist was down-right purring into the phone, had a great attitude and was as sweet as could be!  I asked Dr. if she had two receptionists with the same name, and she said "No, same lady as ever."  WOW!!! Dr. Connally had not only efficiently and cost effectively fixed my kitty's ailment, but had also worked wonders in her office.
    "Yay! I am (now) a fan."

    Thank you Dr. Connally for your attention, follow-up calls, your care and concern for my sweet kitty; and thank you for making sure the office visits/phone calls are no longer traumatic.

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    6.8.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have tried to make an appointment here in the past, but the receptionist has been so terse and… Weiterlesen
    Sue M.
    Kommentar von Sue M. von Feline Medical Center
    7.8.2012 Thank you for your feedback, it is valuable.  We would like to address your concerns so, give us a… Weiterlesen
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    Oh my GOODNESS!!!  Iwas thinking of buying a car from this dealership, but after THESE reviews, there is NO WAY I am even coming CLOSE to them!! I will buy my Jeep some other place!  What HORRID reviews!! Do any of the management even READ these!?!??!

  • 417 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    Dear Crescent Hotel Manager ~
    I and a group of my friends from the East Bay were on our way to S.F. this evening to listen to Terry Disley play with Joel at the Burritt Room, only to find out on the way that the Burritt Room cancelled their gig at the last minute!!
    We are all so disappointed. We were really looking forward to a fun evening out on the town before Christmas.
    I checked your web site before we left and there was no indication that you had cancelled the event.
    Thank goodness for smart phones and Terry got a hold of me and saved me from wasting a few $$ in bridge tolls, parking  and gas!
    With things like Facebook, Twitter accounts and Yelp, you folks really cannot afford to be this irresponsible.

  • 3509 Asterwood Dr
    Dublin, CA 94568
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    Ethan of Righter Imaging took gorgeous photos of my wedding. Not only was he on time, he was professional,  observant, low-key,  accommodating, creative, and a delight to have around.  
    I could relax and trust that he was going to catch every nuance of my special day, and he certainly came through for me! He lived up to our contract and even gave more.
    I highly recommend Righter Imaging not just for weddings, but ANY event you want to document, or even for advertising your company or products!

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