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    I went to A-list cleaners because I was in a rush and I was leaving in 2 days for a business trip.  I had shirts that had some stitching missing, missing buttons,  items for dry cleaning,  pressing on all the shirts and even items not related to the trip.  Sara told me all of the cleaning items could be ready but the ones that required additional work may not make it.   The best part of the story is that she called me to let me know I could come pick up the order the night before I left.  Complete with all alterations! Perfect.  I ended up being stuck at work over an hour late, beyond their closing time.  I called them before they closed and told them my problem.  They stayed open an extra hour until I arrived and I was able to get everything for the trip.   I can only tell you that 5 stars is the only rating I can give Sara's.  I'm about to drop off again right now.

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    Nadia's was an experience I won't soon forget.  The food is served buffet style with a large selection of eastern European style dishes from main courses to sides and also a variety of options for vegetarians.  What first catches your eye at Nadia's is the decor, a rustic down home country feel with not one utensil, curtain, or table that matches.  The place is composed of found objects that help to donate to the rustic feel of place. Everything about this place makes you feel like you have been invited over to the chef's country home for a real meal.  And to be honest, you just have been.

    Everyone at the restaurant has been hard at work cooking meals they love and cuisine they know by heart.  The food is honest, not pretentious and plentiful.  The staff is courteous and caring about your experience.  There is free jazz playing all the time and a cheery atmosphere.  It is a BYO and the cost is $15 for all you can eat on the buffet line ($16 if you bring booze).  Considering the limited options in and around the area this is probably the best and most affordable meal in the Harris Area.  

    The family moved to Hurleyville from Philadelphia to start this restaurant in the Catskills which also doubles as a vegetable / produce market year round (with unbeatable prices and very good quality)  They work very hard to deliver day in and day out and they need to be recognized and commended for their efforts.  

    I will most definitely be returning to Nadia's and probably much sooner if they want to open a branch in Philadelphia, *wink wink*

    Thanks again for the great time and food.


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    There are several reasons I am giving this bar my 5 star approval so Ill cut right to the chase:

    I frequent the bar 2-3 times a month on average.

    1.  They serve quality food, consistently.
    2.  The service even when busy is more acceptable than most bars.
    3.  They have a better burger than Royal Tavern (yes the Royal Tavern burger being the best burger is an absolute myth, anyone can make a better burger and they do)
    4.  They have the best grilled cheese and tomato soup.  (And it rivals the Abbey circa 2006)
    5.  They are often times $1 dollar cheaper than the other bars in the city and their quality is a notch higher.  That if you ask me is the deal maker in these economic times of hardship.

    I have to give a few cons only on deserts.
    1.  Rotate the desert menu more often or expand it.
    2.  Make sure the center of the pot brownie is hot!
    3.  You don't have to make the desert as big as the entree to make people happy.

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    I wrote a review a while back, almost a year or more ago.  I then was persuaded by the owner to up my review by asking me to come into the bar and argue my side on not showing prices or glass sizes on his menu, drinks on him.   As much as I appreciated that offer, i didn't see a point going into a bar and talking with the person who wins no matter what because it is their bar and their invite to me.  If anything it would have been a gesture to go to a neutral ground, like fishtown laundromat and discuss our differences as human beings while a load of wash is completed. Instead I allowed myself to be persuaded and re-wrote my honest review.  To be honest it was a mistake.

    So I just inevitably gave MT a rest off my list of visiting places.  I decided to go back recently one day under persuasion of friends.  This was where everything became crystal clear for the second time and I can't not invoke the power to post to yelp my disgust.

    I happened to be very close to there Thursday Sept 21st helping a friend with some house work with 3 other friends.  We decided to go to MT to grab a beer in the beer garden.   I was shocked to see a sign with a price for a can of sierra nevada at $4.00 but even more taken back when the bartender/chef said that  "it will be $4.40 and remarked that they aren't trying to hide the fact that there is tax.  Other places just don't tell you, we are being honest."  Oh that is so true but the fact is even if it is craft beer, $4.00 -5.00 a can is a novelty price for something and every other single bar in the city, if they were crazy enough to charge that, would include the tax in that cost.  All that being "honest" delivers is the implied notion that you have pulled the wool over the consumers eyes and stooped lower than ever possible.  It WOULD (not implying that this is employed by MT in any way) be like putting on your menu that you locally sourced chickens from a farm (and that would be preposterous knowing that taking credit for someone else's, ie mr/mrs farmer, hard work is just a cop out of facing life and embracing what you do with passion.) Be honest.

    Now, having been a critic of the no price and no size boards in the bar itself,  I am now pretty understanding of the gimmick of not pricing beer because of the social class of the neighborhood and the motto, "If I have to know how much I am paying for the food and drink, then I am paying too much!"  I get it.  People who are real pub goers want to go to drink, eat and have fun, myself included, and they don't want to think about the bill until it comes when they are wasted beyond recognition and are desensitized to whipping out the form of payment.  Unfortunately the astronomically high prices being fetched for ??? beer and also questionable food are still going to linger in the consumers head and Im sure you have seen the impact economically speaking through the spike in prices and disintegration in transparency and quality.

    I had given the benefit of the doubt to MT because I liked the owner and employee's and honestly, at the beginning over 2 years ago it was a solid bar with good prices, visible prices and sizes, and food that made you want to order the fried pickles or anything else for that matter.  Im sorry that it has ended like this because it really was a top notch establishment at the beginning but now I see that it is going to take some serious work and thought to make the phoenix rise again from the ashes.

    I appreciate if you have a comment to share but I will not be discussing my opinion or be persuaded by anyone who wants me to change the review or come in to the place to be persuaded of how different a place it it is from my engrained impression.  To do that would commit to a farce of a time on a show stage.  That's your position only,  Im the heckling audience.


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