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    Best country store in the world!!!!  It's sort of like a mini-mart, they have gas pumps on the outside and a little bit of everything on the inside.  Prices are pretty low, spending over ten bucks here (not counting gas which has obvious expenses) is pretty hard to do.  Best subs and soft ice cream in Granville by far.

    Everything here is good.  I've never been disappointed.  The employees are really nice and efficient and a lot of them are hot young chicks so that's a plus for me.  The best part is the decor.  You feel like you're walking into a set from a Western movie when you walk in here.  It's good to know that there are still stores like this left in the country.  They even still have penny candy!!!!!  I thought that stuff went out in the 1920s.  And like I said, hard to spend over ten bucks here on anything except for gas.

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    One word: Margaritas. Easily the best margaritas in Oswego, though they won't win any blue ribbons for that one. But they say that they have the best margaritas in Central New York too, and that's more of an accomplishment.

    They might not be the best margaritas you've ever had, but they are pretty f-ing good. They have other drinks on the menu too if you're not in the mood for their staple. They also have food, but I've never eaten it to be honest (what can I say I'm a booze hound). The service is surprisingly quick even when it's crowded and everyone there is polite. The decor is really nice too. You can tell it's a newer place and that helps especially when you look at the other bars in Oz. They have a good collection of booths, it's clean, the bar is nice, and there's plenty of room to stand when it gets really crowded. And best of all, it's cheap!!!!

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    A great place to get your morning breakfast, especially if you like bagels and coffee (the lines can be long but they're not outrageous for a deli/bagel shop).

    They're well-known for their flagels. Now if you're not a bagel connoisseur, a flagel is just a flat bagel. You can get little bagel or flagel sandwiches too. They're pretty good.

    The only thing more common in East Hampton in the summer than Lacoste shirts are flagels from Goldbergs. Sadly, this is not a joke.

    Not much else to say really. It's only a bagel shop. I'm sure that they're not the best bagels in the world, but they're definitely good.

  • 20 Main St
    Granville, NY 12832
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    Scotties is probably the favorite restaurant amongst locals in Granville. Even college kids at Green Mountain rave about the food here. There is a lot of local color and it has an old school atmosphere about it, with a convenience store in front and the coffee shop in back. But it's really a diner at heart. The prices are dirt cheap and the portions are big and greasy. But be warned, the food isn't that good. I've known a lot of people who've worked here in the past and none of them had problems with Tom Scott (the guy who owns the place) so that scores points in my book. But there are better places to eat in Granville.

  • 70 E 1st St
    Oswego, NY 13126
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    Steamers.  It's a bar inside the Econo Lodge.  Need I say more?  It is nice on the inside.  I'll say that much.  They have a working toilet, which pretty much sets it apart from all other bar bathrooms in Oswego.  Their drink selection is piss poor to be honest.  I hear that they have good food, but I've never been tempted to eat it.  The only people I knew who swore by this place in college were desperate girls who went to Steamers to get hit on by older predatory men.  Too soon?  Too soon.

    P. S. Get your drink here and shirt signed on Bridge Street Run but get out quick.  They don't even let you in the bar.

  • 36 Newtown Ln
    East Hampton, NY 11937
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    Every town has to have a few competing pizza places.  Everyone argues about which one is the best, given quality, price etc.  For some reason people from Utica are pizza elitists, and most other places in New York are pretty bad.  So pizza can get talked up pretty easily.

    This is also true of East Hampton.  There are a few places, like Sam's or Nick and Toni's, which offer pretty good pizza but are probably overrated in the long run.

    And yes, I've met a lot of people from East Hampton (locals, summer dinks like myself, and vacationers) who say that Sam's is the best pizza place in the world.

    It has a really old school environment inside, to some people it might seem like dive pizza joint with a lot of grease, and to others it probably feels like you're walking into a set from a mob movie.

    You can get traditional pizza toppings here whenever you want, and they also have an inventive list of their own original pizzas on the menu.

    In case you were wondering, the pizza at Sam's is good.  Is it the best I've ever had?  Probably not.  But for people in East Hampton it holds a special place in our hearts and it's usually the place we recommend.  It is a little dive-ish and the service can be slow/subpar at times, but when you're ordering a pizza you usually aren't in a huge hurry with grandiose expectations, so I think we can all deal with it.  There is a full bar if you're thinking beer, which you probably are unless you're thinking Coca-Cola Classic.  Despite the somewhat old school atmosphere, it's not dirt cheap.  But it's not even close to being expensive either.

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    One of the best bars in Granville, with the combination of selection and atmosphere.  All kinds of different drinks plus a nice barroom.  They have a patio outside when it's nice enough.  The owner used to own several minor league baseball franchises and he opened a good sports bar.

    Having said that, the barroom is separate from the restaurant and it's a nice place to eat too.  The food is passable but not great, and the prices aren't dirt cheap but are very reasonable.  

    The atmosphere is nice and the service is pretty good.  

    The other thing that Bernardo's offers is pizza, which is available for pickup and delivery.  The delivery was iffy with their time in the past, but now that the Tom Tom is readily available they've gotten a lot better (disclaimer:  I live in the sticks and no one can find my house anyway).  Plus, the pizza delivery girls are all smoking hot.  Shout out to Chelsie, the best pizza delivery gal in the whole world!!!!

  • $ Diner
    176 E 9th St
    Oswego, NY 13126
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    Okay Wade's is easily the best place to eat breakfast in Oswego.  It's way over on the East Side and not a lot of college kids know about it and it definitely has a lot of local color.  But trust me, this is a place where a lot of college kids have to go to during their tenure at Oz.

    They don't have a liquor license but their beverages are pretty good for breakfast.  They have fruit joices, milk, a soda fountain with Pepsi products, and ofc ourse coffee.  Their coffee is pretty good but their portions are huge.  If you order coffee they bring an entire pot to your table and leave it there.  

    The prices are really low so that makes it good for a lot of people.  Plus the portions are HUGE, and when you combine that with what you pay it's a good deal.  The quality is fantastic too.  

    The service is really good.  The waitresses are really nice and when they take an order they don't even write it down!!!!  They're that good at what they do.

    It looks like a dump on the outside and the inside.  Some people even assume that it's been closed for years when they first see it.  Plus the parking is terrible, like most other places in Oz, East Side or West.  But if you can get past the decor and the typical parking issues you're in for a treat.  Best greasy spoon I've ever been to.

  • 207 Main St
    East Hampton, NY 11937
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    A lot of people are turned off by the fact that The Living Room is a restaurant inside another business.  Trust me, it's not the complementary breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express.

    Warning:  The environment is high class and can be a little snobbish at times.  Anyone can get eat peacefully here, but if you aren't comfortable with a high-class environment then this might not be the place for you.  Some of the customers might be stuck up but ther service is really good.

    The restaurant has Scandinavian influences which offers a new experience for a lot of people.  This includes both the menu and the decor.

    But don't worry, the menu isn't all Swedish food.  There are lot of traditional American dishes available and a lot of classic Long Island fare as well.

    Negatives?  Well, yeah, there is one big one.  The food - although original in its own way - isn't actually that good.  I pointed this out when I first went there with my family.  My Dad told me that "this isn't the kind of restaurant you go to to eat" or something like that.  Yikes, in a way.  But the food isn't piss poor by any means.  And yeah, it is more about the surroundings than the food to a lot of people who eat here so...go surroundings?  I will say this much:  It's a nice enough restaurant inside where you'll enjoy the experience.

    If you are going to eat here be warned:  Bring your pocket book.  It ain't cheap.

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    The general store is long gone but the car hop still rocks it in the summer. Typical car hop food, but their soft ice cream is their meal ticket. You don't have to sit in the car and a lot of kids eat on the patio outside and there is a dining room too if you're weak (after all it IS a car hop). They have two really good things going for them: All of the waitresses are smoking hot and it has a 1950s nostalgia feel to it. Against them: The food is very mediocre, Stewart's has hard ice cream right across the street, and Chapman's has far superior soft ice cream in Middle Granville. Not as good as the locals make it sound. And obtw, I am a local.

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    They should name the store "Hot chicks and Penny Candy".

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