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  • 1780 4th St
    Berkeley, CA 94710
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    I am a complete tea novice. I know almost next to nothing about it, but was interested in trying some. So were my friends, who only knew a little bit more than me.
    We got there around 5pm on a Saturday.
    After drinking a free sample of black tea, a lady sat us at the 'bar' for a 3-flight tasting. We looked over the menus & were a little overwhelmed. Luckily Darius had a calm demeanor. He recommended some teas and the process began. He explained each step, and the benefits of each tea and which tasted better if we sipped, then slurped :)
    We tried black, oohlong and white. The black tea tasted the best with the mochi, at least we thought.
    After preparing the last tea, he had to leave for a meeting and gave us each a business card, if we were interested in more personalized or party tastings.
    We thought the experience was worth the $15. I think all together we each had about 8-9 tiny cups of tea, including the sample.
    I am now interested in getting one of those pots they sold, that had the built-in strainer. And some black tea, but I can't remember which we tried! Oh well, guess we will just have to go back for another flight!

    *I am making this comment because of a previous reviewers experience. My friends and I are were the only people of color there at the time.

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    Used a $25 coupon.
    The place was a little confusing, didn't know where to sit, but bartender said have a seat at any of the tables & he will someone would help us.
    The waitress came a few minutes later with menus.
    We had the potato pancake appetizer, benito sandwich, and a pasta dish with broccoli & shrimp that came with bread.
    We enjoyed everything, but didn't have room for dessert. So we took some strudel to go. It sure was small. Maybe 2 bites. Put in the fridge and forgot about it. Don't even know if it was good or not.
    But everything else was!
    A band was having dinner before setting up, so not sure what the music was like.

  • 268 N Palm Canyon Dr
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
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    Not exactly the kind of place that I would normally shop.
    I was lured in by the "donation only" psychic readings. I had never had that done and was always curious.
    I had a palm reading and while some of it I thought was out there & inaccurate, I did enjoy his peaceful nature. I got kind of a kick out of it.
    I also looked at astrology cards. I only knew of 'regular' and chines astrology, but apparently there is so much more. I got information cards on africa, aztec, india and eqyptian astrology.
    I also got a few affirmation cards and put one up at work:
    "Today, no person, place, or thing can irritate or annoy me. I choose to be at peace"

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    (late review)
    Just happened to be driving by, when the sign caught our attention.
    We were here for a few hours, watching football and chowing down. Some tables were reserved but still had plenty to choose from, since we got there early enough. We sat in the "bull***t corner".
    The service was nice, and overall liked the food and desserts (carrot cake was huge). The signs in the bathroom were funny, too.
    Some of the patrons (possibly 'regulars') were a little off-putting. Guess since we were out-of-towners. Or maybe because we seemed to be the only ones interested in the Raiders-Charges game (hahahahahaha)

  • 460 Santa Clara Ave
    Oakland, CA 94610
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    (this is a review from a couple of months ago, I am trying to catch up haha)
    After a number of calls over a couple of weeks, I finally got a weekday appointment for a groupon gel manicure.
    The salon is a little bit out of the way and I had to drive around the block a couple of times to find parking.
    The atmosphere was nice, although I thought it was kind of odd to put a sign in the restroom to not use the towels for health reasons. I guess the towels are just for decoration.
    Anyway, the manicurist was nice but had a difficult time taking off my polish. After soaking it, she had to buff it a lot. She asked which brand was it, I told her OPI. Another manicurist agreed OPI is difficult to come off. And they both bemoaned how they don't like the brand. I don't care for added fees, like the extra $5 they charge for polish removal, but in this instance I guess it was appropriate!
    Overall I did like the experience but because I do not frequent the area, the added charges and the parking is tricky, I probably won't be back.

    Since it was basically across the street from Grand Lake Theater, I saw a movie afterwards :)

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    1st experience good, 2nd experience not.
    1st) Redeemed a groupon for a gel manicure. I made my appointment via email since it was difficult to do it by phone. I was helped right away and offered a beverage.
    The atmosphere was interesting, maybe even a little too girly for me (if you can believe that haha). And when it got dark outside, the main lighting were the table lamps on the bar. I guess that gives it the 'lounge' feel.
    The manicurist was nice, but mentioned that the person that took my appointment should have asked if I needed to have polish removed (which I did). Because of that, her next appointment was booked too early.
    The removal of the polish took a long time. After wrapping my nails, she had me place them above a hot bowl of water & a towel over it. I guess the steam was to help. She also put a warm lavender wrap on my shoulders. Its a nice touch, but maybe not necessary for me. The end result was quite nice, I got a lot of compliments on the nail color (I think its called "Feng Shui"). I was there for 90 minutes.(I have gotten gel manicure with soak-off that lasted less than an hour) Her next appointment waited about 30 minutes.
    2nd) A few weeks later, a friend wanted to try a gel manicure. So told her about the groupon. She booked her appointment online and I sent an email to the same person as my 1st appointment. I made mine earlier, since I had a soak off and my friend didn't.
    We got there a little early and let the staff know of our appointment times, which they seemed to acknowledge. Long story short, they had no record of my appointment, so I waited about an hour while my friend got her manicure. They offered to do my manicure after about 40 minutes, but didn't want my friend to have to wait for mine to finish, since she was driving.

    If they worked on their organization, they would be more successful.

  • 9951 San Pablo Ave
    El Cerrito, CA 94530
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    I come here for the $5 zumba class. It is a bargain!
    I have taken classes in different places, ranging from $7-$9, in boxing gyms and multipurpose rooms, with concrete or carpeted floors. Which are not very good on the legs. I have also heard about other classes that were $11 and even $15.
    This place has wood/laminate flooring (?), large mirrors and plenty of windows
    Teresa is a fun instructor and very friendly. So are the owners of Tatami.
    There is always a free pitcher of ice water and sometimes a veggie tray to enjoy after class.
    Teresa incorporates different music, latin, hip-hop, bollywood & pop. There are also 'toning sticks' to use during certain dances, which are optional.
    You can pay for each class or pre-pay for future classes on a punch card.
    The number of participants have varied, from 4 in a class to 15 (the most I've seen). But there is always plenty of room.

  • 3288 Pierce St
    Richmond, CA 94804
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    I had a groupon for mani/pedi. I did not care for either.
    The salon is on the small side, the workers were friendly and the instruments were sterile.
    The young lady must have been new because she seemed apprehensive when tending to my toes. The manicure was 'dry', no soak, no cuticle work (just pushed back). And I did not like the scent of the cream that was used to massage my hands.
    Needless to say, the manicure and pedicure to did not look very good and did not last very long.
    I keep getting text messages about their gel manicure special of $35. How is that special? My usual place charges $25.

  • 2132 Oxford St
    Berkeley, CA 94704
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    I had been carrying a liv soc certificate for a while, glad I finally redeemed it. Was greeted by a friendly young lady that explained how to choose the flavors. I immediately got the daily special, peanut butter & bananas (why didn't I ask her to add chocolate!?) The certificate was enough to get another roll, so got almonds & chocolate for another person.
    The rolls were enjoyed a couple of days later. Yes, they were still good.
    The problem now is, I wish I had another liv soc certificate! Well, when I am in the area again, I will probably splurge on another. Gotta remember to ask for chocolate!

  • 999 W Cutting Blvd
    Richmond, CA 94804
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    Had a knocking noise for about a week. My car has a few years on it and was preparing myself for what may have been major repairs. I made a late Friday appointment and dropped off my car. I was told there would be a $75 diagnostic fee, which then would be applied to the repairs, if necessary. If I didn't hear from anyone by noon the next day to call.
    I didn't hear from anyone and had to leave a message. There was a bit of phone tag going on, but finally around 3:00, my car was ready.
    Luckily, no problems were found and the very simple solution was an oil & filter change. When I turned on the car, the knocking noise was still present. So Art got in the car and drove around a bit. He put in an oil additive, I believe, and said when the car warms up, the knocking should stop. But if it doesn't, to bring the car back.
    Sure enough, about a mile later, no more knocking!
    He advised to check my oil monthly, which I obviously had not been doing.
    Total charge was about $35, no diagnostic fee.

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