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  • $$ Hotel
    1221 S Harbor Blvd
    Anaheim, CA 92805
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    You've got to be kidding me!!  It's a motel not a hotel.  It's LOUD ...  24 hr pool is cool until you're listening to people partying all night at the pool!  The freeway noise is really loud here too but I'd rather listen to that than a bunch of drunks. Parking is a joke!  Don't take kids here - unless they are used to a party atmosphere.  I'm not even going to get into the lack of things in the rooms or beds....  Do yourself a favor and find somewhere else!!

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    Super nice staff, local Livermore wines, great food, awesome art on the walls, nice patio and good friends to have lunch with makes this spot a fab place for lunch, dinner, pre or post show drinks.  

    Went for lunch - had the Chicken Parm sandwich - very yummy!  Along with a glass of Ruby Hill Cab - great way to spend my lunchtime!

    Kelly (so - owner) couldn't have been nicer!  She went around to all the tables to check on everyone and also asked our opinion of the place!  Nice!

    So - go - and ENJOY!!

  • 2401 Harrison St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    Only 3 stars because of the wait and their lack of turning over tables.  

    So first, the food... ya - it's good - yummy and so fresh!  I had Margarita Pizza - my fave!  And it did not disappoint .  My dinning parter had a duck ravioli that was amazing!!  

    Second, service of the wait staff, it was good, not great but not slow or anything either

    Which brings me to the third thing - the hostess staff - first of all it looked like there were 3 hostesses ... um... the place isn't that big - not quite sure why they need 3??  But ok - what ever.  So I popped in on our way to Humphry Slocombe (we went for dessert first - it would have been closed by the time we were done with dinner)  and put my name in - was told there would be around a 40 min wait.  Ok - plenty of time to get ice cream and walk back.  We got back and were told we were the first 2 top on the list.  Ok Cool!  so when we saw a table of 2 get up we thought - great!  We will be seated shortly.  So we waited... and waited... and waited...........

    Ugh!!!  That table was empty for 40 min!!!!  Really? 40 min??  If I were that waitress with an empty table for 40 min I wouldn't be too happy!  So I went and asked how much longer - it had been well over an hour and 15 min so far .... my feet were starting to hurt!  I was told that they were waiting for a reservation for that table - really?  it's been empty for over 40 min .  There must have been 4 other 2 tops waiting!  So we wait some more........  tick tock tick tock - seriously contemplated In N Out at this point!!  

    15 min AFTER I asked the hostess about the time there became some open table room at a community table ...hmmmm... wonder if they are going to sit us there - or at the table?  So .... one 2 top gets seated (Hmmm... they must have had a reservation - but why did they not get the table instead of the community table??)  Then another 2 top get seated...okayyyyy... then finally us!  At the community table.  So - wondering - who got the table??  OH!!!!  One of the staff's friends!! Ah I see!  It's not how long you wait - It's who you know!!!  I saw these guys come in and they too were complaining about the wait - so I know they didn't have a reservation.  So as you can tell - this was a bit much for me - I mean really??  A table empty for over 40 min!! I timed us - from the time we sat down to the time we got up to leave 50 min!!  

    So If you go MAKE RESERVATIONS!!!!!

  • 2790A Harrison St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Yummy!!!  First time I went I had "Fluffnnutter: and "Smoked Chocolate Sea Salt" - ya ... the line is a bit long - but worth it!  Try the Secret Breakfast ... it was good - but the Chocolate was amazing.  The second time I went (the following night) I have the Vietnamese Coffee....  yummm!  The folks working there were very nice and don't rush you - which I liked  and yes, it causes the line to move a little slow, but still I liked that.

  • 1750 Armstrong Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94124
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    Went for their "Hot Glass Cold Beer" event Saturday night.  Good date idea!  Saw a great glass blowing demo as well as a warm glass (flame) demo.  The artists were very nice and did a great job of telling us what they were doing and so on.  There was even munchies there as well as the beer, wine or soda.  You pay $25 for a glass (you pick any glass you want out of a big selection - students make the glasses so they are all "unique") and you can fill it as many times you like with either beer, wine or soda - they also have bottled water.  We had a great time, stayed for about an hour and a half - could have stayed longer but we were going to dinner.  Oh and they had live music too - very good!

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