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    I really can't blame Mr. Tux for the white tuxedo my friend made me wear to his wedding, but that hardly matters.  It was returning the tux that made me give this business a scant two stars. You see, I got there at 5:59 on Sunday evening.  Granted, it closes at 6:00, but all I wanted to do was drop off my parcels, and the door was still open. The two goblins inside turned me away, and rudely at that. Loudly chewing her gum, one yelled, "Uh uh, we're closed!." "But I only want to drop off my suits," I pleaded. "We're closed," she repeated. "So I have to come back, all the way from Pittsfield?" That's when the door closed and the conversation ended. I was pretty pissed, but I reminded myself that I don't know what a rental check-in takes. Maybe it's a lengthy procedure for all I know.
    The next day I returned in the morning, a drive which took an hour and 15 minutes each way. The lovely lady working then was as pleasant as an angel's grandmother. She checked out my parcels filled with (sweaty) tuxes and had me out the door in under two minutes. I guess those urchins that worked the night before couldn't be bothered to take the extra time.
    In closing, let me say that I understand that 5:59 to one man is another monster's 6:00. I really get it, and I get that the employees there probably have no good reason to give any extra effort, even if it is only 2 minutes to save me two hours. The reason I wrote this review, however, is because I know that in their place I would have stayed, and so would everyone else I know.  In fact, in my own business, where I also have no good reason to give the extra 1% I have been faced with this very situation and never even considered throwing the customer out. It's just bad business.
    I did the rest of the tux rental procedure at my local branch in Norwood, MA. The people there were friendly and charming. They made candid banter while I waited and made measuring the circumference of my belly as painless as possible. Don't let this one branch taint your opinion of them all.

  • $$ Friseur
    163 Washington
    Easton, MA 02334
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    Paul Joseph's Salon is a high class place full of friendly good looking people.  In fact, every time I walk in, Paul shouts "Hey handsome!" I've been getting my hair cut there for years by Janelle, their star stylist.  Whenever I come up with a crazy style idea, she can make it happen without looking so crazy.   Janelle can always help me figure out what my hair can and can't do, and what product can get it done with the least fuss possible.  She's a pro and a half.
    Even the reception staff is quick to learn my scheduling habits.  The decor is not as girlishly intimidating as you might expect either. I don't feel out of place in the salon, despite my considerable manliness.  I've been known to grow a beard.  And don't let my avatar scare you. That's a helmet.

  • 1560 Boston Providence Hwy
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    It's like 8 bit Mario, but without the nostalgic charm. Really the best thing I can say about the place is that I came out uninjured and unoffended.  My hopes were low going in, and Monster Mini Golf still managed to disappoint.  Imagine minigolf in a warehouse. Now imagine that instead of clever landscaping, you get to play in a six inch high maze of cement walls at right angles to each other.  Add poor lighting, obnoxious kids and your friends' feigned smiles, and you've got yourself a night out at Monster Mini Golf.
    Do yourself a favor and play some video games instead. Its not like you're getting fresh air and exercise either way. Oh yeah, it smells funny in there.  Like a fog machine.
    Kids might like it, but that is pure speculation.

  • 652 E Washington St
    North Attleboro, MA 02760
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    Quan's kitchen, my old friend. Our love affair started in Mansfield in their take-out or eat-in restaurant. You know the type of place. Little tables, plastic forks, but very clean and calm. I fell in love with your food and people so much that we became on a first name basis. Julie, Eric, Kevin... and Kevin's sister. I'm sorry, I forgot your name.
    Since Eric branched out to open the North Attleboro location, I try to visit for a meal a few times a year. Still, whenever I come in, Eric pops out from the kitchen to shake my hand and meet whatever friends I am with.  The decor is beautiful. It is modern and classic without being the kitschy Chinese restaurant cliche.  Be sure to visit the restrooms, because they are one of the best parts of the experience. You won't be disappointed.
    The food is pretty much what you might expect from a New England semi-upscale Chinese restaurant. The typical fair, plus a very high quality sushi menu if that's your sort of thing.
    Come for the food, stay for everything else.

  • 580 High St
    Dedham, MA 02026
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    The employees are nice, and they play some movies you might not be able to catch in mega theaters. But the most fun part is playing "How did that stain get way up THERE?" Seriously, there may be some large spots on the walls, and it may get cold in the winter, but this place has lots of personality and there is never a wait. The woman and I go here from time to time and never have any complaints. High Street Cafe just down the street that has KILLER Hawaiian omelets too.

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    I used to be a regular at Super Chef for about 2 years. Great calzones and pizza. Friendly people and fair prices. Since they changed to Zoe's, the quality of the food has dropped noticeably. I have since found another local favorite.

  • $ Diner
    164 Nahatan St
    Norwood, MA 02062
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    I eat here maybe once a month or so. Always great omelets, and usually a fruity French toast special for the lady. Great prices and selection, and nice people. My only complaint is that it can be hard to get in at times due to small space inside. Ample public parking right next door. Just look for the lawn mowers!

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    You thought Mos Eisles from Star Wars was a wretched hive of scum and villainy? You clearly haven't dealt with the Mass RMV! We all know this place is supposed to suck. Har har, Patty and Selma on the Simpsons work there.  Well, its even worse in reality.  It took about an hour and 15 minutes of waiting on hold to get through on the phone. To be fair, that was in two chunks.  30 minutes of waiting, then I had to hang up and go to work. Then 45 more minutes in the office before I got through.
    You see, I once got a speeding ticket. They got me! Fair and square, no hard feelings. The cop was a pro. Good people. The problems started when I tried to pay online. I was rejected because my citation was not in their system. OK, a few days later I tried again. Rejected! I guess I got lucky, huh? That cop never followed through and entered my citation into their database. Close one. Case closed.
    WAIT! What's this? A threatening letter over a month later arrived and told me I had about 3 weeks to pay up PLUS $70 in fees or have my license suspended. No problem, I saved my emails. I have transaction numbers for the denied requests. Flash forward to the 45 minute wait on hold.
    I finally get through and get to talk to illiterate misanthrope #1. He was even more bitter and aggressively unhelpful than expected. He tells me I'm out of luck, so I ask to speak to a supervisor. He says none is available, and I say "Don't you think there's something wrong with that?" So he suddenly transfers me to someone else's voice mail who won't be back in the office for another seven days. Thanks, that really helps.
    Call #2! This time after about 30 minutes of waiting I get to speak to a marginally nicer lady that tells me I have to go in person to speak to an officer at the RMV. I ask to make an appointment, but its first come first serve. We've all been through this before.  That means a 2 hour wait, and oh, by the way, I can only do it from 9:00-4:30 Mon-Fri. Brilliant! A government by the people, for the people.
    Now I'm torn. Pay the extra $70 and let them win, but save a lot of trouble, or miss work to go and fight it with an officer who I am pretty sure will side with his fellow officer.

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