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    I needed a bath fan replaced and Magnolia gave me the best quote (and answered their phone!).  They came on time and were straight forward about pricing and what had to be done, but in a nice way.  Ertan was very friendly and personable.  They were quick with the job and left the bathroom clean.  I love my new bath fan!

    I will be using Magnolia again if I ever need any more electricity thingys done.

  • 1799 McAllister St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
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    I think if I were to ever open a cafe it would be exactly like Matching Half.  This little place has great decor, the music isn't too loud, and the coffee is delicious.  I haven't tried the food, but I have my eye on blue cheese sandwich.  Only problem I have is this place is too popular and it can be hard to get a seat sometimes.

    Outdoor seating for nice weather.

  • 1064 Divisadero St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    This cafe is quiet, comfy, and the perfect spot to sit and get work done for a few hours.  The guy who works there is super friendly and their coffee is delicious.

  • 1371 Fulton St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
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    I've had mixed experiences here.  The first couple times I brought my dog here, the staff was friendly and nice towards my dog.  I had no complaints.  The last time I brought him, though, I was left waiting in the room for over an hour.  I could hear the vet talking to a woman in the next room about a trip she was going on.  When he finally came in, he made some excuse about an emergency case (which was obviously a lie or half truth).  

    Yesterday, my dog was having some trouble walking and I called to see if I could get in same day.  They said they didn't have any appointments, but I could drop him off in the morning.  I ended up taking him somewhere else, since my dog seemed to be in a lot of pain.

  • 868 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    For $10, this better be the best sandwich ever.  What did I get?  Boring, small, blah.  I'd rather eat at Subway.

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    There's something wrong with the staff and manager here.  My mom and I went for lunch on a Friday afternoon, when it wasn't even crowded.  I ordered and we sat down at a table.  Then we sat... and sat... and sat.  The busser ran around us clearing other tables, but not ours.  A couple sat next to us, and a waiter immediately brought them their drinks.  I had to flag him down and ask him to bring us the water we ordered.  He didn't clear our table until he brought our waters.

    Then we waited some more.  Tables around us, who sat down well after we did, got their food, but not us.  Finally, we asked where our food was, and moments later they brought it out.  The manager, or whoever it was, made up a lame excuse saying that "The cashier is new and didn't know the Turkey Burger takes a little longer."  That didn't explain why the lettuce on the plate was wilted from sitting under the heat lamp. Or why the table next to us ordered the same thing and got their food within 5 minutes.

    The food here is decent (my Mozzarella and Tomato salad was yummy)  but if you want to go to Squat and Gobble don't bother coming to this location.

  • 233 Winston Dr
    San Francisco, CA 94132
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    Lots of books to read, music to listen to.

    Look out for Crazy Bill, though... I'm telling you.

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    I love the rooftop bar with the awesome view.  Great for drinking Mojitos and sharing a cheese plate for happy hour.  It's like a little slice of the Marina in the Mission, which can be good or bad depending on who you are.  Basically, if you keep to yourselves, and ignore the yuppies, you can have some good fun.  And there was a woman with a baby there.  Not sure what that was about...

    Minus one star because they don't take credit cards, cash only and the ATM machine charges $2.95.

  • 198 Guerrero St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    I always have a wonderful time when I come to Mission Beach Cafe.  The service is friendly, and the wine selection is great.  Everything I've put into my mouth here has been wonderful (don't get dirty thoughts, you perve.  I meant the food and drink).  

    Must try the Chocolate Pecan pie.

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    My little poodle is a very shy guy, and tends to get car sick (as in throw up all over the damn place).  Still, he loves Amy, and gets all wiggly when she comes to pick him up.  And their walks have cut down on the time he spends playing with toys at 2am.

    You can see my little guy the in some of the photos aboves, happy and not throwing up.

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