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  • 2515 Main Street
    Vancouver, BC V5T 3E5
    5.0 Sterne
    19.10.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Just as amazing and awesome as the second, third, fourth, fifth time,,,,,,you get the big picture!! Love this place and their amazing bagels. Got my fix this morning and brought a dozen home to pop in the freezer. Love you Rosemary Rocksalt,,,,,wish you had a location in Burnaby.

    5.0 Sterne
    15.9.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Checked this place out today and it so reminded me of the bagels I used to get in Toronto. In a word… Weiterlesen
    Tom D.
    Kommentar von Tom D. von Rosemary Rocksalt
    15.9.2014 Thank you Joyce!  We always feel honoured to hear validation from someone out east.
  • 2.0 Sterne

    Ok let's talk about the staff first it's a trainwreck ppl no shit. So friggin confusing....they hid the numbers no one tells you that you even need a number. Counters are so high you only see the tops of the staff head when you are yelling can I get 2 of those sausages jeeze!!!
    I will give them credit for their handmade peroghies they have but they are not made there or anythg they are marked made in Richmond on the plastic bag.
    Total chaos when it comes to the paying of the items the cash is hidden in the back they don't mark the prices on nothing.
    I felt like I was on another planet when I was in there so so surreal.
    I'm still shaking my head.

  • 3992 Fraser Street
    Vancouver, BC V5V 4E4
    5.0 Sterne

    2 words: rhubarb macaroons. Yup Saturdays only they make the most freaken awesome ice cream sandwiches made with large macaroons sandwiched with yummy rhubarb ice cream. Magical, mouthwatering and delicious!!! Gotta luv Ernest:).

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    Worse McDs ever in all of greater Vancouver area and all because of one employee. Today her extreme rudeness warranted a call to finally complain about her after experiencing her total lack of customer service. I have never seen this (description here) elderly black woman who plants herself in front of the pop self serve station with a smile on her face. She treats everyone like a common criminal in fact I'm sure you get treated better at the Vancouver jail. What a blemish on the McDonalds name. After today I refuse it walk in there if I see her working it's that uncomfortable. I intend to follow up with a email to head office as I told the store mgr I would today. Any other restaurant would fire her ass!!!!

  • 1239 Pacific Boulvard
    Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R6
    5.0 Sterne

    Pretty friggin awesome!!! The opportunity presented itself today to check out DD Mau after seeing it on You Gotta Eat Her; luvvv that show. It's a small but cool space with a chalkboard menu. It was hard to decide between lemongrass chicken and BBQ pork but the BBQ pork won out just cuz, besides will give me an excuse to go back to try the other one. Loved the counter clerk she was super sweet and cool and boy did she make a mean banh mi. Personally I can't get enuff Vietnamese food it's my all time favourite. This one didn't disappoint, I especially loved the combination of the chopped BBQ pork with the kimchi. Whomever thought this up is genius. In fact it was so mind blowing I'm pretty sure I have an appointment in Yaletown again tomorrow. Love you DD Mau.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    One thought stopped me dead in my tracks.......salted caramel macarons!
    Yup and those puppies lived up to my deepest darkest expectations.
    #unforgetable #guiltysin #willdoanythingforone

  • 3667 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Beyond awesome and the $5.99 price tag makes it that much sweeter. I highly recommend the Hawaian it's definitely my favourite but to be honest everything is good here. Earl blows Subway and Quizno's out of the water.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as the girls are who work this food truck. BEST KARANGE EVER.EVER.EVER without a doubt. Order it; cannot be beat anywhere!!!!

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Finally got to check out Tacofino last weekend at the nite market in Chinatown.......sorry but I was underwhelmed.

    I heard so many good things about this truck and I really wanted to like it.
    I tried out the pork with pineapple taco and while it was good it wasn't great.
    Hardly any meat. I found it to be lacking in citrus which would have made it pop and it was really under seasoned.
    Probably what disappointed me the most was their famous diablo cookie. Probably the worse cookie I've ever tasted. Far far too spicy....I had to throw it out after a couple of bites.

    Because of their excellent reviews I have decided to try them one more time specifically for their fish taco which they are known for.
    Il give them the benefit of the doubt but I'm a little apprehensive.
    We will see.

  • 721 Gore Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V6A 2Z9
    5.0 Sterne

    Ok I checked out the original Gangster Chinatown nite market Sat evening and had a blast but what was without a doubt THE highlife of the of the pies from The Pie Shoppe.

    Chocolate Pecan best f$@ken pie ever.

    Being pretty good myself in the baking dept I was amazed at their absolute perfect crust and the filling will blow your mind. I kid you not. Spectacular.

    If you haven't yet tried it, what are you waiting for?
    Winner here! Big time!

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    I've been wanting to try this place. Thanks for the motivation.

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    haven't seen u on here in ages! UFC!

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    I am well and looking forward to a nice weekend. Best weekend  to you as… Mehr »

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