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  • 3500 W 6th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
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    Late night happy hour is 10 pm till close. Since our bill came out to $100 for 3 people without us even drinking much, I wouldn't recommend going during normal hours. That and the abysmal parking situation aside, EMC is a trendy place to grab a few bites and drinks and enjoy a lively night.

    Since the main attraction for happy hr is the $1.25 oysters, we had to get some of course. And the fact that we ordered another round when I don't even normally like oysters should speak for itself. They were fresh, not too big to the point where I felt like I had a mouthful of salty loogey, and the green garlicky sauce was delicious. I'm not a fan of horseradish or tabasco, but topped with the green sauce, some lemon, and cocktail sauce and the oysters were bomb! Too bad we did get one that was shriveled, dry, and sandy.

    The soft shell crab sliders were okay. Nicely battered, but nothing amazing. Ditto with the crispy garlic chicken wings. Very crispy, but I expected a lot more flavor from the jalapeno and garlic. The truffle mushroom aioli fries were bomb because how can something with those ingredients not be?? And lastly, I really liked the uni pasta, though I probably liked the noodles coated in thick, creamy, butteriness more than the uni itself.

  • 301 E Amerige Ave
    Fullerton, CA 92832
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    Monkey Business Cafe, partnered with a community service organization that helps teach and employ at risk youth to offer them a more hopeful future, is a commendable concept for a restaurant. The bright walls painted with cartoon monkeys and eclectic furniture collection makes the inside kitschy and fun, and the customer service was excellent--our server was constantly coming to ask how we were doing and how we liked our fare. And he even comped one of our drinks because he felt like it took them too long to make them for us. The food, however, is just average. My Socal burrito was good and filling, but it was nothing special with bacon, avocado, and monterey jack. The boyfriend got a chorizo scramble. Don't get your hopes up because it really is just eggs, chorizo, and cheese like the description says. Not bad, but pretty small and lacking in veggies.

    Do try their smoothies though. We got the sunrise and tropical monkey ones and both were delicious!

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    I love the variety of dishes that comes with Mongolian/Chinese hot pot and the ponzu sauce that comes with Japanese shabu shabu. This Little Sheep location lets me have the best of both worlds because, unlike the norcal locations I've been to where you are limited to satay/garlic/sesame sauces that are not even included in the price, this one has a self-serve sauce bar. Ponzu, chili oil, satay, sesame sauce, yuzu, cilantro, green onions, and garlic for your heart's content!

    And with their Tuesday AYCE option, you can order as much food to dip in said sauces as you want for only $20/person. They also offer the lunch combo for $10 and a dinner box special, which I would recommend if you go on any day besides Tuesday because ordering a la carte can get expensive.

    Service, especially on Tuesdays, is terrible--your entire order is never brought out and requests for missing items, water, or anything else must be repeated several times, so just keep that in mind and order the next round well before you are done with your first.

  • 13015 Peyton Dr
    Chino Hills, CA 91709
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    Fazoli's is definitely not a date destination, nor can it even hold a candle to the mediocrity of Olive Garden, but for a place that has fast food counter style ordering and a drive-thru, the food is surprisingly decent. And it's about $7 for an entire meal!

    Like I said, this place has no ambiance to speak of. Bright tacky menus list their basic meal options and ordering is all done at the counter just like any fast food chain. You get a number and they bring the food to you, but everything else (utensils, napkins, sauces) are all self service. The service was also a bit lacking--it took quite awhile for some of my friends to get their food and requesting extra marinara sauce was quite an ordeal. My chicken and mushroom parmigiana wasn't bad though, and it came with 2 breadsticks so it was pretty filling. The other meals also come with breadsticks and salad or a slice of pizza, but nobody else seemed very impressed with their pasta so maybe I got lucky.

    Overall decent for the price, but maybe fast food Italian isn't the way to go.

  • 709 N La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90038
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    Pink's is definitely a late night drunchies joint. If you're looking to gain back 50x the calories you just burned off fist pumping to EDM at the club, this is the place to go.

    The bf and I ordered the Planet Hollywood dog (grilled mushrooms, onions, bacon, and nacho cheese on a polish dog) and the Spicy Ozzy (grilled onions, guac, tomatoes, and cheese). The hot dogs are huge so it just goes to show how much of a fatass I am that we finished both and a side of nachos. AND we weren't even drunk!  Even though the Planet Hollywood sounds amazing--anything with mushrooms and bacon does--I actually found it kind of dry and overwhelming. I liked the Spicy Ozzy much better--the spicy polish was much more flavorful and the guac was a great addition.

    That line doe. It was out the door and around the corner, so long that there's a security guy manning it and keeping it under control.

  • 4665 Chino Hills Pkwy
    Chino Hills, CA 91709
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    If you've ever had Ritter's in Santa Ana or Oyster Bar in Vegas, The Boiler is based off the same steam kettle cooking style, though I actually like The Boiler a little better than Ritter's.

    Though they don't take reservations, our party of 4 showed up on a Friday night and was seated right away. The 4 of us all ordered different dishes so we could try a bit of everything. The fisherman's chowder may seem expensive, but its comes as a large bowl loaded with crab, shrimp, fish, clams, mussels, etc. The house pan roast is well seasoned and makes a great dip for the complimentary bread after you finish the small ball of rice that comes with the dish. If you like tomato sauce, I'd definitely recommend the pan roast, and if you like your food spicy, I suggest getting at least a 5 because my level 4 wasn't spicy at all. The jambalaya was also very good (better than the one at Ritter's, imo) and spicier than the pan roast. The shrimp scampi was good but nothing special, but if you're not a fan of red sauce it's one of the only options you have.

    Prices may seem a little steep at $17-20 an entree, but portions are big enough that you're likely to have enough leftovers for a second meal so it all evens out in the end.

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    The minute I walked in and was met with exposed brick walls, chalkboard menus, mismatched vases containing single flowers on the tables, and water served in mason jars, I was sold. And then I saw that they served $15 bottomless mimosas for Sunday brunch, and I knew I'd be dragging people here on many a weekend.

    Bottomless mimosas are a must here. The blood orange one is really good, though you can never go wrong with regular OJ either. Food is optional depending on how buzzed you want to get. I've gotten the Dad's hash (mushrooms, corned beef, caramelized onions, and mushrooms with home fries, swiss cheese, and 2 eggs), which was okay but my eggs were overcooked and not runny. The rotisserie bacon bagel is also tasty as long as you don't look too long at the grease puddle it leaves on your plate.

    Overall, I would come back for the ambiance that makes my hipster Tumblr/Pinterest-lovin side happy, the mimosas, and their amazing custard filled churro bites, which you can totally get for free if you check in on Yelp!

  • 5660 Holt Blvd
    Montclair, CA 91763
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    Extremely slow service, inattentiveness, and low quality fish--I would recommend going elsewhere for your sushi fix. Granted, our group was kind of big at 8 people, but the rest of the restaurant wasn't even busy and definitely didn't warrant waiting 30 min between each round of orders. Plates would be brought out only 1-2 at a time, and we would immediately devour them between the 8 of us, and then we would sit. And wait. And wait some more. And any requests for additional miso soup/sauce/whatever needed to be repeated multiple times before the server remembered the request. We waited around for so long that everyone got full very quickly, though that might have been their plan all along.

    There are some redeeming qualities though--the complimentary appetizer (some spicy mayo concoction on wonton chips) was really good, as were the baked mussels, and the salmon wrapped appetizer with tobiko. And many of the special rolls were good too (the copious amounts of sauce and tempura flakes help a lot), but avoid the nigiri because the quality of the fish was definitely not fresh.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Downtown Brea reminds me of Santana Row back at home with all its little shops and cafe style dining and Cha Cha's does not disappoint. It is a great place for a catch up meal with a friend or a casual, fun date. The food didn't blow my mind but the service was friendly, the atmosphere lively, and you have the option to sit indoors or on the patio to enjoy the weather and people watch.

    My friend and I ordered the manilla clam appetizer with white wine sauce and the 6 taco plate to share. The clams were well flavored, but the clams themselves were pretty small. And I'm not sure what we were supposed to do with the tortilla that came with the dish--wrap our clams in it..? Between the two of us, we tried all the tacos except the vegetarian mushroom one, and liked them all. At $26 for the 6 of them though, they definitely aren't Taco Tuesday prices. And on top of all that, I really enjoyed the complimentary chips and salsa (esp the green one!), and we definitely got a few refills of that.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    The food is closer to 3.5 stars, but I'm giving them that extra bump for turning a sarcastic suggestion into a surprisingly good experience. And for being so clever in naming their "juantons."

    Nothing about the description or the location really catches your eye--except maybe to make you wonder whoever thought mixing Mexican and Chinese food would be a good idea. The place is tiny, with only 3 aluminum tables for seating, and easily passed over but do yourself a favor and give it a try.

    We ordered the spicy orange chicken quesadilla and kung pau chicken loco fries and got an order of chorizo "juantons"  from a fourquare check in. Don't be put off by the fake green color of their guac--everything tasted pretty good. Healthy, no, but major-cheat-day-heart-attack-inducing-unhealthy-­drunchies good, yes. The  loco fries with cheese, guac, sour cream, and a fried egg is basically like pollo asada fries with kung pao chicken instead. And the quesadilla, though a little dry, was really good with the orange chicken. Throw some sriracha on everything it could be great. All they have to do is open a location in LA that is open late and it would be a great attraction for the after clubbing crowd.

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