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    I booked a hair cut to enjoy a little bit of pampering after going to the stinking dentist.  I got really great treatment from the time I walked into the door until the time I left.  I was offered a robe, a beverage, and friendly service as soon as stepped in.  I received a thorough scalp massage from the shampoo-er and the person that did my hair was really helpful and informative.  She really took her time to give me advice and suggestions (I'm incredibly boring and indecisive when it comes to my hair).  I think I've found my salon!!

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    A friend and I stopped here for happy hour one day.  We ordered 3 appetizers and a glass of wine each and our bill came to $25 (1/2 off during happy hour).  All of the food was really enjoyable and the service was very accommodating and friendly.  Overall, this was a very pleasant experience and we'll more than likely be making more trips there.  

    I've seen a couple of negative comments about the music there - while my friend and I were there, I don't recall there being any music on so this was not an issue for us at all.

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    In case you haven't gotten the point from the other countless bad reviews...I will add my two cents.  This was the first place we moved to when we moved to New York last September.  We had moved from Florida and, sadly, didn't know what the heck we were doing.

    So, we've had a pretty similar experience with this company as others did:

    - we moved to the city without having jobs because we had saved up (what we thought was) enough money.  when we got to the office to do the credit checks and all, they told us that we would need to have a guarantor because we didn't have jobs.  It was $100 per person per credit check.  So, $400 total (me, my fiance, his parents, & my mom).  It was only after they took the $100 credit check for my mom that they told us that they wouldn't need her to be a guarantor.  

    - it took them 3 1/2 weeks to get an exterminator out to our apartment when we complained of mice - we spent about $30 on traps & had to throw away about $50 worth of food.  Also, when I called the superintendent about it, he came up & VERY poorly patched up random spaces (normal spaces that are just at the bottom of your floor cabinets, not really holes).  Mice can eat through plastic, do they really think that will keep them out??  

    - any time we called the superintendent to fix something, it was 'half-assed' and broke again a couple of weeks later.

    - the place is cleaner now than when we moved in

    - when me and my fiance were cleaning the place after we moved in, we found pet toys in a space behind the cabinets - gross - we don't have pets!!!

    - they make no attempt to work with you in any way, shape, or form and only respond with, "No, because that's how we've always done it."   For example, we are getting ready (thank goodness) to move out at the end of this month.  I called to find out how long it would take for our two months security to be sent out & was told 4-6 weeks after you move.  I asked in July, giving them plenty of time to work this out, if it was possible to take one of the months security and put it toward our last month's rent (since my fiance was laid off) and told me 'absolutely not.'  The place we're moving into has been AMAZING to work with so far & such a better experience.

    I strongly recommend requesting that you do a walk through when you move into the place & have the superintendent sign something that has everything that is wrong with the apartment.  Which we did not do.  They only do a final walk through.  I've had such a bad experience with this company that I'm terrified they're going to try and screw us out of some of our deposit or something (we put down 2 months rent for security).  Luckily, like I said, it's nicer now than when we moved in, but you never know!  

    I've definitely learned a lot from this company as far as making mistakes goes.

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    All-in-all this place was great!  Affordable food & beer, large portions, clean...However, the service was really rough.  We ended up being there an extra 35 minutes due to our unattentive waitress.  We tipped poorly because of this (how will she learn otherwise!!).  I'm usually the one over-tipping due to my years as a server, but not this time.  We weren't even in a rush to go anywhere, we just wanted to go home, but it took her about 25 minutes from the time we finished our food until she finally brought back our credit card & receipt

    Again, the food was great!!  The wings were decent sized & the waffle fries were crispy & delicious.  I'll definitely go back, but only in great hopes that we have a different server!


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