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    If the wife and I can try all of the BBQ places in Connecticut, it would be a mistake to not at least check out the one thats less than a mile from our house in Glastonbury. After a long day at work, the wife and I were picking through the menu drawer to find something quick and easy for takeout. After a while, and being unimpressed with the choices, I saw the FB ad for Gideon's 9.95 specials. Figured it was worth a shot. The one previous time we had ordered from them was a quick bite, so a full meal is probably best to review.

    I had the third of a rack of rib meal that came with mac and cheese and cole slaw. The wife ordered the twin hot dogs that came with baked beans and cheese fries. We added an order of cornbread on top (you have to try the cornbread at any bbq place). My only complaint about ordering these specials is they do not allow substitutions. My wife cant eat baked beans, but they would not replace with anything of equal value to make the meal full. They were, however, happy enough to just not include them in the order. Guy answering the phone was nice and told me food would be ready in 10 minutes. Seemed a bit quick for bbq, so im guessing the majority of food here is ready made and heated once ordered.

    Now, for the food. I was a bit underwhelmed by the ribs. They were pretty dry without a lot of meat on them. Also, the did not include any extra of the bbq sauces that they make the ribs with. They werent terrible by any stretch, just not what i would call their signature dish. The pulled pork and briset we had at an earlier visit was far superior in flavor, moistness and heat. The mac and cheese was ok. Not terrible, but not great. Was pretty cold by the time I ate it. Nothing about it screamed to be an authentic, Gideon's mac and cheese, but as a side it did just fine. The cole slaw was good. Above average I would say.

    For my wifes hot dogs,she started off praising their toasting and buttering of the bun. Not overly buttered and with just enough crunch to know that they had spend some time on the griddle. The hot dogs themselves were long and skinny with casing with a good snap to them, which my wife enjoyed. Not the best hot dog ever, but she said the bun more than made up for it and made it into a great dog. She really liked the cheese fries. She said the cheese was a bit bland, but was very happy that they put a lot of cheese on the fries. The cornbread, that we both shared in place of the vacated baked bean slot, was good ad flaky and had a nice apple honey butter to go along with it.

    All in all, for 2 meals and the cornbread it wa about 21 dollars which is a completely fair price for the food we got. Was it the best BBQ in the area, not by a long shot, but for a close place with good specials, it does the trick. I dont know how tuly authentic "bbq" the food actually is, as it didnt seem to be smoked but more indoor cooked in an oven. There was no noticeable smoke ring in the ribs.

    Would I go back to Gideon's? Absolutely. There was nothing that screamed to stay away, just wasnt a completely authentic bbq meal. Ifind this would be a great spot for lunch, though the prices might be a bit high for that meal. I have heard and smelled great things about their smoked turkey, so I plan on giving that a go the next time we order from there or swing in for lunch. Some of the reviews for here are pretty harsh, but I dont think it was at all deserving of that. Just a local spot serving some ribs, pulled pork and brisket to the people of Glastonbury. If you want a sufficient meal, go here but for a full BBQ experience try one of the other places that might be a bit further away. A definite 3 star experience in my book.

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    The wife and I had the newborn Yelper with us today on the Berlin turnpike so we were looking for a lunch that wasnt fast food. We opted for Rub Tuesdays because we wanted the consistency of a quick meal, and good service. We werent looking for anything palate inspiring here, but just a couple of burgers and sodas. The trip was dreadful. The restaurant, being only 1/4 full around 1 pm should not have had these problems. We even had to put them o the clock 2 separate times, where we were ready to leave for Arby's (GASP!!!) just to get some food into our stomachs.

    The issues

    1. After being sat at our table (without silverware or napkins) we were there 20 minutes with menus before our server returned to take our order.
    2. Many (at least 5) tables had been left dirty and not bused from previous customrs.
    3. Once our waiter did come back for our order, we placed it for an avocado turkey burger (no lettuce, tomato, onion and extra mayonnaise) and a bacon cheese pretzel burger with (no mayonnaise).
    4 Once again the wait began. At least during this time we were given our drinks.
    5. We noticed people seated after us that had already received their entrees and were about halfway done with them when our food arrived.
    6. The manager and host were busing tables and bringing food out to people in our section. Again, an issue that is not a big problem if not for the fact that the restaurant was empty.
    7. My turkey burger and fries were fine. They did forget the mayo, but i guess my hips didn need that anyways.
    8. Wife's pretzel burger was to specs ordered but the burger itself was so greasy that it appeared inedible. N jokes aside, the cross section she showed me was revolting with grimy grease running up and down the pink of the meat. Totally unappetizing.
    9. Fries were fine

    We got the check and left without saying a word. Just to be clear, this could have been an off day, could have been short handed, but these issues shouldnt arise when it is past the lunch rush and the place is empty. My wife and I came to RTs todya looking for consistency, both in food and service. We received neither. An acknowledgement that the waiter was struggling could have gone a long way as well, as I clearly noticed him having some issues multitasking the three tables he was assigned.

    As I said as well, the food was fine for what we wanted for lunch, but after two similar experiences at diferent Ruby Tuesday's, we will be going somewhere different the next time it is an option.

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    Not much to write about a fast food place, but this is a very clean establishment, that always keeps me happy when we go there. They make a very good meatloaf there, and the rotisserie chickens are always fresh. One thing I have noticed, in a good way, is that they are constantly churning out new sets of side dishes so you never have to feel like you got the "bottom of the barrel". Just thought Id take a moment to commend them on their excellence in the burn and churn fast food world, but never make you wait any more than the line is long. UNnike Mcd's or Burger King, the nice thing about having a Boston Market in town is that you can get a quick and hot meal and not feel like youre cheating yourself out of an actual dinner.

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    Not too much to say here. One of the cleanest, friendliest, and most thorough Taco Bell's I have ever eaten at. Staff is super friendly, and always amenable to order substitutions. Can be a little slow service wise on the inside, but the drive through has always been a breeze. Also, the nice setup lends itself to a better spot if you have to wait that extra minute for your gordita.

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    Yet again the wife and I were looking for takeout for a Friday afternoon. The baby had been acting up all day and we just wanted to treat ourselves to some standard classics done well. After years of driving right past Angelo's and saying "we should really try that place sometime" we finally did. Like i said, we just wanted the classics to see if a trip back would be warranted, and we were sold on this establishment.

    First off, as with all Italian places like this, the portions are huge. But I will get back to that. Before even looking at the menu we decided to get a chicken parmesan dinner and a fettuccine alfredo dinner. Called in the order, and the food was ready in 20 minutes.

    Upon picking it up, the bar area was hopping. People waiting for dinner guests, I cant really attest, but for a Friday night at a classic Italian restaurant it was the bar that amazed me. However, this did jog my memory of my neighbor once telling me that the drinks there are awesome. True story, albeit entirely useless.

    We brought the food home (each meal came with a dinner roll and a side salad, and the chicken parmesan came with a heaping portion of angel hair pasta with a smattering of sauce on top), As usual with us, the bread and salads were set to the side to be eaten later (this later that we are still waiting for and seem to be waiting for every time we get the extras with dinner. After that, we dug right in. THe chicken parm was 2 gigantic italian breaded chicken cutlets. I took about half of one, with a heaping portion of the alfredo. Lets face it, we all know what were getting with the additional pasta you get with a chicken parm. and its never good. not bad, but never good. One minor complaint about the chicken, was that the 2 cutlets were layered, so the bottom cutlet got no mozzarella or sauce on it. The cutlets themselves were quite good. Great flavor, cooked perfectly, and made in that way that only the Italians seem to be able to do.

    The real standout tonight was the fettuccine alfredo. Now that Is some serious butter and heavy cream we are talking about in the best humanly way possible. Alfredo sauce is my favorite type of pasta sauce, and there is a huge difference between even the best jar from stop and shop and real handmade alfredo. I was in love. It was still very warm to eat, and everything went down perfect with the chicken. One note is that the sauce could have used some fresh ground pepper to top it off, but after eating that, I am not going to complain about the way they make their alfredo sauce.

    The wife was in agreement on all of these points about both meals. At least she must have been, since for every return visit I made to the two troughs of food they gave us, she wasnt far behind. Funny other side note, I am eating leftover alfredo more than 24 hours after the original meal as I write this review.

    So, an overall amazing job by Angelo's and a place we will certainly venture back to try again and try something different. But this begs an important question. If these 2 dishes, albeit boring and standard were so good, what would entice me to get something more "exotic"? I dont know, I guess thats a decision I will just have to make once we head back.

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    We had been meaning to go to Anoho for the longest time. Those that know me, know that there is nothing I love more than a hot bowl of noodles with some Asian type of sauce on them, so this restaurant fit the bill exactly with their ability to mix and match. With the little yelper in tow, we had to get the food for takeout to bring home and eat, but we were still pleasantly surprised with how great it was.

    First off, make sure you check in on yelp when entering the restaurant, whether it is for eat in or takeout. Once you check in, you will get a 10 percent off your total purchase coupon to pop up on your phone.

    For starters we had the roast pork buns and shrimp shumai. Both were pretty good. The pork bun was nice and soft with a nice piece of marinated pork in the middle. The one downside is that the bun was far larger than the meat, so many mouthfuls were taken of just bun. This can be overcome using the fantastic dipping sauce they give you along with it (some sort of hoisin variety). They werent the best cold, but that was our issue as we did takeout, not the restaurants. The shumai were standard but good. A well performed dish. Nice and soft with a great tasting filling of shrimp in the middle of the soggy noodles. Again, the sauce to go with them made them fantastic.

    For a meal, we went in completely opposite directions. I had the Singapore (yellow) curry with lo mein noodles and chicken. I ordered mine, for dietary reasons, without any vegetables. A request that was happily obliged by the owner. The meal was wonderful. A ton of noodles packed into the container. You could tell they were sauced up nice just because of the color. The taste was fantastic. Not too strong anywhere, with a great depth of curry flavor that finished on the spicy side, which is exactly the way I like my curry. The chicken was standard take out chinese strips. Nothing amazing, but nothin too bad. The meat was fresh and got the same good flavor as the noodles. For 8 bucks though, the amount of food was unbelievable.

    My wife had chicken pad thai with chow fun noodles. She felt the sauce was a bit heavy on the lemongrass and wasnt a true pad thai flavor as you would get at a thai restaurant. She thought the dish was edible and decent. just not what she had in mind when ordering pad thai, as i was not traditional. She is excited to go back and try with another sauce, so by no means did her mediocre review of her meal ruin anything for her. And she still managed to eat most of it.

    We were unable to try to bubble teas that this place features, but I am excited to try one when we go back.

    Overall, 4 stars for the good food, quick service and multitude of options you can have when ordering. I thought the ability to use a coupon write at check out was great as well. For all of that food, most of which we are still eating nearly 24 hours later, the bill came to 23 bucks. So for normal takeout prices we got something that felt a little more home made than takeout. Next time though, we are planning to eat in at the restaurant so we can get the food hot as it comes out of the kitchen.

    Definitely a recommended stop if youre in the mood for takeout, as the Anoho Noodle House will give you the same type of time and monetary commitment but much better food to eat.

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    Ive been passing The Sloppy Waffle on the Berlin Turnpike for quite some time now, always interested to know exactly what was in there. Well, after seeing some good Yelp Reviews and in the mood for some waffles, the wife and I ventured there this morning to test this place out. We left impressed, but want to give it some more shots to improve on the current 3 star rating.

    Note, this place is cash only but does have an ATM on site. At the moment, the ATM is broken, but im sure they will have that fixed sooner rather than later. Those of you familiar with the Berlin turnpike can imagine what a pain it was to do the loop d loop around the turnpike in search of an ATM and getting back to the restaurant. But we did and are glad we did.

    I had the Bananas Foster waffle with a side of sausage. Another note, these are not home-style, fluffy waffles. They are made with dough and not batter so the style of Liege waffle is denser and thicker than your routine Belgian waffle. This isnt a bad thing,. just something to note. My waffle was delicious with a nice banana sauce, walnuts, fresh banana, powdered sugar and homemade whipped cream on top. The standout to the dish was the waffle combined with the whipped cream. It reminded me of the homemade whipped cream my mom used to make for family parties. No spray can reddi whip, the kind that is thick enough that you need to use a spoon or ice cream scoop to get out. Delicious. The side of sausage was standard brown n serve sausage links, nothing to write home about.

    My wife has the Bacon waffle, with shredded Bacon on top and a side of homefries. She absolutely loved the waffle with the Bacon. Couldn't get enough of it. Despite their smallish size, the waffles are dense and thick enough that one is just enough for a meal. She didnt care for the homefries that came with it, but she never really does like them as a side and may have been on a carb overload from the waffle already.

    Total for our meal came to 23 bucks. Definitely not cheap, but not terribly expensive to try a waffle and some things that you cant seem to get anywhere else. The service was good and efficient, and the restaurant and bathrooms were nice and clean so no complaints to be had there.

    So for now, we give it 3 stars. We will certainly go back. I would like to try a more savory waffle combination than I had. My wife was shocked that I didnt go for the chicken and waffles that seems to be the rage amongst the reviews and I dont know how fair it would be if we didnt also try out the signature Sloppy Waffle. So, we will keep it at 3, with a great chance to go up when we have the chance to go back for more.

  • 523 Flatbush Ave
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    My favorite fast food chicken around, but not just for the chicken. The popcorn shrimp and crawfish are always a great treat when they have them. I love that Zatarain's seasoning they use on the chicken. So much flavor. You can never go wrong with the moist and tender chicken strips from Popeyes. Enough said. Quick, cheap and delicious. I'll take it over a burger any day.

  • 12 Town Line Rd
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    Wood N Tap has always been a favorite for bar food of mine. A quick cheeseburger and a beer, and you usually cant go wrong. Recently, being laid up sick, a couple of friends stopped at the Rocky Hill location to get me takeout and we were sorely disappointed.

    The pretzels we got as an appetizer were nothing more than frozen version of pretzels you can get at the local stop and shop. Dry, tasteless with little to no salt and butter. If I have pretzels made for me, I hope they are soft and chewy with a lot of flavor , not a reenactment of something I can get at the nearby stop and shop.

    For dinner, I ordered a chicken quesadilla. What I got was so dry that it was inedible even with extra sour cream. Not a good effort at all. There was a lot of chicken in it, but what was in it was bone dry.

    My friend ordered a turkey club. Upon opening the bag, he noticed that he was given a reuben wrap. Not even close to what he had ordered and double checked over the phone. He knew something was going to be wrong when he ordered but when recounting the order, the employee did get the turkey club correct, they just made the wrong dish.

    The fries on all of the meals were soggy and cold, but as it was takeout that was more of our issue than theirs.

    Basically, we were overall disappointed. I know it was takeout, and I know that it is not a 5 star restaurant. This doesnt mean not to go there. It is more of a warning to eat there, stick to the fantastic burgers and know what youre getting into. Any expectation that a takeout order will be as fulfilling as the meal when fresh and hot will be met with disappointment.

    I still like Wood N Tap, just wont be picking up food there anymore after this experience. And probably wont stray away from the burger section either.

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    Stopped in here to pick up some food with the wife on a Saturday afternoon. I hadnt been here in years, possibly since college, but it certainly wont be that long before we head back again. The food there, while nothing that is going to blow you away from a culinary and technical standpoint is perfect for what it needs to be. A quality, and delicious New York style deli. For a meal I got some matzoh ball soup, a meat knish and a grilled pastrami and corned beef sandwich. All 3 were excellent choices, albeit pretty standard and plain.

    There is a convenient window to place all orders for takeout, with a full menu displayed overhead in case you werent sure of what you wanted to order. On this Saturday at 2 pm, there were a couple people waiting for their orders, but no one in front of us in line. The line to sit at a table had to be 20 deep even at the strange lunchtime hour. However, just glancing over, the seating line seemed to be moving rather quickly.

    We got our orders after about a 10 minute wait (wonderful) and headed home to eat them. Even with a stop at the grocery store on the way home, and after a total of about 45 minutes, the sandwiches and soup were still hot in the bag, something I was worried about when we opted for take out.

    First off was the soup. The matzoh ball soup was wonderful, consisting of a few well made matzoh balls and one of the best broths I have had in a long time. This was the type of chicken broth that you know would make you feel better if you had a cold. I dont think that I have ever had a matzoh ball soup that tasted so delicious. And I was happy that they kept it simple with just the balls, which werent overabundant to my pleasure, and the broth.

    The meat knish was good, but not great. The shell they use was a bit flaky as compared to a real New York Knish and the meat could have used a bit more spice. While I enjoyed it dipped in spicy brown mustard, overall it tasted like a bland Jamaican beef patty. That's not a bad thing, just not on par with the soup. Or as you will see, the sandwich.

    The sandwich I got was corned beef and pastrami with swiss cheese and russian dressing, grilled on rye bread. The rye they use is seedless, and the type I prefer, as it makes for a great bread to grill things on. But who am I kidding? The reason you go to a deli like Rein's is for their meats, most notably the pastrami and corned beef. As I combined them, I didnt get a 100 percent feel for each individually, but with each bite was able to get the overall notes from each. The pastrami is well seasoned and soft, and adds a little bite compared to the perfectly cooked and perfectly salty corned beef. And dont worry about them skimping on the meat. Overall, there was about 1.5 to 2 inches of meat (is that even a way to measure deli meat) on my sandwich. A great meat:bun ratio indeed. Throw on a thick slice of melted swiss and the perfect amount (not too little but not overpowering) of Russian dressing, and you had a sandwich that was worth it to drive out of our way for. After all of the food, I was only able to eat half of the sandwich, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it kept up for the next day's snack. Rein's definitely makes sandwiches that will keep you coming back, no matter how far the difference.

    Food overall isnt terribly priced. The sandwiches are a great deal for the contents at around 9 bucks apiece. While it was (according to myself earlier) the best matzoh ball soup I have ever had, it tends to run a bit pricy for such a simple soup. But not enough to spoil how great the meal was overall. I think the quart we got was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 dollars. The meat knish was a nice add on for 4 dollars.

    So, a great experience eating again at Rein's was had by the wife and I. A great reminder of a new way to appreciate some things that we all may have forgotten over time. And sometimes, your day can be made when that reminder is something as simple, yet fulfilling as a corned beef and pastrami sandwich. We will see you again soon Rein's, thats for certain.

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