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    I've only had 2 interactions with this shop thus far, both times with a female employee who was pretty rude to me. The first time she told me they wouldn't help me out with my request because they don't "do that"...after being put on hold, she came back and said, "nevermind, i guess we do." problem.

    The second interaction, I stopped in and said, "Hi, I called last week and..." and she shot back, "you and about a thousand other people..." After catching me off-guard, I explained that I've already hired them to work on my bike, etc. Upon realizing this she got nicer.

    I'm new to cycling in the city and this shop is really conveniently located in my neighborhood so I'm hoping my impression of them changes, because at the moment they're really bumming me out.

    Thanks for treating a new customer like an idiot.

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    I recently went here for a party. The view is incredible and the place has potential, but they need to lighten up. It was ridiculous. The bathrooms made the entire bar smell like toilet, a member of the staff made a remark about how little I was drinking, and the entire security team was seemingly drunk on power...turning people away left and right, insisting on having you line up in front of the building behind a joke of a velvet rope, then again inside to gain access to the elevator (while a security team member shouts, "GO AHEAD AND GET ON THE ELEVATOR BUT DONT TOUCH ANYTHING OR PRESS ANY BUTTONS UNTIL IM THERE") etc. At one point in my BRIEF evening there, I was approached by several members of the security team while outside checking my phone and was asked if I was smoking weed. I wasn't, as they immediately realized, they then asked me if I was aware of anyone smoking weed on the balcony. I couldn't help but laugh. The entire ordeal seemed completely ridiculous and overkill. There wasn't a raucous party outside (nor inside, which would be my concern if I worked there), no one was raising a scene, yet it required a TEAM of bouncers to investigate the odor OUTDOORS of marijuana smoke. This place is kind of a joke. I won't be returning, but my advice would be to make sure you have a table with bottle service OR don't go on a Saturday night, and whatever you do, stay away from the alley of the toilets in the middle of the bar. The clientele was nice enough. If you want an upscale experience like they're reaching for, go to the Standard or something...not to Brooklyn Terrace.

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