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  • 411 15th Ave E
    Seattle, WA 98112
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    As a Northwest guy, I just love a good local coffee shop. I don't get up to this little business district on 15th very often, but I was really glad to meet here with a client. First off, it's always a great feeling to walk into a place and see every walk of life there. Business suites, students, artists, locals, young and old. I felt immediately at home. Great coffee and service! I look forward to coming back for the some of the delicious looking goodies at the counter. This was just coffee visit, but you'll see me again soon.

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    I drive up and down 12th Avenue a lot when I'm making my Seattle rounds. It's a favorite route over Capitol Hill. I've been by Barrio many times. This Friday I had a meeting and my coworker Jolynn chose the Barrio for lunch.

    Interesting place with a really different vibe than most any Mexican food establishment I've been in. Just a little dark inside for lunch time to me, but okay and comfortable. I had the chicken enchiladas and they were among the best I've had in Seattle in a long time. I've lived in these parts for a long long time, so that's saying something! Presentation was great, they were served sizzling hot in a pottery casserole dish.

    Also the red salsa and the guacamole were awesome! Just give me a spoon and a big bowl of the guac and I'd be oh so happy! The service was great. Friendly, real, attentive, but not too much so... All in all, a great experience. I'll be back!

  • 2312 N 30th St
    Tacoma, WA 98403
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    4 stars only because I just had coffee... Met some clients with a coworker and enjoyed the coffee. I noticed a lot of wonderful looking treats at the counter and since it was in the AM a lot of breakfast sandwiches etc. smelled and looked really good as they went by our table. I love the ambiance here and the location across the street from the waterfront in old town Tacoma is such a treat. Friends tell me they make great sandwiches here. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

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    Work brought me to Olympia today so I met a friend after in Lacey. Usually I have places pretty well scoped out but I asked her where she'd like to go. She mentioned one of her favorite neighborhood Mexican places, Don Garcia's... I'm in, let's go...

    I'm so glad we did! We had the Chicken Fajita's for two. I love their presentation! The grilled chicken and onions, peppers, etc. come sizzling hot on an iron skillet placed on a candle heated rack. Great meal, fair price. Super friendly great service. The meal was prepared perfectly and good portions! I look forward to coming back. Oh... I loved their salsa and chips!

  • 10104 3rd Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98125
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    The Watershed is such a treat. In the middle of the ever crowded shrinking urban spaces this place is roomy and comfortable, modern, yet its theme doesn't yell at you. I love the materials and to me, it's so cool to see real wood! Maybe that's a Pacific Northwest thing? The tables are made of it, the chairs and doors, and big slab cuts of it adorn the place, but not overly. It's got a new Northwest aesthetic with a tip of the hat to tradition.

    There's a spacious public patio just out the front door and ample parking in the garage. This is a big one for me! I love the city but parking can and often is an expensive pain. The owners are super friendly and gracious hosts. We held an event there in the loft area where we had around 30 attendees and we ordered a variety of their pizza's and salads for lunch.

    By the way, I totally enjoyed their pizzas... They aren't the great big heavy greasy (a ton of fake cheese) chain pizzas. They're light and each is handcrafted and I really liked the Mama's, Roma, Finocchiona, and the Ricotta Salsiccia. It was a real treat to sample several.

    They all have a really nice balance of different textures and flavors and the crust is divine. Hey, I was one of the event creators so I got to taste almost everything if I was quick enough to get there before it was gone! I'm looking forward to my next visit. Soon, I hope.

  • 290 West Appleway Ave.
    Coeur D Alene, ID 83814
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    We were in town from the Seattle area for my daughter's wedding. After a long day driving over and helping out with wedding preparations we were all tired and starving. So after a quick refresh at the hotel my X, two of our kids and our youngest daughter's boyfriend met up with my brother to find something to eat. We were looking for a place with a wide variety of things to eat.

    I'm glad we ended up at Elmer's. The place was very clean (a good sign) and everyone who works here was super friendly and helpful. The six of us all ordered something very different from flat iron steak to chicken salad to breakfast waffles and we all enjoyed our meals.

    I had the Hazelnut-Crusted Alaskan Cod with fresh seasonal vegetables and rice pilaf. It was very good (and at a very reasonable price I must say) and the portions were more than I could eat in one sitting so I took some back to the hotel for a snack later that evening.

    I was impressed with their service, especially since they were very busy when we arrived. They gave us a lot of  attention, but weren't invasive. The receptionist and our waiter were wonderful and even the chef came by to say hello and asked if everything was okay.

    I'm aware Elmer's is a chain, yet after that weekend and looking back, the experience here in Coeur d'Alene felt very authentically local and home grown. Kudo's to you, the experience was truly what you created for us. Thanks!

  • $$ Hotel
    1121 Bay St.
    Port Orchard, WA 98366
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    The Comfort Inn On the Bay is a great value. It's no Palace... but the key word here is "comfort". We just wanted a place to hang and sleep when our day was done. A bunch of our family was here for a couple of days for my grand daughter's wedding. Rooms are clean, again comfortable, and well maintained. The help staff from the front desk to room services is super friendly, great you with a smile, and are very attentive and helpful to your needs.

    When you pull up front from Bay Street you don't really get what a beautiful location this is. Around the other side of the building you're right on the Port Orchard waterfront looking over Sinclair Inlet at the Olympic Mountains, the City of Bremerton and the Naval Shipyards. It's beautiful! They have an area out back for dining or picnicking and/or a do it yourself BBQ with cover and you can walk from here along the beach and waterfront with restaurants and shops close by.

    I thought the prices were very reasonable for peak tourist time in early July. They also had a nice breakfast buffet with lots of choices from scrambled eggs, make your own waffles, fruits, sausages, muffins, etc. etc.

  • 2045 Mildred St W
    Tacoma, WA 98466
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Stopped in for a late lunch with a couple of coworkers. I think they were under siege with a super busy lunch crowd and we got seated towards the back where they were assembling a super huge order to go... Yet, the service, a little slow, was still good and the help staff was helpful, relaxed, and friendly.

    I had the Holy Basil (spicy basil) with chicken. I have to say it was one the best Thai food lunches I've had in a while. Everything was done just right and authentic. The Pad Thai was awesome!

    It was my first time here so 4 stars... Looking over the reviews I want to come back and try a dish that uses the peanut sauce. That's one of my favorites especially with chicken satay. When I see 'peanut sauce is perfect' and 'to die for' I'm in! Looking forward to coming back.

    Excellent meal, nice comfortable place, good service and a friendly atmosphere.

  • 921 Front St
    Leavenworth, WA 98826
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Had a blast here on June 21, 2014! What better day to be here? Today was the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration! We stopped in a little after 4. We were here for a quick bite to eat and to listen to The Polka Pals. What a great day!

    The service here was great and so was the food. Not sure what the plate was named. My friend ordered it and we split it. All I know is the sausage was wonderful, so was the sauerkraut and everything else. It was a fun time, the dance floor was full, the live music was great, and so were the beers! Look forward to coming back.

  • 400 Aplets Way
    Cashmere, WA 98815
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    We stopped in on a busy Saturday, the first day of summer this June 21, 2014. They were packed, it was almost 1:00 pm, but we lucked out and our group got a big table in the corner.

    I had the BBQ'd pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, and BBQ'd beans. The pork sandwich stands up to any I have had anywhere, the potato salad was like homemade, and the BBQ'd beans were THE BEST ever!

    The service I must say was awesome, even though they were crazy busy. Every employee was attentive, great manners, and a good sense of humor. We really felt appreciated and welcome and the staff were a delight to engage.

    I give it 4 stars only because next time I want to try the brisket and the ribbon fries. One of our friends at the table had the ribbon fries and at first almost looked doubtful, but when the meal was done there wasn't even a crumb in his basket and he never offered to share! Two at the table had the brisket and followed with several accolades.

    I hope I get to come back soon! We all had a great meal and a really good time. Thanks!

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